Bars/Tailgating near Tim Horton Field (this weekend)

Hello, very random question here for Hamilton locals. We are coming in for big soccer game this weekend (Jan 30). I know there's a lock down but also some restaurants have heated patios open right now.

For a group of 20-50 people....

  1. Downtown looks like several bar/restaraunts open (Electric Diner, Amigos, Moodys). Any other insight or recommendations?

  2. Howabout around the stadium, can anyone speak to places that are currently open?

  3. worst case, we sit in a parking lot and tailgate, is there anywhere around the stadium?

Huge thanks and appreciation

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will be tough.

most restaurants are closed for indoor dining, and very few are trying a heated patio only approach.

I would suspect your choices of tailgating and restaurants are restricted to mcdonalds parking lot.

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Thanks Hammer.. (and as you can imagine, it's not easy coordinating from another country with everyone coming in from all over the place).

Our 2 existing party locations have closed (obviously). So working on backup plans.. (and no plans is not an option.. :smile: )

  1. for those Hamiltonians (?): this looks like a handful of places are currently open for dining/drinks but only in their heated outdoor patio.. can anyone speak to whether this could be viable for 20-30 of us?

  2. for the tailgating around the stadium, assuming we can't park at McD's for the entire game? And probably pretty packed parking lot and impossible to save spots. Any other locations that you can recommend?

Again, huge thanks.

I've heard "The Ship" and "Electric Diner" both have outdoors seating. I heard Electric Diner had to shut down for a bit as someone stole their outdoor heaters (welcome to Hamilton), but they have since "found" them, and are back to operating.

I like The Ship more than Electric Diner. Neither have a ton of seating BUT they both would LOVE a big group. So call in advance and book one or the other. They'll appreciate it! The Ship is slightly closer to THF than ED, but either will require the use of a Cab/Uber.

As for Tailgating, the stadium is in a residential neighbourhood. If it was me, I think I'd park across from The Ship and do your tailgating there. Then uber back to your car. Plus technically the parking lot would be more open as it is a distance from the stadium.

I'm not sure if they are opening up any of the "very few" true parking lots for THF.

We are in full restaurant shut down / lock down, so it's definitely a tough time to get pre or post game plans together. Not impossible though.

Here's The Ship's outdoor patio. Completely enclosed. If you go there, try their Burger. Seriously.

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Tailgating is really only doable in Lot E, that's where we do it for ticat games.

I'm not sure you could do it by The Ship as that's quite a ways from the stadium and generally, large groups of people drinking in a parking lot might get a visit from police. It's sort of a "turn a blind eye" thing on ticat games days in lot E as it's in Proximity to the stadium.

Theres a map showing Lot E at the bottom of this article:

I'd also recommend reaching out to some the Forge FC supporters groups as they would know better.

We tailgate (pretty heavily) in the Go Station parking lots before jumping on to head to Toronto.

Never had an issue.

We are adults, and cops don't look for trouble. I suspect having some beers on Augusta St parking lot (south side of street, mid way down, I think beside Pheasant Plucker) would be fine.

However, contacting the Battalion would be a good plan!

In 2014 we were told there would be a stadium entertainment should be done by now.just kidding. Stay downtown .dont go near the donut box unless you want a donut or a mattress.tailgating is you're only option in that area



All, just wanted to say big thanks. We booked group for dinner tomorrow night (Saturday) at both Electric Diner and The Ship. Spoke to both managers and they were great. For our pre-game we have Electric Diner booked, then will uber down to the stadium and go from there.

Thanks all!


Just a quick update. We spent most of the time at Electric Diner (great place for night before, day of game, and then after the game.). The Ship was cool, but super cold. Pregame outside stadium was just a mess, but not in bad way. With the lockdown most everyone just hung out on sidewalks and by their cars. Good time.