Bart Andrus

Does anyone want to make a bet that Andrrus will be fired either by the end of this season or early next year and Arland Bruce will be back in Toronto?

Neither will happen--Andrus has a 3 year contract and AB3 has burned his bridges here. AB3 even spoke to one of the owners asking to remain an Argo but you know how that one turned out.

An Argo-Cat fan

Contracts are made and broken every day. I wouldn't be surprised to see him gone after their Labour Day Loss. :wink: I'm surprised that Kelly is still in Winnipeg.

AB111, I think has found his home in Hamilton and will be here for the life of his contract. Then...who knows.

The difference with the Andrus / AB111 situation is one is doing well and the other isn't.

Woody, I have this sneaking feeling that if BC blows out Winnipeg on Friday, Kelly might be gone before the weekend's out.

I dont like Andrus or Kelly but I think Andrus will br around longer than kell.
I think your right in thinking Kelly will be gone Very shortly.
I also think Winnipeg should have brought Printers in insted of Bishop

Never question the staying power of Count Chocula in milk. On a sideline? Different story. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Mid '60's, I was pouring chocolate milk on CoCo Puffs long before cereal created it's own chocolate milk and pouring vinegar on plain salted potato chips (I believe before "salt & vinegar" chips made an official appearance).

I lost out big time with these "innovations" :slight_smile:

Just like Microsoft, I wouldn't know a good idea/innovation if it bit me on the you-know-where.

8) I doubt either Andrus or Kelly will be fired during this season !!
  Don't forget, the Argos are still paying big bucks to Rich Stubler to sit at home and the Bummers are paying Doug Berry's contract for this season and next season  !!!

  Neither team, especially Winnipeg can afford to do that.

  No doubt in my mind that Andrus is definitely the better coach of the two anyway  !!!

  Strange, I was just thinking about Rich Stubler yesterday.  I guess he is just happy and content at his age to sit at home and collect his paycheque from the Argos  !!!

Maybe Toronto should hire Doug Berry,I dont think Winnipeg should have let him go in the first place
because they didnt have that bad of a year last year.

lol they should make potato chips that have salsa in the them salsa puffs :slight_smile:

8) Yes, I am sure Winnipeg just might be regretting firing Mr. Berry, considering how things have transpired since his departure !!!!
  I can assure you that Bart Andrus's job is safe for the remainder of this season  !!

I could see Bart gone by next season unless the Argos start getting things together ... but I would guess AB3 had to have alienated more than just Bart before they sent him packing, so I would be surprised to if he was invited back.

In the off season I tought Hamilton might bring in Berry but i guess now that we are 4 and 3 it wouldnt make sence to have a coaching change.
But I do like berry better than marcel.