Barry Trotz Leaves the Caps

Is Barry Trotz Seattle bound ?

Money was the issue maybe something more than that But Trotz said nyet and he is gone .

Why not go out on a high note, especially when you KNOW a job close to home is opening?

He is Seattle bound - lives in B.C.

Once Seattle is verified they'll put Barry on the payroll - thus he won't lose a year of salary while NOT COACHING.

He'll be part of the management group who assesses whats available on the other 31 teams - whats available in the first amateur draft the Seattle is eligible for. He'll be an excellent source of information, no question. And a very good coach once that team hits the ice!

If I were Winnipeg's owner I'd consider firing the best broadcaster coaching in the NHL, Paul Maurice and replacing him with a better coach in Trotz.

Only problem is Maurice has imbedded friendships within the team. If Trotz came in and tried to change certain elements I'm sure he'd get tons of resistance and probably finish up the track.

Thus, better to keep Maurice. They did get to the FINAL 4 before dying like wounded quail vs. the expansionistas.

If they can't bring their rental guy Paul into the fold I suspect the Jets won't finish close to their eye-poppin' 114 pts next season - might only be a marginal playoff team (ie. 11th to 17th overall vs. 2nd overall last season)

Yup. Must be nice.

Other big call is what John Tavares does with his life . . . .

Doesn’t want to sit out a year so he might sign a 1-year big money contract with the Leafs, Habs, even Jets in lieu of going to Seattle for 6 or 7 years at 10 to 11 million.

Don’t think Tavares has turned 27 yet, relatively healthy, great captain and points producer.

Wonder if he’d sign with Seattle and they trade the first year of his contract to one of the aforementioned teams. Is that even legal?

Not sure. He would put a face on the franchise.

Seattle can afford to pay Trotz an extra half million to a million to sit out the season and form part of the pre-draft management team - so long as they're paying him 1 or 2 million a year for at least 5 seasons (guaranteed) - or more than the Washington owner was willing to part with

Tavares on the other hand is a player in the prime years of his life. Won't want to sit out a season with the expectation of one ginormous long-term contract to end his career.

A 1 year contract might be juicy - but its also risky in terms of a career-ending injury. Jets would be a juicy parking spot for Tavares but we already have lots of guys pulling in major coin.

And a limited skills guy like The Rifleman, Patrik Laine is clamouring to be paid over 8 mill. a year. Based on 44 goals its close but Laine's secondary skills are nowhere near his ability to rifle a puck past opposing goalers - in reality a guy like that is worth 5.25 x 5 years - - - no more but I suspect the Jets will be backed into a little corner by Laine's agent and be forced to barf up 6.9 x3 yrs or 7.33 x 7 yrs.

The difference with Tavares is he won't disappear come playoff time like so many primadonnas like Laine do. We saw quite a few this year, didn't we.

I would trade Laine or the Leafs Mathews straight up for Tavares. McDavid for Mathews is my dream trade. I don't like primadonnas.

You could be right. Tippett is now part of that management group. Would give Trotz a year or so away from the bench, spend a little more time with his family and do some scouting at the same time.

Not sure Tavares would want to head to Seattle in "hopes" that the franchise will be able to duplicate what the Knights were able to do in year 1.

He's been the face of the lowly Islanders and look where that has gotten him.
However now that Lou is running the ship, Tavares may in fact stay put to continue on as their face (with many millions keeping it pretty).

I do not see Tavares looking at Seattle.

I see him signing a long term contract be it with the Islanders or perhaps his hometown Leafs who have a great HC and young team.

Good points Tony. I think Tavares has to chose between personal loyalty and the desire to win something before he starts wash up ashore.

Uncle Lou will offer him a pitzpot of coin, no question. Lou knows the fate of the franchise is tied more to Tavares than to nearly 80 yr old Lou’s skills building a long term winner.

Toronto (hometown) will offer John T almost as much, if not a tad more. Only problem is John’s agents will tell John that he’ll have to pay a s-load more tax in Canada - so the offers aren’t really equal, are they?

That said - a Toronto team with Tavares & Matthews, a solid and mobile defense and the best coach in the game - well, that would be formidable to say the least. Boston & The Rangers also have money to make a play - although both those teams would have to clear cap space. (so would Toronto but to a lesser level)

Also Tavares would live in a fish bowl in Toronto .

In New York that's just not the case . Too many other players in various sports and more focus on many other aspects of New York celebrity .

Probably why Toronto has trouble landing guys .

Leaf nation for all the money it generates is too much spotlight in such a small area .

Way too much focus on Hockey and the Leafs and it ends up unhealthy for those under the microscope .

You need a personality that feeds under that pressure and warms to the glow of the ever burning year round spotlight .

Similar to Montreal. Difference being right now the Hapless Habs have an owner who must be sipping on one too many of his suds allowing a GM to operate in the fashion has since he was hired five years ago. But I digress...

I do not see Tavares heading to the Rangers. That team has a long way to go before they have a legitimate shot.
Perhaps the Bruins as an outside chance.

You may be right in regard to the Leafs and the continuous spotlight. But Tavares would have company to share that light, not to mention a solid HC. This may help turn down the wattage somewhat and offer a legitimate shot at the cup in the next year or two.

Hate to say it as a Jets fan but I do believe Tavares would thrive in Toronto. He'd be the oldest superstar on the team - BUT NOT THE ONLY ONE! Plenty of bonus babies to share the wealth.

Fitting John T. under the cap would be the biggest challenge for the Leaf tall foreheads but if they somehow pulled it off - I'm sure they'd be Top 5 or 6 in league for next several years - having a decent shot at that elusive 50+ yr elusive Lord Stanley Coupe!

All true. But, as you said, getting J.T. under the Cap with the kids wanting their money, will be difficult to say the least.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I can't imagine the NYI letting him get away.

That will be the challenge especially now that Lou is there.

After all the NYI fans have been thru, if the team turns their back on their franchise center, it would get very ugly fast.

Trotz is now the Islanders HC.

This will make the Tavares watch even more interesting now.