Bart Andrus FIRED!!

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Not all that surprising, as I just mentioned on the TiCats section, for the money he was making they would have to be totally sold on him, and obviously not the case.

Now they need to fire Mohns and Rita, and find out what's up with ownership.
Andrus was a bad hire, and wasn't a great coach. However, they need to get some talent offensively or they'll be bad next year as well.

....hello Greg Marshal (cats d coach)....your next interview for head coach has just appeared.... :wink: Maybe his time has finally come???????? :roll: :roll:

Please no! We need him here in Hamilton.

....he does have a solid defensive coaching record....the defence in T.O. wasn't all that bad....i could see him wanting the challenge of molding them into a top-notch D....but would the argos want him :roll:

He never had a chance, too bad.

...I agree Pigseye, but the learning curve for Bart might've been too steep to pick our version of the game up fast enough to thwart another completely blown season... know, based on Bart's performance here, the Chicago's coaching gaffs yesterday and a multitude of stupid coaching I've seen in the NFL this season I'm not sure dipping into that pool of talent anymore for awhile is a wise idea....maybe time for a CIS coach to get a shot instead...

Blake Nill... GM and Coach.

and as far as Rita and Mohns

How can they afford to fire him ?

Crying poverty one week, and now on the hook for the rest of Barts contract too boot.

Definitely something rotten in that organization.

Maybe poverty means something else to the owners, lol...

BTW- going off-topic a bit, congrats piggy on becoming a mod.. not sure why would you want to take on that job, :lol: :lol:

I don't think dumb and dumber (cynnamon and sugar) are that poor. They may portray themselves as that, but I doubt they are.
They're just bad owners and I hope if they decide to sell, they do it soon!

Could be a mutual agreement. Bart probably did not enjoy his experience in Toronto either. This team will need a total rebuilding job anyway. They need some youth and energy and crazy work ethics to get this team hip and moving again.

If Nicholson thinks he can rebuild his football team with the crew he's got in place he's got a serious problem on his hands.

Gonna cost Braley some serious coins to fix this 'wreck" of a boat.

The Argos are in a good position to start the rebuild, something like 11 draft picks this year ?

Just need a wise GM to draft well and trade accordingly.

Thanks sambo, we all have to pay our dues at some point.

Look at Mohns and Rita's track record ! These two guys are by far the worse GM/HS combination in the league.

We had to bribe him... :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the topic, I know we all criticized Bart, and a lot of us said he didn't deserve a second season... but this still took me by surprise. The Argos are now going to have their third coach in three years. Not good...

Bart deserved to be fired, He had the U.S football resume and fell flat on his face, then he wined about practice time. IMHO Argo,s should hire Coach Marshall (former CFL Coach of the year) and or Daley!! What else could they do go through another season like 2009??

Not good over the 3 year span maybe Chief but you take each year as it comes and try and make the best decision going forward. So this could be the best move for next year for the Argos, they are assuming it's a step in the right direction of course.

The perpetual problem with the Toronto Argonauts is that they do not run their football operations in a manner that respects the game. Rather, they have always attempted to incite big league buzz at the expense of doing what it takes to win like every other team in the league. The answer to long term success in the CFL isn't in the Ricky Williams, Rocket Ismails, or any one of yesteryear's MVPs. Long term success comes with respecting the sport of Canadian football and doing what it takes to succeed in Canadian football.

That's finding top notch Canadian talent and hiring coaches who will immerse themselves in the nuances of the game and surround themselves with CFL experience. It means recruiting import talent not for their ranking in the NFL draft or having a Heisman award but for the suitability to the team and Canadian game.

The Argos have to stop selling out because it costs them on the field. CFL football can work in big cities without trying to be ‘big’ league. An honest franchise is a successful franchise. Look at TFC & the Alouettes.

Daley, seriously? Haven't the Argos been through enough? ... Not to mention Daley stepped down from the Eskimos for personal reasons, so I'm not sure he'd be willing to take up a HC job.

I suppose... I probably would've given him 6-8 games next season to see if there's any progress.