Bart is really losing it

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Reggie has dropped some very catchable balls this year. So now with Cory Rogers and Chad Lucas available the Argos need to see what they can do. Rogers has some return ability and Lucas is suppose to have some deep speed, something the Argos lack.
Also P.K. Sam has been cut by Buffalo, although he has a quad muscle pull, he should be back with the Argos in a week or two.

I guess there is some questions as to why McNeal is sitting and not Robinson. But I presume that is being handled internally. :slight_smile:

You Could Trade McNeil to Hamilton for Two 4th Rounds
He and Brunce are Close I am sure we could find room some where.

I don't agree that Bart is "Losing it"....McNeil will not be leaving Toronto...

...rumours are the Argos are trying to deal McNeil.....but i doubt it will be to the Cats after the Bruce trade went a little sour....... :roll: :roll:

I think Chad (dare I call him Chadwick) Lucas will be a good player with the Argos & will make everyone forget ABIII. As for Cory Mace, he will not stick with the Bills. I know people think Rita was taken in that trade, but really, what else could he do?? Release Bruce & get nothing?

Bruce's behaviour created this situation. I credit Andrus for doing what he said he was going to do all along. Had he let Bruce keep putting himself ahead of the team, Andrus would have no credibility with his players.

I do not believe that HC Bart or anybody in Argo management (Rita aside??) have any idea what they are doing in any respect. The owners are fools, Pinball has no skill in management, yes Pinball has little to do with the team they claim, but we know he was a big part of all the bad decisions over the last couple of years.


I think gilthethrill’s post made a heck of a lot more sense than this one.

As for your prediction of Andrus being out of work next season, given your prediction of a blowout, it’s probably not a good idea to take any of your predictions ‘to the freakin’ bank".


paulpearson does not remind me of the classy receiver named Paul Pearson who played for the Argos in the 80's. If the Argos can protect the darn ball, they should win 9 games this year. I still see lots of positives.

ps Did you & the misses make it to Argo Fan Day? I was looking for was the Rhubarb Festival in Sheddon??? :slight_smile:

Argos win that game yesterday if their receivers could catch the ball and Robertson doesn't fumble and if the team didn't take that dumb delay of game penalty at the end. Unreal how they could lose that one, I still can't believe it.

No we didn’t make it, gil, can’t recall now why not . . . rhubarb festival was terrific as always.

We’re planning on being at the game on Saturday 3 October however.

The real Paul Pearson was a class act. If Bradwell or Smith or Rempel could develop into another Paul Pearson, they’d really have something.

I’d be concerned about the QB situation. Other than his MOP year with the Green Riders, Joseph has never been a consistently good QB; the offence doesn’t seem designed to take advantage of his skill set; the O-line has been generally brutal in terms of pass protection (Murphy sure isn’t earing his large F/A paycheque) although they’ve been better in the running game; and if Joseph goes down (and given the number of times he’s getting hit that’s a distinct possibility) there doesn’t seem to be much behind him (I haven’t seen much in Cody Pickett so far).

Only reason Argos where ever in the game at the end was because of a bad call early in the game. With Bombers up 10 zip a blowout did look like it was coming! Argos would have punted from their end zone accept for a phony roughing the passer (after the fact) call on Bombers .

As bad as the Argos and Joseph in particular played, ultimately they had a chance to win at the end.
So it worries me when there was no plan at the end when the team was going to kick for the potential winning FG.
Neither the holder Eiben, the very good kicker Justin Medlock or HC Andrus knew what the heck was going on.

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You would think these type of plays and especially the need to call for a timeout is practised until you turn blue each and every day.

What game were you watching, the Argos commiteed Seven turnovers and lost by a point, and could have won the game at the end if it weren't for a delay of game penaltie.

And I am saying there was a turning point in the game when Bombers took that penalty against Joseph, when we would have got the ball back and maybe gone up 17 zip. I noticed the guys on the TSN panel felt the same way.

The it you are refering to is probably his job. He's toast. I see them sticking with him this season and maybe give him a shot again next but I don't see this thing making it to Labour Day next year.

Toronto saw Montreal bring in an NFL coach and have success in year 1. The Argos copy that move and it fails.

The Argos really need to blow everything up. Get rid of all of the vets and go young and build through NFL cuts and the draft.

I saw BC won tonite but if they play like junk the rest of the season, who knows, maybe Buono would be available.


Toronto saw Montreal bring in an NFL coach and have success in year 1. The Argos copy that move and it fails.

Coaches without CFL experience have been tried many times, and failed each time! Mark Tressman in Montreal is the loan exception and the reason is this......He was guided by the great Larry Smith, and he was not given free reign to go out and hire a bunch of asst coaches without CFL experience like Bart has done.

Bart showed what a ass he was when he simply said..."football is football"

I doubt Larry Smith has anything to teach Marc Trestman about football, LOL. But Smith and Popp did bring in a relatively experienced group of assistants for Trestman: Burke, Martino, Elizondo (until he left), and Casey Creehan. Though Trestman is heavily involved in the offense, Scott Milanovich is the titular offensive coordinator, and Trestman was also smart and humble enough to tailor an offense to the talent he had to work with (e.g. short-passing game for Calvillo), instead of forcing square pegs into round holes (e.g. Andrus trying to turn Joseph into a pocket passer). Finally, Trestman simply inherited a better team than Andrus did (8-10 Als from the year before, compared to the 4-14 Argos from last year).

It isn't so much that coaches with no CFL experience can't be successful in the CFL, but that they have to have the right support in place, a good core of personnel, and the right attitude. I don't think Andrus has any of those things right now.