Barrin Simpson

So the Man wants out of Winnipeg…perfect! However would he look good in a Rider Uniform? I am not sure of the cap space we have or how much he makes in Winnipeg, but IMO if the Riders are serious about going for the Cup I say go and Grab him! he would look great in the Green and White (I think we missed out with Armour going to BC) and I am not sure what Winnipeg wants in return…Thoughts??

NO. The LBs we do have are doing pretty good... and now that we Kitwana back, going after Simpson doesnt make any sense. Jones is a good LB if he used correctly. Kit also is a good special teams guy, and I don't know if Simpson can be that versatile.

I wanted us to go after him big-time the last time he became a free agent. Unless Etch thinks he would not work in our defence, I'd try and get him.

Great player Riders don't need him, If the Bombers were smart they would trade him for a QB


I was talking with a Bomber fan today and thats exactly what i said it would help both teams, maybe even Mass in the picture. we will see but Simpson is good trade bait very good player equal to KJ

think Kerrys price tag is too much for the bombers right now.

I don't think the Riders need Barrin Simpson. I don't even think any teams will trade up for Barrin Simpson. The LB position is an easy position for coaches to fill with a younger player, relatively speaking. Barrin Simpson's days in the CFL may be finished.

Getting Jones back was a nice fit because it won't take him long to adjust to the team again. Heck, it'll probably be like he never left in the first place. But to bring in Simpson (who, don't forget, is injured at the moment with turf toe) and try and shoe-horn him in somewhere in Sask. would be redundant now that Jones is back and too much of a distraction on what is already a solid defence.

I do think the LB spot is weak and could use his size but i dont see it happening… but you never know

I'd rather get Hunt than Simpson.