Barrin Simpson

Can anyone tell me if Simpson has signed a contract or is he in his option year?

Really hope we keep Simpson. I think he's one of the premier linebackers in the CFL. Love the guy.

Simpson is the man! One of the best players to ever play the game. He is the heart and soul of our team. He’s is so smart and he plays the game fair and square, great sportsmanship. sorry I don’t know where he is at regarding his contract. I sure hope he stays a Lion forever!

I don't know the status of Simpson's contract but thought I'd write a note since noone had responded.

Simpson, based upon reports of his hour and a half meeting with Wally, is not happy his role this year.

Simpson is a class act and an excellent middle linebacker. His strength is his lateral pusuit, excellent tackling ability, and run stopping ability. He is not as strong in pass defence or blitzing.

The Lions defence this year will have Simpson in the middle in the 4-3 defence but he will be playing one of two interior linebackers in the 3-4. He will also line up in a number of different positons on blitz packages. He'll also be taken out in certain passing situations to put in a defensive back.

It's a different role than the vanilla defence of last year when he lined up in the middle most of the time. The Lions defence is better this year, is using more of their defensive personell....but its a diminished role for Simpson.

thanks for the info, Blitz.