Baseball is slow and boring, football is fast and hard...


There David Naylor, here is a new idea for you to write about. Let's see if you can do it. I'm telling you to your face, baseball is so slow I fall asleep at games and so boring. Now counter with an article. 8)

Here David, here's something for you to comment on:

[b]"Baseball sentimentalists (of whom, in the chattering classes, there are all too many) aren't going to like it, but Michael MacCambridge has got this right: Baseball may be the National Pastime, but put Past in italics. Professional football is America's game, and it has been for quite a while. In 1960, MacCambridge reports, a Harris Poll found that 36 percent of those interviewed picked baseball as their favorite sport, a fat lead over pro football's 21 percent. A decade later, there was "a shocking change: 38 percent for pro football, 23 percent for baseball."

MacCambridge writes:
"This was more than just a generational shift, signaling younger adults raised on football replacing a generation that had grown up listening to baseball on the crystal set. It showed that the NFL was reaching a vast, upwardly mobile middle class, and changing their loyalties. Conversely, the Grand Old Game of baseball -- plagued in 1968 by a historic offensive drought and slumping attendance -- for the first time seemed to have become passé, quaint, an anachronism representative of little more than nostalgia for an earlier, simpler time. This was a gross oversimplification, of course, but the truth remained that while football soared, baseball floundered, prisoner to its own complacence."[/b]

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Lets get a real argument started!

I already said this but only one persone replied!

Hitting a 90MPH fastball is the hardest thing to do in all of sports

Hmmm...Comparing the CFL to the NFL is 'same old, same old'


comparing 2 completely different sports that began in the 1800's

is a new idea for David Naylor to write about, Earl. :oops: :twisted: :smiley:

I have only been around for 1/2 that time and
I have heard arguments about this 100s of times.

Here's my 2 cents, Earl.

Be pro-active not reactive to keep yourself awake.

For baseball, predict the decisions of Managers or catchers.

Compare how you would shift the fielders positioning
against certain hitters, and for different balls and strikes counts.

Compare pitches the catcher calls for, with what you call,
at each stage of the count, with all the different hitters.

Baseball is a game of Chess Not Checkers.

Hitting a 90MPH fastball is the hardest thing to do in all of sports

No doubt hard, grant you that ro, but then so is running a marathon at a world class speed, and watching marathons bore me to death.

Lots of strategy in baseball Ron, for sure, but so is there in poker and this bores me to death watching as well.

Watching baseball is like watching someone chew tobbaco.

Oh yeah, they do that too! :lol: :lol: :lol:

If I'm going to watch two guys throw the ball back to each other a zillion times in a game, at least give me some full body contact in the game. I don't get also how watching a little white ball go up in the air over a fence is very exciting and then watching a guy trot around the bases, don't get it at all.

Have you ever noticed that in almost every baseball highlight package shown on television or in the stadiums there is usually at least one shot of someone in the stands sleeping? Makes me want to spend my money on that.

I would rather watch golf than watch baseball on TV. Baseball has become dull and uninteresting, and the scandals do not help them any. Hell, I would even watch men's tennis rather than baseball.

why do you guys have such huge inferiority complexes? I don't get it, watch what you want it's not my sport vs yours. Only fools get into conversations about stuff like that.

I'll tell you something, as someone who is a casual fan that comes on this message board all of the "CFL vs (Insert sport/team in here)" threads make you guys look like horrible sports fans.

Agree completely. All this thread has done is prove once again that we all have different tastes. NOT that one of us is right and the other wrong.
We had this same go-around a couple of weeks ago.
The only thing we determined is that we have different sports we enjoy playing and/or watching.

Just enjoy your own favourites. You don’t have to convince anybody else that you’re right.

And then there are the non athletic sports

like curling....[Feel free to list others.]

What's up with these so called sports?...heh heh heh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Physical involvement is obviously lacking in Curling, I consider it more of a “strategy” sport. What about bowling, is that considered a sport?

I'd define a sport as a competative physical activity with an objective means of determining the winner.

  1. By competative I mean there is more than one entity vying to be the best or win the competition.

  2. By physical I mean any activity that involves the skilled use of the body or mind to acheive the sport's objective.

  3. By objective outcome I mean an objective means of determining who is the best.

If an activity fails to meet any one of those criteria I don't really consider them sports.

Interesting arguments always come up when considering judged 'sports' like gymnastics or figure skating as to whether or not the degree of subjectivity makes them more sport or more pageant. They definitely posess physicality & competativeness. I personally believe that these sports have enough built in definitions that the subjectivity is minimized in judging.

Baseball is what it is. Its not everyone's piece of pie & neither is any sport.

[b]why do you guys have such huge inferiority complexes? I don't get it, watch what you want it's not my sport vs yours. Only fools get into conversations about stuff like that.

I'll tell you something, as someone who is a casual fan that comes on this message board all of the "CFL vs (Insert sport/team in here)" threads make you guys look like horrible sports fans.[/b]

I don't have an inferiority complex at all about footbal vs baseball A_B. My sole purpose for starting this thread is basically just to shove it down the especially Toronto media's baseball loving throats that while they can pretend that the NFL/CFL thing is a really important argument, the real argument is how baseball has fallen behind football as America's game. Toronto, many of them, have an inferiority complex that they don't know how to appreciate the toughest sport on earth, football, they have to write and write about baseball all the time and tell about the game's virtues. So what they will do is try and put down football in Canada as a result and say it's unimportant. And I disagree with them, baseball is unimportant except in Toronto and outskirts. The Expos left, the AAA teams in Canada don't draw well, London's AA team lasted only a couple of years etc. Baseball is dying in much of Canada as a spectator sport and they don't like to hear it but they are going to hear it as long as they try and cover up the fact baseball doesn't cut it compared with football and is America's premier team sport now and this isn't just my opinion only obviously.

It's just that simple. Sure the Yankees/Bosox rivalry is huge, but guess what, the Yankees and Bosox, a game which I might actually watch from time to time because the fans actually look excited, does not equal the Blue Jays and watching a baseball game in Toronto, not in the least.

Baseball isn't dying in Canada. How would you explain that there is more young Canadian talent in the majors and the farm systems than any time ever?
What is dying in Canada ---and its impacting the CFL too (see all the stadium threads) is a lack of political will to upgrade or build new stadiums for any sport. Pro baseball has been leaving Canada because American towns have been building new facilities and we have neglected ours.
Look at Winnipeg ---they have a gorgeous ballpark built for the Pan-Am Games and the Goldeyes lead their league in attendence every year. They are the exception, every other Canadian city would be content to see facilities grow obsolete before doing something so its no wonder pro teams will leave.

As for baseball falling behind the NFL, that has been long established for almost forty years. But its not going away ---MLB set attendence records last year and they count turnstile clicks not the NHL/NBA figures of how many tickets were given away.

As a spectator sport, it is dying. The Expos left, Londons AA team left and Ottawa's Lynx team draws flies. Winnipeg the exception as you say. Lots of people play the game for sure, heck, I play some slow-pitch still. But it's not a big spectator sport other than the Blue Jays.
MLB, I doubt, will not ever put another team in Canada and from that perspective, it's not a growing spectator sport at all despite increased attendance in the US as you say.
I agree about stadiums. And the CFL has a lot more chance of upgrading stadiums and maybe getting new stadiums that are seen on TV here than any AAA team has and of course, no new MLB stadiums here on the way. Eventually the Jays will need a new stadium as people will realize the toilet bowl is a horrible place to watch a game and it is, I can't stand it, it is the most anti-baseball stadium as these round stadiums are all but antiquated in MLB. But, of course, we never hear this in the Toronto media.

Baseball isn't dying in Canada
lol yes it is.. i dont even think i've seen anyone playing minor baseball in the last 5 years, i dont think anoyne in my highschool of 1,500 students even plays baseball. baseball is a dead sport in most areas, and its never comming back. soccer is filling in that gap, too bad.

Tell me how a sport is dying in Canada when there are more young Canadians playing it professionally than any time in history. And not just playing it but winning MVPs, Cy Youngs, setting records? How can you explain UBC representing an American college conference in the college world series?

If this is a dying sport... death looks pretty good.
As for soccer .... please. Soccer always has the same number of little kids playing it who give it up as teens. Soccer will always be popular for kids because it is so simple for adults and teachers to organize.I've heard this soccer is going to take off for at least twenty years.