Barron Miles to miss Als game on Saturday?

Heard on a website that the Team 1040 reported Miles is out with Chicken Pox and will miss Saturday's game. Can anyone confirm this?

i heard the same thing tonight... i think it was on 1130...

Miles is out for Sat game and Jason Crumb will be his replacement. Miles was looking forward to playing his old team but will have to wait for rematch in Montreal.

With the Chicken Pox vaccine available, you'd think he would have gotten a shot. (The grandkids have had it...) Oh, well, we'll see how Crumb does.

This is a BIG loss for the Lions! Damnit...Crumb isn't a bad DB though, but Miles was spectacular last week against Ottawa. I hope this doesn't hurt the Lions too much.

I have heard but don't know for sure that the vaccine in adults can be dangerous.

The Grandkids were 12 & 14 when they got their vaccine. Don't know enough about it being given to adults.....Who'se the nurse that posts on here occasionally?... We need her input!

Is the BC / Als game televised? I can't find it listed anywhere. :x

RDS only.