Based on week 1 Sask has best O

Everyone around the league predicted Sask. would have a poor offense because Joseph is gone. After seeing all 8 teams O now I would say the Riders look the best in the CFL at this point. Crandle isn't doing anything amazing but he is controlling the game well.

They do look good and They are here in 2 Weeks.

Their D doesn’t look half bad either. Tillman knows whats up!

Plus they just signed Shologan. The Riders will be better than expected.

IMO based on week one. Calgary showed the most against a good D.

Insert bitter comment about former receiver here.

If the current team lined up all the ex Ticats starting in this league, you have a grey cup contender. Crazy!

So how is it that Sask has MORE new players than we do and yet they played a fantastic game. Hmmmmmm I wonder what the difference is... :roll:

I don’t think they’re that great, Crandell still misses a lot of throws throughout a game. They have a great system and receivers but no running game.

I agree, right now Calgary has the number one offence followed by Montreal.

I guess you guys prefer flashy less consistent offense. The Riders showed more to me than the Stamps did but then again I prefer a good ball control offense.

^^^ Sask was going against a worse defence and really sputtered at many times. And if you like ball control why even watch the CFL, ball control with 3 downs makes no sense at all.

Montreals ball control looked pretty darn good... over 30 minutes of possession and 30 first downs.

Umm.. ever see how most teams play against Toronto? You have to play ball control against them or any team with good zone defense. Try to see the bigger picture rather than just playing on CFL stereotypes.

The Argos "O" looks impressive,just wait til Thursday night!
They add expensive players on a regular basis and look good for it.
Pinball runs a good ship .
Damn Argos!!!!
PS.....funny how the Sask Riders couldn't afford Joseph under the salary cap ...without releasing a few big contracts (as GM Tillman said on TSN last night).............But the Argos could afford to sign him as well as Bishop and add expensive NFL players.hmmmmmm....Damn Argos!


You said the A word! TISK TISK

I don't have a problem with a passing ball control offence, picking apart zones with 6 receiver sets, I do have a big problem with a ground game ball control though.

I'd say Calgary has the best Offence