Barrin Simpson wants out ?

If there is nothing more to the situation than Simpson having to rotate in and out, I think Simpson should have sucked it up and left after the year was over. Demanding a trade through the press doesn't help either side. Sundays game will be the deciding factor on Kelly's future.

ok here's an answer that can help with the roster How about we go like this Craver everyone says he's the weakest link on the defense so can we not make the D look some thing like this

Dline- Walls, Brown, Smith, Oramasinu (sp)

LB's- Charlton, Simpson, Lobendahn

DB's Hefeny, Logan, Walls, Jovon Johnson, Shabazz.... shabazz playing Halfback and moving hefney to corner

so who do you sit outta your all-stars answer NO-ONE sit a guy that can't make a simple open tackle down field.

Now for my rant I'm absolutly sick of Kelly all together you can say what you want but i say if Berry was HC still and we have the D-coor we have now this team would be kick ass only reason i say this is because we would have kept at least 2 of our Olinemen from last year instead of losing all of them we would have kept Glenn and having Reid probably one of the best running backs in the league right now the offence would be great mixed with the stellar defence Nelson has put together.

He didn't. Read the globe article that's linked in the thread next to this one.

......HMMMMMM.....gotta harken back to the 'tail' no longer wags the dog' ...seems to be in full force here....I also have to go back to the days Simpson played for Wally....seems to be a repeat here....Doesn't like what the coach wants so asks to be traded...In the case of the leos he played out his option...and the Lions continued on in their successful fashion....hmmmmm..I won't deny Barrin has been great for us....but c'mon ...he's injured and was asked to rotate....I'm sorry i'm with Kelly on this one....You are either a coach who calls the shots orrrrrrrr you just do what ever the player wants and let him run the team....(some would say that's not a bad idea, but i would have to disagree)..Should be interesting to see how the team responds on Sunday....i'll be watching with great interest... :wink:

You are with Kelly on every dumb move he makes.

...don't you EVER have anything positive to say... :lol: :lol:

Not as long as Kelly is around. I call it the way I see it. Not like you.

...hey dawg....have you got an idea where you want to sit in the new digs know the one you had little faith in EVER being built... :lol:...much like your take on the Bombers fortunes :lol:

I think, if you read the Globe article, "rotate" is a euphemism for "benched". Of course, I'm sure this team is far better off without Simpson, Armstrong and Glenn. Once Reid quits in disgust they'll be gen-yoo-wine contenders.

If Kelly is still around I will be staying home. Don't chirp to loudly just yet. Asper has been very quiet lately. I wonder how he is enjoying the latest edition of our Bombers. What is needed is for Asper to make a cameo apperance on the sidelines and chew a few coaches out. Now that would be entertaining and well deserved.

But just think. Kelly's locker room will be all rosy. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Right, they are all fully supportive of the coach. Well, apparently Glenn wasn't. And not Armstrong either. And of course Terrence Edwards was mad. And something is wrong with Bryant's attitude. And Bates. And LeFors was upset for no reason too. And that Simpson's just a trouble-maker.

Poor Kelly inherited a team full of malcontents disguised as professional ball players.

...lets sift through this crap.....Edwards to me and everyone else in Bomberland....Glenn was ousted by fan opinion ....loooong before Kelly ever got here....LeFors is hurt....can't play....and that's Kellys fault :lol: ...Bryant is playing crappy ball...what....he shouldn't be criticized.....Bates was done in leo land...played exactly like that in 09...You're gonna have to come up with something better than that Arte... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Edwards spoke very publicly and very negatively about the Armstrong fiasco. That's undeniable.

Bryant - are we to believe he just became awful overnight. Anyone who watches this player play knows he's unhappy.

Bates - was told to go on the 9 game or be cut. He spoke publicly about his dissatisfaction with how his situation was handled.

LeFors is hurt, but before that spoke candidly about how he felt about "salarygate", and it was not in glowing terms.

Next week there'll probably be another one.

...i read everything Edwards had to don't go embellishing things Arte..He was a good friend of Armstrongs and his main message was ...'that's business'

Bryant was practicing today and looked very eager to be there...was overthrown and kicked the ball into some equipment..but all-in all the team looked really jacked for Sunday....not good news for you :wink:

...Bates has made no comment.....he is on the ir....where do you get this crap from fact he made a point of saying exactly that ....NO COMMENT...I'd like you to tell me what his comments were exactly if you heard something... :roll:

....LeFors has had nothing negative to say about Kelly or the Bombers....he definitely didn't like his salary being reduced...but i think that would go without saying for anyones situation

.....oh and here's one for ya Arte......and a few others....Barrin Simpson requested a trade at the END OF LAST YEAR....before Kelly was even hired....Confirmed by Lyle Bauer...stick that in your ear... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Whatever. You kepp telling yourself "there is no problem in Bomberland....there is no problem in Bomberland....there is no problem in Bomberland....." and maybe you'll convince yourself.

The information I have regarding Simpson is from recent posts by BC fans at this and other forums who have said that Buono wanted to rotate Simpson and Glatt and Simpson didn't agree. Because of that Buono let Simpson become a free agent. And if you read my post again you will see that I said Buono wanted to, not that Buono did. you are looking foolish..........but hey....if you want to continue my get the mosquito infested field though... :lol: :lol: :lol:

This has been a hoot, papa, but i've got a CIS game to go to. Maybe I'll catch up after the games tonight.

Thanks for the chat. You're a good sport.