Bart has got to go!

I predicted this season would turn out as it has, it was not hard to predict! Bart is a bad coach, he had no experience to speak of, he should be coaching junior girls football in the states somewhere.

You can be sure if the team changes hands this off season (I hope it does) Bart will be history

I'm not so sure. . .

Many of Toronto's problems this season were not of his making.

  1. Is it Andrus' fault that his team had no QB? That KJ is past his 'best before' date, that PIckett is not starter material, that Reaves is not ready yet? No.

  2. Is it Andrus' fault that the big offeason signings, Picard & Murphy, had dreadful years? No.

  3. Is it Andrus' fault that the Argos had, at the start of the season, and at the end, the weakest receiving corps in the league? No.

The defence was solid, seems to me that they were like around #3 in most defensive categories. . . but that offence is horrid.

Much of why it was horrid is explained above, and that is none of Andrus' fault.

That said, a lot of the blame can be laid at his feet, for a boring, NFL style offensive package that simply doesn't work in the CFL (Kay Stephenson could have told him that). For hiring a staff with either no CFL experience, or bad CFL experience (Buratto and O'Neil). For not learning CFL rules fast enough (or at all), or picking up on the nuances of the game.

So, it seems to me, once a new regime takes over, if they get a QB, some decent receivers, some CFL qualified coordinators (at least on offence. . . Rick Worman and Doug Berry are available), and fix that O line, then maybe Bart will be given the opportunity to show us what he can accomplish.

With each passing week and losses mounting, I am more convinced that Andrus has to go as he is way over his head.
However, the issue of course will also be financial as he has two more years on a guaranteed contract at around $400K per season.


That said, a lot of the blame can be laid at his feet, for a boring, NFL style offensive package that simply doesn't work in the CFL (Kay Stephenson could have told him that). For hiring a staff with either no CFL experience, or bad CFL experience (Buratto and O'Neil). For not learning CFL rules fast enough (or at all), or picking up on the nuances of the game.

I agree with that! Thats the reason he has to go. Hey its not his fault Argo`s hired a unqualified guy. I could have done better, and I have never coached. I would have to really work at it to be as bad as this guy is.

Kerry Joseph will probably get his game back once/if he finds another home. I am not a big Joseph fan, mainly because of the Bishop situation, but hey, give the guy a break.

Remember Tracy Ham in Toronto? He stunk, but was fine once he got out of Toronto, I suspect the same will be true for Joseph.

Argo Tom knows of what he speaks!!!!

Tom come on... Stubbler , Matthews and now Andrus. The problem in Toronto is not with coaching it is Rita and Mohns who have not been able to keep the talent level in Toronto on par with the rest of the league. How long are these guys going to keep deflecting the blame on the HC is mind boggling. Just by the lack of talent you know these guys are not working. I'd love to do a forensic on the phone, expenses and Call reports of these two clowns. I'll do it for free... I bet you I come up with 3 hours or less of "work" a day.

My understanding is that Andrus has one year left on his contract...???
They have to stick it out...unfortunately. Hopefully, he gets pushed into hiring coach(s) with CFL experience.
He made a mess of the team. And please hire an offensive line coach. Whatever made the Argos think that he could do both coaching jobs without CFL experience.
I am so sick and tired of giving away good player because they open their mouths.
I would rather they say something and show some passion for the game then just be meek.

Boxer you are correct. I just read it today the guaranteed contract is for 10 and the team then holds an option for 11.
That makes it somewhat easier to swallow and I would opine how under the circumstance Bart has to go, with of course Rita and Mohns.

Hey I am not a lawyer, but if you have a guy on your payroll you want to unload, and he/she is under contract? Can you not give them another job? Why could they not make Bart asst coach, or tell him he has to share duties with another, perhaps tell Bart you are hiring a consultant , he will make all the decisions and you will answer to him? Maybe he would just quit

First, I wouldn't think that a HC would want to stay after being offered a demotion.
Second, the team would no doubt want to clean house literally and the new guy coming in would want nothing to do with the outgoing HC.

Well, if someone wanted to put me in charge of this franchise, here’s what I’d do.

  1. Adam Rita and Greg Mohns, thanks very much for your service, I hope you will enjoy your retirement. Here’s a nice watch for each of you, now hand over your keys.

  2. Next I want a capable, CFL savvy GM, who also happens to have good contacts in the USA in order to find new talent that this team desperately needs. I pick up the phone, ask for permission from Montreal, and call the underemployed Mike McCarthy as he is the man I want for my new GM (in two seasons O’Billovich has improved the Tigercats into playoff contenders; I expect McCarthy can do the same here).

  3. McCarthy’s first order of business is to scour the USA and work his contacts to find some quality receivers, that this team sorely lacks. Second, find a hotshot college QB with the skillset required to excel in the CFL (i.e. no more Andre Wares, Tee Martins, Timmy Changs, etc. . . but kids that will excel in THIS league, not any league down south).

  4. Release Cody Pickett. The kid just doesn’t have it. Try to trade Kerry Joseph, but if no takers, release him as well. Reaves might be worth bringing to camp, for an extended look-see. Try to make a trade with another team for a CFL experienced QB (Pierce or Jackson from BC; MacPherson from Montreal; Nealy or Tate from Calgary; Jyles from Saskatchewan). So then we start the season with an experienced CFL QB who can groom the college kid we sign (or Reaves) to eventually take over.

  5. Next item on the agenda is to speak to Bart Andrus. I’ll let him stay as head coach as long as he’s willing to accept the following directions:

(a) he must give up the offensive coordinator duties. His offence simply does not work in the CFL. He can hire Damon Allen, Rick Worman, or Doug Berry, his choice, but he must hire an offensive coordinator who knows how to run a CFL style offence.

(b) he must hire a new coach for the offensive line. The offensive line was dreadful this season, even though big bucks were spent to bring in Murphy and Picard. The talent is there, so it must be the schemes.

If Bart is not willing to agree to those two conditions, then he is released and the search begins for a new head coach. If Bart resigns, the entire staff is released, with the exception of defensive coordinator Kuharchek, who did a pretty good job.

......I agree with pretty much everything you said, MadJack....the upper echelon in T.O. has to go....This kid Reaves is greener than grass and does need a guiding CFL qb. to teach him the ropes to speak..... and It's NOT Kerry Joseph....

....Build on the D , which showed us some very good things through 09....Get Bart some HELP....he looks lost on the sidelines and seems to be asking the qbs, what to do....instead of having answers...

...There are definitely problems in the locker room....McNeal...and a couple of others, who are just going through the motions...., Clean it up before the new season..... I heard through the grapevine that Picard is not a happy camper....Get rid of him

...The argos need to make a deal for a couple of good receivers...what they have is not getting it done...

...I have to agree with argotom that they made a big mistake in not going after Printers....He would have been a very good addition for the future....however with the leos signing him that should free-up one of Wallys qbs. GO AFTER HIM...

..That's my humble observations...........Now back to try and fix my Bombers.... :wink:

Pappy I agree with your points and everything madj has also said.
Just like Calgary and Hamilton, we have to hire a QB coach who must tuitor the position and the new QB's coming in.
Speaking of which, there is a glut of QB's in BC and there is no question that 1 or possible two may be available. Like either a Pierce or Jackson or maybe Lulay, but I doubt Wally will give up on Lulay as he looks as a keeper. Then I would also try to sign McPherson as he is a FA in Montreal. Again, I have my doubts that the Als will let him go since AC may likely retire if the team wins the GC.
Of the current cast, I would bring back Reaves and McNeal for the camp which would have a minimum of 6 QB's.
Oh yes, Bart is gonzo and especially since only one more year is guaranteed in his contract, with the team having an option for 11.

On sober second thought. . .

Here's what I'd do if I were to be appointed GM of the Toronto Argonauts:

  1. I'd hire gillthethrill as head coach;

  2. I'd hire argotom as defensive coordinator;

  3. I'd hire paulpearson as offensive coordinator.

Now, for hires 2 and 3, both of you will have written into your contracts, that you are NOT to pester your GM to make a trade to bring back Michael Bishop. . . this team is going to move FORWARD, not backwards. . . any whining about Bishop not being the Argos' QB will be cause for instant dismissal.

Madjack, thank you kindly for appointing me head coach of this once proud franchise...I agree with you 100% about Bishop, to be realistic, available CFL qb's for next season could be the likes of Jarious Jackson, perhaps Buck Pierce. Both are not without thier question marks.

MJ, thanks for your promotion I think.
Hey did I mention to you as GM how we shold have signed Casey Printers.
Now wait, are you going to give me the Trump line........

Ah forget Printers, forget Bishop, forget Damon Allen.

Under our stewardship, this franchise is going to do something it has rarely ever done in its' storied history.

We're going to find and develop our own QB. . . and not keep picking up someone else's rejects (Rocky Butler, Sandy Stephens), trading for some 'saviour' (Kerry Joseph, Kerwin Bell), or getting some NFL hotshot who thinks he can do it all (Tobin Rote, Mike McMahon).

I stand to be corrected, but I do believe one Jay Barker was the last guy the Argos recruited on their own and tried to develop into a starter. Yes, we all know that didn't turn out too well, but we have to try. . . get some young, mobile, college QB from the US who is suited to our game, wasn't drafted by the NFL and so has no aspirations in that regard.

Great, thanks guys for accepting the positions !

Now we just have to hear if paulpearson is agreeable to signing on, under the conditions specified. . .

Yes MJ I recall Jay, he was doing quite well and was ready to be a consistent first stringer when out of the blue he decided to quit for family reasons. Go figure.

Don't know how much you remember Tobin Rote, but he was a NFL starter with the Detroit Lions who played out his option and signed a two year contract with the Argos in 1960. Went to the San Diego Chargers in 63, but we could only wish the Argos could find somebody of his calibre now.

Yes I heard about this, as a little before my time.