Barrin Simpson wants out ?

Where to start?

Ahhhhh fook it !

I agree, off with his head, get rid of him. Barrin Simpson is a leader not like Mike Kelly. Locker room attitude Kelly style. RUBBISH. The only thing that matters is the Win column. Gee you Kelly supporters like it the other way around. The more losses the better. As long as everything is okay in the locker room. Every media jockey in town, and outside the province will tell you that Kelly is a joke. If a player is outstanding and an all star and has a bit of me attitude, so what. A good coach knows how to stroke his feathers to satisfy his ego. That's all part of coaching. Something that Kelly is lacking. When you go to the upper sports bar and listen to Kelly's rubbish have a couple of drinks to a disastrous season.

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I never stated if I'm a Kelly supporter or not. Please, somebody answer the questions, since you all know more than Kelly. Who do you sit in favour of Simpson and why is Armstrong not playing ANYWHERE ? I know ! Fire Kelly and Bauer and hire Simpson as HC and Armstrong as GM or OC.

Anyone on these boards that has read my posts knows that I am a Kelly supporter, and aside from some trash talk - I believe he is taking this team in the right direction.

This concerns me! Kelly's logic in rotating Simpson makes sense, and quite frankly, I have a hard time believing it does not make sense to Simpson as well! Simpson wants out for a lot more reasons than a rotation, we are not getting the whole story - even from Bob Irving. Not that I don't trust Bob, I just don't think he's being told everything! Remember - Kelly wants to control the message! It is going to take time for Irving to uncover all the facts. Barrin is going to be far to professional to say anything, even when he does get traded! BUT HE WILL GET THEM, AND HE WILL TELL US :slight_smile: At the same time - if the media is slanting this as a "Simpson has had enough of Kelly" without any facts - shame on them! Irving is a responsible reporter, and the truth will come from him in due time.

What is bothering me is Kelly's inability to work things out, calm the situation - and make things better! Simpson is a lot of heart and soul - not to mention one of the absolute best middle linebackers in the league. How do you just let that go?

As for people making comments about pay cuts and such. GET THE FACTS! Kelly inherited a wack of deferred salaries from Taman that all go against the cap! There was hardly enough money to assemble a Varsity team this year let alone a pro team. I think he's done a great job of putting talent together (other than a QB) on a shoestring and unfortunately, that meant pay cuts for many! He was just trying to keep a great core together!

HOWEVER - I do not condone this latest decision. How do you let such a talent walk away! Even I will admit - that takes one hell of a ego!

Armstrong, and now Simpson both had minor injuries and were asked to rotate with younger players. Both these guys took offense and probably felt threatened. Not much you can say, the writing was on the wall for both these guys.

When your left with lemons, you make lemonade. If the Bombers can get a quality starter or even some draft picks back for him, then things won't look so bad.

Many coaches will use these opportunities as well to test a players resolve and commitment to the team. Neither Armstrong or Simpson handled this like professionals or team guys.

Why is it so difficult to believe that the rotation isn't the sole reason? It's not like this hasn't happened before with Simpson. Buono wanted to rotate him in BC and Simpson didn't want to so Buono said bye bye.

Ah, but didn't you know, Buono is an idiot for a coach and clearly doesn't know what he is doing. :roll:

Fair enough! I would like to hope Simpson is just being unreasonable, I'm just worried that the rotation may have been the proverbial straw! Facts will sort themselves out and until then all we can do is speculate.

Got my tickets for Sunday - GAME ON!

You seem to put a lot of trust in the media! Careful where you step, it's pretty slippery out there.

There are some great media people out there (Bob Irving comes to mind), but for the most part I prefer to look at the facts, and form my own opinion. It's not always the right one, but it's mine :smiley:

Who do I sit? I don't care who, any one of the 4. Be a man, and DECIDE something.

Look, for those of you who in that vortex, you have no perspective. In three years, you'll all look back and shake your heads at all of this. I mean, the unintentional comedy of all of this is off the charts. It's like the classic Monty Python Black Knight sketch - each week Kelly does something increasingly stupid and harmful to the team, and his lackeys run around pretend absolutely nothing is wrong. Cut my QB - no problem at all! All-star receiver is cut after week one - we didn't need him anyway. Perrenial all-star MLB decides he wants out - just a flesh wound!

Look at your QB's - Kelly cuts your starter, and the guy he brought in to replace the starter he cut was benched. The #2 guy he chose to keep out of camp was demoted to #3, and the #3 guy he signed as a free agent was cut. Kelly's handpicked QB staff coming out of camp, he concluded, within 4 weeks of the season, was totally incapable of playing at this level. He picked 3 Qb's to dress, and in 4 weeks decided none of them were any good and brought in a journeyman who started the year out of football. Yet none of this was apparent during camp or preseason?

From the outside looking in, at the time Kelly was hired, he had a starting QB one year removed from being an all-star, a 1,000 yard all-star receiver, and a future hall of famer at MLB. By this time next week, he will have none of them. What did he get for these assets? Zip. For the sake of comparison, the Roughriders got more value for trading Yannick Carter than Kelly will receive for Kevin Glenn, Derick Armstrong and Barrin Simpson, COMBINED.

Right. There's no problem here.

And the worst thing for your organization is this ain't the worst of it. You're buffered now, because these players are all under contract, with limited ability to go elsewhere. The real crisis hits next February, when your players in their last year become free agents, and the effort to sign new free agents takes place. Unless the Bombers are offering gobs of up-front, guaranteed money, who in their right mind would choose to sign in Winnipeg right now?

That is hors manure of the worse kind and totally false. Simpson never had his playing time cut by Buono. Simpson had every single team in the CFL after him in 2006 with the exception of Edmonton and he chose to sign with The Bombers, HE CAME TO THE BOMBERS AS A FREE AGENT. I remember Montreal had offered him big bucks... and he still chose to go to Winnipeg for less and took a pay cut to stay this year.

At least don't dirty the guy...

this is getting fricken rediculous

ive defended kelly quite a bit... but he is literally tearing the organization apart...

I honestly never thought Kelly was stupid enough to screw things up with a perenial all star, probably the best MLB in the league, who was willing to take a pay cut to stay with the bombers.

thats it for me, Im on the kelly is a joke band wagon now.

for the record, If Kelly was never stupid enough to sit Armstrong for his boy bowman, and we Didnt release a proven starting QB who took us to the playoffs 3 out of 4 years for a guy who can barely muster a first down in a half... i think we would have a winning record right now.

there, i said it

What I don't get his why mess with the defense. Its been the only positive to the Bombers team and season... There is something behind this... Kelly should be working on his offense instead of messing around with something that obviously wasn't broken.

Here's what should have ALL Bomber fans wetting their pants in fear. Go look at your team roster page, look at Barrin Simpson, and then go down to Fred Reid - go to the far right column. What do you see?

That's right, they both played college ball as Mississippi State. For US players, rthat's a big connection. In fact the reason Reid is in Winnipeg is that Simpson was working out at Miss. State one offseason, and Reid happened to be doing the same thing, at the same time. It turns out Reid was done college and unsigned, and so Simpson phoned Taman from the gym, and said get this guy to Winnipeg. It's a big deal for a guy like Simpson to vouch for Reid, and obviously a player like Reid will feel indebted to Barrin for the help landing a job.

And now Barrin is for all intents and purposes done with the team. And angry. And probably hurt. You think that won't have a ripple effect on a guy like Reid? If not this year....then when his contract is up? How long does he have left on his contract anyway?

That's how organisations end up in big trouble. When all is said and done it will take 3 to 5 years for the Bombers to rebuild. Brown is what ? 37 or so. They have 3 or 4 YOUNG guys that are potential stars the rest journeymen.

Let's see Ordained Minister, FHOF, 4 time all star or Kelly, X time loser... ?

I'd like to see one of the Bomber scribes like Friesen dig in Kelly's College coach carreer.... I bet they would dig up interesting comments...

Like I posted in the CFL board,as great as he's been playing I would have just sat him when everyone came back healthy,Would I have rotated him,NO!I would sit him to get to 100% and be better then he is now.But if he didnt want to accept the rotation,he would never like being sat down as well.So it would be a no win situation.

It's not he same injury as other BB players have had,but why do we want him to play if he's not a 100%,but yet when any Bomber plays with an injury we complain that he (Kelly) should sit them out to get healthy?Or are better players are in the game when its over,we dont want them to get injured cause we need them.If Simpson's injury got worse during a game,we would go nut's as well,again I say,it's a no win situation.

You're effectively arguing that Barrin Simpson ought to sit so that Ike Charlton can play. Really?

I don't think that's what he's saying at all.

Charlton is an OLB, Simpson's a MLB.

Only guy on the team who has the skill set to play either OLB or MLB is Lobendahn, and he sure is better in the middle than he is on the outside.

So run a 30 defence and get your best players all on the field. They had 2 d-linemen playing against SK on Labour Day I'd never heard of - surely one of those is expendable rather than Simpson.

And, they've changed QB's and OC's in the middle of the year already, so I won't buy any "you can't do that now" arguments.

Well you sure won't get such an argument from me, that's for sure.

I recall saying more than once that I thought with the personnel they have at linebacker (Charlton, Shabazz, Simpson, and Lobendahn), the Bombers might do well with a 3/4 alignment on defence.

Not sure why they haven't gone to it (injuries to Shabazz and Lobendahn prevented it earlier in the season for sure), but then again they don't pay me the big bucks to be their defensive coordinator. . .