Bart Andrus FIRED!!

Well, who knows, maybe that was the plan but maybe there was a big confrontation at a team meeting or something and then that was it, gonzo.

Stubler and now Andrus. Why hire these guys if you have no confidence in them. Surely Andrus deserved another full season to prove himself.

It’s also noteworthy that C&S were the ones who hired Andrus. So at least they acknowledge their mistake. Now let’s see if they get it right and hire a CFL calibre coach, one with experience. Now hopefully they don’t go against the coaches wishes and bring in an uninspiring quarterback only to fire the coach when the team struggles.

This also leads me to believe they will be staying as owners. You don’t fire your coach if you plan to sell the team anyways.

Stubbler (Most admired defensive coordinator of the last decade), Matthews (Most successful HC in CFL history until this year) and Andrus (most successful in NFLe history) not one of these guys could steer this team. I guess they plan on hiring Jesus Christ, maybe he can get this team to .500

But Rita, Mohns and Gorrela keep getting paid. What a corrupt old boys club...

This also leads me to believe they will be staying as owners. You don't fire your coach if you plan to sell the team anyways.
Not necessarily, sometimes it's better to have the decks cleared by the old management rather than have the new owner be the heavy by firing the coaches and gm. Although, I do believe that C&S will be staying on as owners. They were once regarded as great owners who were very involved in the community, but their star has faded with the negative newspaper columns and a losing record.

I liked Andrus. He was under a lot of heat in Toronto, but stuck to his guns. But he was doomed by under-performing players and his inability to adapt to the Canadian game. Things might of worked out better if he'd hired an experienced OC. At least he could of fired him to save face about their crummy offence, but now Andrus has to walk the plank. Bull-headed Mike Kelly in Wpg is in much the same boat.

Daley had a HC position once, with Saskatchewan.. and look where that end up? :lol:

he's not a good HC.. he's a great coach for a specific position.

Daley was also head coach in Winnipeg, and didn't exactly cover himself with glory there either.

:lol: That's seems to be about it with Rita and Mohns, they're survivors.

Funny you would mention Blake Nill. I was thinking while watching him during the Calgary/St. Mary's CIS playoff, that he just might have the right stuff to jump to the CFL as a head coach. I don't think there would be any question who the boss was after few practices. He would need some good expierenced assistants. But would veteran CFL assistants want to work for a rookie HC.

At least he had 12 men on his team, not 11... :lol:

Seriously, either someone keeps choosing the wrong coach time after time...or someone keeps providing one coach after another with inferior talent. Wouldn't be the same "someone" would it?

The keep Rita and Mohns, it won't matter who's the HC.

Maybe the Argos need to either put Pinner back in the head coaching position, or get rid of him, it could be or might be I suppose difficult for anyone to coach in Toronto with a legend like Pinner over your shoulder in the organization.

Interestingly, Adam Rita was not at the news conference. Can only fuel the speculation that he’s a goner…

We need Marshall in Winnipeg as hc.

...we need you to go and support another team... :lol: :lol: :lol: :thdn:

Eventually all of you will drift on over to Tiger-Cats Never Never Land, it's where it's going to be boys and girls. :wink:

Listening to Nicholson, he mentionned that Rita had made the decision and it appears Rita is going to continue to be employed... Nicholson struck me as someone who knows nothing about football. I think we should get use to the crossover in the East cause I think we'll see quite a few more in coming years.

A long time coming but it is deserved to let Andrus go, a colossal failure.
Meanwhile Perry Lefko on Sportsnet is reporting the possibility of Tillman resurfacing. I have been suggesting for Tillman for a while as a possibility and frankly with his contacts and experience in the league, he is virtually the only one who can get us out of this mess the team is in.
In hearing Nicholson on Fan 590, he danced around when grilled by Bob and Brunt and I believe Rita is done and especially since he did not show at the press conference.

I remember late in the season Rita and Mohns saying their contracts were up this year, so Nicholson will likely go down to January. I think we are not done seeing announcements with this team. The report on BMO is likely in the owners hands or soon will be. Nicholson is one brave soldier. I wonder if he knew what he was walking in to when he took that job.

Tillman I keep hearing the rumour and while he'd be the best guy for the job. If he's found guilty he will likely go home once his suspended or whatever sentence is done and if his name is cleared Hopson can't let him out of his contract without putting his life in danger IMO.

From reading previously what little has been out in the press about this story, he will never be convicted.

From what I've found and read there is nothing there other than a teen trying to make herself interesting (I'm not talking about the complainant). I doubt Eric could be a "public" person in this country most of his adult life and be into teens. So how does Hopson let him out of his contract ? Or is his contract up in January and he wants to come back to civilization. An experience like that would want me to leave too.