Barrin Simpson to Hamilton????

CKNW announced this morning on their early AM sports show that Barrin Simpson would sign with you guys after Feb 15th Any truth to the rumours from your media???

pft yeah right he will go to hamilton hes going to the peg

I hope all these rumours of Simpson going to Hamilton are true. Hes a great caliber player with a lot to offer a team. Im not gonna get my hopes up until the news is final though. Hamilton is looking to be a good team this year. With all of there off season aquisitions. Including good old Joe from Ottawa and Mass from Edmonton. They are definatly going to be the Ottawa Renegades of last year this year. If u catch my drift anyways.

by that do you mean going nowhere??? i would think you should have higher hopes for your team.

Sorry, guys, he just signed with the Blue Bombers. Would have been nice, though.

yeah thats right ur sorry BB's Grey Cup Champions i can see teh party right now

I guess this is not true since he has sign with the Bombers

TTTTTTTIIIIIIIICCATTTTTTSSSS!!!! are going to be last place again then again then again

HEY BB why are u a BBfan if your not a true BB fan????


doesnt make sence

it makes perfect sense, he's saying bombers rule!

then i take it

Wow. Apparently Barrin Simpson was the one missing piece of the puzzle: the one difference between a 5-13 playoff spectator and the Grey Cup Champions.

If he didn't get a multi-million dollar contract, he should fire his agent!

Thats Okay Big Dave....Let them enjoy Simpson! You guys have made a lot of really good signings. (Hello Wally.....Are you taking note?)

Once your new players get on the same page, I expect the Tigercats to be a force in the East, challenging both Montreal and Toronto, and a really strong playoff performance as well.

now the terrible teams are going down to the cellar like what happend in the nfl no one expected seattle to make teh superbore same story with the steelers

Barrin Simspon will be the CFL's homer simpson...."doh!!...I should have stayed in BC!!" :lol: