Coincidence, but I couldn't resist...Bartel was hurt in the last game, but he was not at practice today. Oddly enough, about a week or 2 back TSN was talking about Swain being the contingency punter...he was LAUNCHING them at practice today

hmm that is interesting. Not sure how much I would put into it though. Bartel is not a bad punter I just think he tries a bit too hard to over think his job that being to get the ball, kick the ball, place it in a good spot to cover.

well, it sounds like Milo will be doing double duties this week. He really suffered doing that in the past, and probably shouldn't even be doubling with kickoff duties.

I know Bartel was limping pretty footing idea what he was like after though...mush be pretty sore.

Perhaps they will dress Palardy, but Milo trying both for a week does get Hughes back on the game-day.

With Hughes back, will they use Messam, Ford, and Allen again? Or will they use Messam as a replacement to McHenry?

I just think that as the Riders get healthy again, and some of the National guys come back (that play teams), eventually someone has to sit... Or would they drop R. Smith or Swain to free up a spot? Don't get me wrong, I like this 3 headed monster.... But in reality, do you keep 3 running backs and 2 Full backs in the 46 when everyone gets healthy again?

well, you can't run with 2 RB and 1 FB forever, and Messam already is playing McHenry's role and then some. He lined up as a TE lots in the last game and made some nice catches.

I hate to see R Smith go, but I would say he will have turf toe soon. He will be going nowhere until Dressler is extended, but he never made the gameday roster last week. Swain is now contingency kicker and a great blocker, so he is likely safe. Don't forget they also likely want to work Brown back into the D. In all likelihood though, Vonk sits when Hughes is back.

Well I think that Messam has the size for the double tight end package... He is pretty much DE size anyway. I would assume once Chris Best is back, they would likely sit Adcock too...

If Messam is in for McHenry, who was inserted for Hughes? Or was his spot used to keep both Swain and R. Smith last week?

nobody was brought in…they didn’t have anyone else lol. They brought in Tim Cronk to get him up to speed just in case. Who loses 3 FB in a season, never mind in such a short span…unheard of.

Ya the 3 FB is crazy. Probably have as much chance of winning the lottery!

Well it's that time of the season for roster juggling due to injury... With the intensity of the games lately (especially against Western opponents), Injuries are more likely. Any news on Steinhauer? I can't recall who their backup long snapper is....


Peters can also do long snapping duties pretty well.