Barrin Simpson wants out of the Peg

What a joke this team has become. Kelly has them crashing to the earth................. :lol:

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As Wrote back at Start of Season on my Blog t
We'll have playoff spot cause rest of East is Really bad
This just Proves how Bad The Bombers and The Peg are.
They'll be a Cross over and we'll have a Home playoff Game

8) The Circus, under the big top, continues in Winnipeg !!! :roll:
  Things will only get worse there !!

   The Bombers are actually in deeper trouble than the Argos are  !!!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

I think it a Dead Heat

You make it sound as if you believe this team doesn't deserve a playoff spot. According to standings, this team is on par with or better than the other teams except for Montreal. Give them some credit.

I agree with your point. Every year there are some teams that aren't as good as others. To say we're getting in because they are all terrible is short sighted, if we were as bad as we have been we'd be down there with them. We're improved, about 2 years ahead of rebuilding than they are, and it shows in the standings.

Hamilton is 2-2 in their division meaning they are 3-2 against the west. They have played BC twice but BC has beaten Montreal.

Essential what I and it seems other are saying is that regardless of the bottom feeders in the East, Hamilton is not a good team because of the poor play by Toronto and WInnipeg but because they are actually a good team.

A true test in the second half will be when they face Calgary twice.

would we?
SHould we?
Could we?
Who would we trade?
Who would sit for him?
could we afford it?
THESE are the questions that poped in my head!

Our linebackers have been excellent this year. We don't need no addition there.

No I did say I see 10 wins This year but we all know how Weak the East is ..
The Real Dog fight is in the west .
What I am Trying to say is there no Challage from The other East Teams.
Hamilton Could be a Bad Team 4 and 5 and Still Be Playoff Bound.
It Make the Race Disapointing

I think on that note anytime you can pick up a vet like simpson you at least make the attempt !!
Why not ?

8) The ironic part of this whole thing is that Simpson has been given permission, by the Bombers
  to shop himself around the league, to see what CFL teams would be interested in him  !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 As noted in that article, Simpson has undoubtedly played his last game as a Bomber, and if a trade 
 can't be worked out, I could see the Bombers simply just releasing him  !!!

 Sounds all too familiar, doesn't it  ??  (Kevin Glenn)

 Maybe they can trade him to the Argos......for Zeke  !!!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

But Hamilton is playing well.

As someone pointed out above, we are 3-2 vs the West. That's pretty good.

We play 8 games, almost half against the west.

Don't discount the east. Montreal and Hamilton are good. Remember, we have still lost to the Argos.

with giguerre maybe on his way down here we have room to trade a receiver to winnipeg for him and a draft pick! This team then looks even more :wink: good for the future people!

He isnt saying we are bad or only in the playoffs because the east sucks. I think he is stating we would be in the race regardless, but because the east sucks its less interesting and exciting as alot of games become meaningless. It'd be nice for a change to have some parity in the east much like the west where positions are determined over the last 3-4 weeks making it exciting to the end. Pretty much if we beat Toronto tomorrow and pick up even 1 win in the next how many games I think its safe to say they can't catch us and winnipeg isnt much further a head. Kind of makes November and October less interesting and motivating to watch. 6 wins maybe 7 likely gives us 2nd I just wish we had some parity so we could see a dog fight down to the end and meaningful games down to the wire. I am not complaining that we are in 2nd and finally playoff bound however.

8) Why would we trade for him ???
 As I mentioned in an above post, if the Bombers can't work out a trade for him, they will
 probably just release him anyway  !!!

 His days as a Bomber are done !!

 I can't see us being that interested in Simpson at this point anyway.
 We are very solid at the Linebacking positions !!!

 Ironically, we tried, but failed to sign Simpson when he became a free agent in BC.

 He chose Winnipeg, over the Cats back then !!

Winnipeg is a joke and Kellys ego is unreal. I don't see Simpson as the problem he has been never known as a troublemaker and always a good team guy. The only problem in the peg is Kelly what a joke he is I wouldn't even want him to coach my kids peewee team. I am not even sure how he got to the point he is because he can't even run an offense.

Thanks for Getting what I am saying :thup:

No probs and I fully agree that a bad east isn't good from an ownership and fan perspective. An exciting down to the wire playoff drive will generate more interest in fans and get bums in the seats. Don't know too many fans let let a lone fence sitting fans who love to go to a game where everything is decided. They turn into a safe game don't get hurt work on things that need to be and stars are dinged up they sit. Not good from a revenue point for ownership either. Eastern owners should be working together and pushing harder to get more parity much like the west.

IMO the east is much better than the west, remember that 2 of the bombers wins were against west teams and Toronto has been in a lot of close games and can easily have an even or winning record at this point.

The race is tighter no doubt, but when Winnipeg beats their best team there's problems in that division, it's just 4 average teams and maybe even a bad team in BC.