Barrin Simpson

...finished as a Lion is the word out of lotus land......c'mon Bombers get on this one....he is a great defensive player and ...gawd knows we need a guy of his caliber on the D....Simpson seems to have a lot of respect for Charles he was quoted as saying....the way Wally PLAYED ME THIS YEAR.... is like in WPG. NEVER GIVING THE BALL TO CHARLES ROBERTS.....interesting....sign him Brendan.... :wink:

it'd be nice, but how old is he now??? he might be a bit of a gamble and i'm sure he won't be cheap!!!

Ha ha ha he never played for the Stamps Taman only signs guys done with their career, Simpson will end up in Edmonton, Toronto or Ottawa!
He would be great for you guys!

Lonie get out the cheque book Simpson will solve that middle linebacker problem that we all know we need. He has only been with the Lions 5 years so has lots of playing time left. He wants to play every down and is a character guy. Lets build the linebackers around him.

We really need this guy...bad

Milt says he's coming back....great news.....he was also bending the ear of Barrin Simpson in Van......he really wants him to sign with the BigBlue.....c'mon Barrin....this could be the start of a beautiful if we could only get out the right dough....don't let this one slip by Taman.. :smiley:

.....according to a good source in the media....Barrin Simpson and family will be in WINNIPEG in February....wonder what this could result in......could it be a possible move to the Bombers.......if so... another piece of the Blue and Gold resurgence will have fallen into place..... :smiley: :smiley: