Bartel in Schmitt to BC

The trade for Bartel seems to make a lot of sense now.
On the eve of Free Agency Taman was not to enthusistc about the prospects of Re Signing Milo.
Looks like he made Milo an offer he could not refuse leaving nothing left for Scmitt.

To me it was the right thing to do although very tough. Once Milo concentrated on place kicking things all fell into place. When you get a young proven Canadian place kicker you don't let him go.

Bartel I think will be in the last year of his original contract so he probably came at a bargain rate.
As I said on another thread looking ahead Bartel will be a free agent after this season. If young Brett Cameron can impress enough I would hang onto him for the season, most likley on the 9 game IR and improve on his skills while getting paid to do so.


yes , to bad were losing so many good players, you think they would want to stay with a winning team, i'm not sure if montreal lost a lot of players after they won for years. seems like maybe the platers really don't want to be here, their just looking for a chance to go. to bad, maybe its to cold, or to small , i'm not sure.

wow,, another one out the door ........ we are gonna look quite different this year

Meh. Bartel isn't that big of a drop off. It also allows the Riders to start an import elsewhere. With the way our Canadian talent was plucked through the expansion and a bit through free agency I understand this move and it doesnt bother me.

Bartel after just two seasons is definitely seen as a quality punter in the CFL.
As I mentioned probably was hard to sign both Milo and Shmitt. The best option was Milo. Next season they may be able to pay Bartel top rate as well but for this season there was much interest in both prompting them to put the $$$ in Milo's pocket knowing that Bartel wuld be available with the Cats re siging Medlock and it played out nicely :thup: :thup:

Schmitt is a WAY better punter than Bartel.

Schmitt may be better than any punter in the CFL so that point is kind of moot. only so much room in the cap and a young successfull FB kicker like Milo took the priority here.
Bartel is no slauch. He was the east all star, great directional punter among some other crazy things he can do with his foot and that pigskin.
Sometimes you here the word of directional punter and you think a nice way to say weak leg but in this case Bartell can put that ball wherever he wants and by far does not have a weak leg

Wouldn't say way better. Schmidt only averaged an extra yard more on his punts then Bartel last season. Looking at the big picture the Riders could not afford to use an import spot on a punter this season and opted to give Milo more money which in turn meant they couldn't resign Schmidt

I think it had a lot more to do with locking Milo in with a contract that he couldn't refuse. The fact that they were able to obtain the easts all star punter who is an NI is just icing on that cake

I for one is happy Milo is back, we lost Schmitt which is not a good thing, but in the end we gained another punter, NI to boot who has the hang time Schmitt has, that's what counts, as it gives our guys again the chance to get there at the same time the ball arrives!! so he kicks a yard shorter. What's that in the grand scheme of things!!

Well. We got Bartel, non import, and cheaper than Schmitt.

It is tough to lose Schmitt's Kickoff leg. He always hammered inside the 10 yard line. I have not checked the stats to see if bartel is up there with kickoff yard average..........but I hope so. We used field position advantges a lot last year.

Combine losing Schmitt's leg with the loss of Sanders return abilities............ouch. But we still have Tristan waiting in the wings and he will likely get a good shot at the returner spot.

This year you will see some careers prolonged in the league because 42-46 more jobs opened up in Ottawa. Paris Jackson finds a job and I think he'll do well there and will prove some people he can play. Trsitand Jackson now is likely our number one returner unless someone can come into camp and beat him.

Mike McCullough should retire a champ. But we need him more than ever this season to maintain non-import talent, teams work, leadership, linebacker packages. O'Day, Taman and coach need to keep him around, we really need everything he offers.

Donovan Alexander was snapped up by Winnipeg super fast...........because teams need to replenish non imports they lost to Ottawa. I never felt Alexander was that good but he continues in the league so he's done something right.

But a lot of careers will go a year or 2 longer than they maybe would not have without Ottawa?

can't see Jackson as the return man...between this year and last, they have brought 2 new returners in, likely at a better rate. Never know though, he is definitely capable of doing some exciting things