bashing other posters

It has been so long since I have posted on this board that I couldn’t find my account, and I had to register over again, but I have lurked here nearly daily since the forum started.
I can find out whats going on with the Ti-Cats faster by coming here than checking several other places. I enjoy most posts, some I ignore. I like the ones that are insightful, laugh at the funny ones posts and grimace at others.
Last season I noticed how many threads got totally off topic after a handful of posts and became personal and would be reduced to posters bashing each other. It became predictable.
This year in particular one poster is being frequently bashed and ridiculed by posters. I may not like everything this poster is writing but I enjoy reading his efforts and dislike the bashing. If I didn’t like reading it, I would ignore it. But I am tired of ignoring the comments of the bashers and felt I had to sign back in after many years to say so. It occurs to me knowing the style of posting on this board I might be accused of being a certain individual’s father within a few minutes of now. Maybe I will start posting again now that I have a new account. Perhaps this topic is off-topic too, but I wanted to say this here.

If you think someone is being trolled, send a report to the mods.

Guelph Cats Fan

It took you years to notice threads go off topic? Maybe lurking and ignoring was the best policy for you after all because you are guaranteed to be disappointed.

1 post = 1 bash

Threads don’t often go off topic by posters who take themself and their own opinion too serious.

There are no victims here. Its moderated, perhaps over moderated, so if one feels he’s a victim then he is the one with the problem.

Post or don’t post. Read or don’t read. Choices are pretty clear.

I admit to having a heavy hand in the past with moderation, it’s often a tough call and a light touch, i.e. a minor edit, takes some time. Although I do recall taking the time to lightly edit a few of Dork’s posts - For which I hope he forgives me.


I don’t believe it’s overly moderated. When threatened by a certain poster with violence because he didn’t like being criticized, the mods researched this poster and eventually banned him. Unfortunately an IP address as a source of said poster is moot if one uses a VPN and that address can change at will.

The rest of your post is dead on. Come across as an insider know it all and people will comment. Thick skin is needed on most public forums. It’s all in good fun until violence is threatened.

First paragraph - This is a flaw in how the forum operates. I don’t know the answer. I am addressing it with the other mods


I’m sure it’s easier to disregard and move on from the threats of violence when one is a casual reader, and/or not the subject of said threats.

It would also be easier to move on if the originator of the threats owned up to it, apologized and asked for a fresh start. A little harder when he repeatedly denies being the same poster with a different name.

This, and Lenny’s post, are excellent posts, I will be bringing this up with the other mods


My interpretation of OskieG.

A super-passionate fan that lives, eats and breathes everything Ti-Cats.
Some of his ideas and personnel choices make sense while other ideas are more radical. Unfortunately, some of his radical ideas are met with hostility instead of cordially debated. I think this constant bullying is what caused him to act defensively and eventually threatening while still under his previous name.

The contributions of OskieG are quite valid to this forum. From his video uploads of newly signed players to his training camp observations. It is all quite informative and his efforts should be appreciated instead of mocked.

My only minor complaint is that some of his posts are WAY to long. He needs to break up his thoughts into smaller chunks a little more since most of us now have ADD. ;D

Some of our posters take great joy out of yanking someone else’s chain. No harm, no foul

why change a posting name?

never understood that.

So from another old timer on this site, ‘Who was ya’ before the name change?’

I have to agree with you here Krisiun, but what really is annoying are the posters who just quote and re-post his entire post, just to agree or disagree with one or two of his comments. Redact, or reference, please.

Hey Palmer, is this the kind of thing you are looking for?

For me, my friend, it is annoying to spend the time on my phone redacting. Easier on a computer. So I will usually repost an entire post when on my phone.

We all have things that annoy us. Heck, I ANNOY ME! ?

Try moderating on an ipad mini without your reading galsses :wink:


Well said.

Agree or disagree either way there is a huge lack of courtesy and respect on here. Some think its ok to be rude behind a keyboard.

The odd topic gets people fired-up, but folks generally follow the rules (I have maybe deleted one swear word since January). My other question is, what’s your frame of reference? I went on Twitter last week and I was shocked by the postings. Agreed that we’re all a bit less polite behind screens, but I don’t think it gets better than what we have here.

Some interesting comments here and I will be discussing with the other mods. You can see my comments above.

If you have a problem with another poster - Don’t post about it. Send a report to the mods. We are not on here 24/7. But the response time to reported posts is pretty good.

I’ll leave this up for another day or two so people can comment.


I can feel the love ! :-* Some people on here have a real chip on the shoulder! That’s why I don’t post much as I even had threats years ago with some wacko private messaging me thankfully our great mods took care of that dude!

Me too. The way dissenters are name called and shouted down by the posse of cool kids around here is disappointing.

Wow, that’s crazy. One of the major ideologies behind a forum is to encourage perspective.

it is an unfortunate fact of forum life that every site forums have negative posters. Poster who cant disagree and discuss without insults and condescension. Yet if the moderators are too restrictive then people complain about that and posters leave. No win situation. I think this site has a pretty good compromise in allowing just enough. Never can be perfect.