Barron Miles to join Rider Staff

well, I for one like this move.

In what capacity?

One would assume as DB coach...I don't think the Riders have officially had a DB coach in a few years. I believe Jerry Friesen worked with them on split duties last season, but am not positive. He was a great player, and seemed to scout some good talent for the Lions recently....interesting.

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great update citb...I think this is a good move as well.

I tend to think this is probably the only move on the defensive side...everyone else is kinda in place unless they plan to axe someone, which I don't see happening except for the remote chance of a new DL coach.

Just heard on the radio - it is official Baron will be our new DB coach. Good move I think.

in my eyes this is a good move and an improvement on coaching :thup:

:thup: :thup: :thup:

What you all said.

I see that I am not alone. This is a very interesting crew of coaches. I like every one of them. There are those with proven success experience. There is Canadian representation. I have met Dyce, a couple of times in passing. Tucker as a coach, gutsy move...but a gutsy former player who must have an interesting perspective and appreciation for top performance. I am very happy with Richie as D-Coordinator. Khari ....a survivor who must have Cham's respect and likely a good steal from Hamilton. This could be a very interesting dynamic. The only thing is ---- whose going to play "bad cop"?
They will need some players to work with....oh ya, I almost forgot....we still got Taman, tsk! Well, I will give him the benefit of doubt based on his decisions on coaching staff....but there needs to be some important signings soon.

why must Tanam of Hall be bashed in every thread? Tanam has made soem great moves, as I have posted, so lets see what he does when he truly holds the reins. Hall was missing one or maybe 2 keys guys, so lets hope those are in place and see what happens...while I didn't agree with everything he did lasy season, lets be honest, it was the total lack of offense that killed the Riders in most games.

what woud Justin Hickman do for a Richie Hall D

:rockin: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted:

why are you saying Tanam?

it's Taman.

I'm sure you'll get over it.

I'm using a phone...shit happens.

And by the way, if you want to get critical over typos in a forum, then perhaps you should ponder spelling Barron Miles correctly in the thread title. I noticed right away, but why would one care or bother to point it out?


because I wasn't sure how it was spelled.

And my phone auto corrects to Tanam because I have a work associate by that name (first name) and I would rather have his name spelled correctly and not risk it being auto-corrected to the wrong spelling, so I have never added the other name. Thus it auto corrects to my associate's name on the forum

OK, that makes sense. I have been wondering about that myself for quite a while now. I had assumed (wrongly) that the continual misspelling was meant as a subtle slight against the GM. Thanks for clearing that up.

ever heard of google. I'll fix it.

But back on topic, I am very happy with this move. Barron miles was a demon in the secondary. He is second in career interceptions and athleticism only gets you some of those pics, intellect and study gets you the rest. I hope that he is able to share his knowledge to the dbs we have already and hopefully the ones to come.

The thing that sticks out in my mind is that I believe he is the all time kick blocker (not punts). Things like that show his diversity in the game and his big picture attitude.

had to look it up:

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"Miles, who turned 40 on Jan. 1, played every position in the defensive secondary during his CFL career and recorded 66 pass interceptions, the second-most in league history. He also holds the CFL record for blocked kicks (13) as he does at Nebraska (seven)."

I actually recall one of Mile's last games they thought he had set the record (he holds if you count playoff games) on a convert by the Riders. He got called for pyramidding, and thus it did not count.

and now i needed to find something on that game lol

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