Barrin Simpson Shocker

Wants out of the circus life.

Wow. I know he's starting to get old, and close to the end of his career....but I don't think there's a team in this league that wouldn't want him in their linebacking corps!

Is Labinjo still in the dog house in CGY. ? :smiley:

Eh... Edmonton won't make an offer.

With that air tight defence,it would be silly to bring somebody in to stop the run.

Hard to believe that players find it hard to get along with Kelly.
Anybody care to place a bet on how many other players will jump out of that sinking ship?

I'm not sure the title of this thread should be Barrin Simpson Shocker (unless it's ironic). Is anyone really shocked that he wants out of the BB at this point? It'd be shocking if he had positive things to say about Kelly.

Could anyone have imagined that Kelly would be more destructive than Rheinbold !

After this adventure is over Kelly might never work as a HC again.

I was going to post the same thing. Nothin is shocking in Bomber land this year. Well maybe with the exception that some fans still want to believe that Kelly is a good guy...kind of like the five peope who still watched the Xfiles in the last couple seasons...

Thing is Simpson is going to have a hard time finding a job at this time of year unless he's willing to take a big pay cut. He might end up on the injured list for the last 9 games if a trade can't be arranged. He must have been really pissed off. Barrin had his choice of 8 teams when he became a FA and picked Winnipeg and even recently was looking forward to playing in Winnipeg.

I remember him!!! Damn that was a horrible experiment. The Bombers turned into a really, really dirty team under his watch. I didn't shed any tears when he got punted.

...if by 'dog house' you mean 'injured' then yes he is still injured....

Huff wasn't happy with Labinjo's conditioning or play at the start of the year.

Once again only half the story has been told. According to Bob Irving of CJOB, who is THE authority on the Bombers, Barrin Simpson was told he and Joe Lobendahn would be rotated at middle linebacker during games. Simpson didn’t like it and asked to be traded.

Ian Logan should be back at safety this weekend which means that Siddeeq Shabazz will be back at linebacker. With Simpson suffering from turf toe for most of the season and the Bombers having good depth at LB, it makes sense to use a rotation.

...Huf wasn't happy with a lot of things....but please, let's not allow this post to stray away from yet again another Bomber story of ultimate weirdness....

"Dear Barrin:

Thanks for playing and practicing every day, despite your obvious pain. I know your injury is agonizing to walk on, let alone play football, and it has been motivating the men to see you out working everyday as you have, and playing at the level you have despite being far from 100%. Your loyalty to this organization and this game is beyond question.

Oh, you're benched next week; Joe will start in your place. But we'll try and slide you in for a few plays somewhere.

Keep up the good work,

Coach Kelly"

Gee, I wonder what could have gone wrong?

It is the same reason Simpson left the Lions, he wanted to be an every down player, and Buono wanted a rotation. It's Simpson's ego that is getting in the way here, though granted, Kelly is an idiot as well.

I'm sorry, but how can you even think about taking the leagues second most tackler and team veteran off the field at all? It makes no sense! This turf toe thing has supposedly been bothering simpsons ALL YEAR, and if he was healthy enough to play the amount he has while recording the second most tackles in the league, why mess with a good thing? It just seems like there's more to this. The whole thing with BC was that Wally thought Barrin lost a step and Barrin knew different. IMO simpsons play the last couple years has proven Wally wrong.

Why change? Because Simpson is still suffering from turf toe and the Bombers other starting linebackers are all healthy. When the season started, Joe Lobendahn was out with a shoulder injury. He returned to the line-up when Siddeeq Shabazz was injured. Siddeeq Shabazz returned to the line-up at the same time that Ian Logan was hurt so Shabazz was switched to safety. Now Logan is good to go on Sunday so Shabazz will be back at linebacker which leaves the Bombers with 4 linebackers who have started for the club but they employ mostly a 4-3 defense. The coaches don't want to sit one of Charlton, Shabazz, Lobendahn or Simpson so they decided to use a rotation. Simpson has turf toe and Lobendahn is better in the middle than outside so they are the obvious two to rotate.

You make it sound like Simpson has a torn acl or something. Isn’t turf toe one of the more lower scale injuries? I’m just saying that a turf toed Barrin Simpson has played at the top of the league at MLB all year. I know what your saying about having healthy guys out there, but I think a 35 year old turf toed Simpson has proven to be equal or greater than his counterparts all year. I guess being deep in LBs puts you in a position to ignore all that.

Turf toe is a very painful injury.

From an article at written by a board certified orthopedic surgeon in Massachusetts whose subspecialty interests are in the areas of sports medicine and arthroscopy:

Turf toe is a condition of pain at the base of the big toe, located at the ball of the foot. The condition is usually caused from either jamming the toe, or pushing off repeatedly when running or jumping. The most common complaint is pain at the base of the toe, but you may also have symptoms of stiffness and swelling. ... What happens to the toe in turf toe? When a player sustains a turf toe injury they are actually tearing the capsule that surrounds the joint at the base of the toe. [b]Tearing this joint capsule can be extremely painful.[/b] Furthermore, tear of the joint capsule can lead to instability and even dislocation of the joint at the base of the toe. This may lead to accelerated cartilage wear and arthritis of the big toe (hallux rigidus).

One of the reasons that Simpson has played so much with turf toe is because of the injuries to Lobendahn and Shabazz. If Lobendahn had been available earlier and Shabazz had not been hurt, Simpson probably would have sat out for a few weeks.