Barry Sanders movie

Barry Sanders mini movie | NFL Throwback

Never get tired of watching Barry.

He could deke out superman in a phone booth

Haha, I read the title too quickly and thought this was about Bernie Sanders….who is not a running back…

I was listening to a radio broadcast years ago and Corey Widmer - played linebacker for years with the NY giants, anyhow the host aked him who was a better running back Barry Sanders or Emmet Smith - Widmer said it wasn't even close - Barry Sanders by a mile.
Widmer said the Lions O-Lines were a joke - Cowboys O-Lines were loaded with all pro players - He said Barry with the Cowboys O lines would have been 1900 yards rushing a season, and this is a guy who played the Cowboys twice a season.


Too bad he was part of some terrible Detroit Lion teams during his time there.

How many playoff games was he in?

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Only 6

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That's not very much isn't it.

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Here is an article on why the Ford Family holds onto the Lions and won't sell. They are some of the worst owners in pro sports.

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