Barrin Simpson released
Barrin Simpson's career with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers might be over for good this time.

The club announced on Tuesday that they released the import linebacker, who they feuded with during the regular season. "Barrin has always been a solid player in this league and we thank him for his hard work and dedicated commitment to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers," Interim Vice-President of Football Operations Ross Hodgkinson said in a statement. "We certainly would consider the possibility of Barrin returning with the understanding of it being a fit for both parties."

Simpson's dispute with Bombers started in the summer when he asked for a trade after being asked by the club to take a back-up role.

The Blue Bombers attempted to put Simpson on the nine-game injured list, but he would not sign the paper work. The Canadian Football League later removed Simpson from the list.

Simpson was then sent home by the team for approximately two weeks, before returning the club in early October to finish out the year. He has spent the past four seasons with the Blue Bombers, playing in 52 regular season games, three playoff games and one Grey Cup during that time

Could be perfect if MK goes to the NFL.

Jammall Johnson OLB
Otis Floyd MLB
Barrin Simpson OLB


doesn't Simpson play MLB, not OLB?

Didn't Otis Floyd play OLB before coming to Hamilton?

The position Markeith Knowlton plays requires a very specific skill set. The SAM linebacker position, the one he plays is meant for a highly athletic player who tackles well, but can also cover a number one receiver. Barrin Simpson can do the former, but not the latter, the best replacement for Markeith Knowlton, if he does in fact leave is probably already on the team.

They Could Play Barker there and put sandy back at Safety

Compromises the safety position too much. Leave Barker at his natural position where he has shown he has the best opportunity to excel.

I don't see anybody on our current roster capable of replacing Knowlton.Mariuz?Keep dreaming.Carter?Never started a regular season game.Brown?Also never started a regular season game.Haley?Only played a couple games at MLB while Otis was out.Matechuk?Decent LS and ST but that's pretty much it.

Think of this.

Jamall Johnson OLB
Barrin Simpson MLB
Otis Floyd OLB (the position he played in Calgary and BC before coming to Hamilton)

Mind you that's only IF MK sign's down south.Simpson's a proven all-star and like Glenn last year, needs a fresh start.

Otis is not fast Enought to cover WR or HB's

What you can do is change your defense to a 3-4 and use Floyd and Simpson in the middle and find another speedy SAM LB.

I think if you use Floyd and Simpson in the middle, you have 2 solid back ups in Mariuz and Auggie. These 4 guys are the quickest on the team but if you can use them in this way, you can have them making more tackles in the gaps.

Beveridge isn't quick enough as a safety. Just look at how many more frames Barker was in than Beveridge was.

I still think that you need to get a quick guy to replace MK unless you go with a 3-4 zone as your standard coverage.

Zone Defence in the CFL works but as your main package you'd get picked a Part.
Every vet QB worth anything will pick it a part if used too much

Simpson could return to the Peg if Greg Marshall replaces the deposed Mike Kelly as HC.

There's still the possibility of Knowlton coming back next season anyways.

Simpson has issues with the Bomber DC Nelson.

Nelson likes to flip flop between the 4 - 3 and 3 - 4 and rotate his LBer's and DL men.

Simpson wants no part of a rotation, so unless the Bombers can Nelson, Simpson won't be back, he also won't play anywhere else where he isn't on full time (cuts into his bonus money).

Keep things how they are, and if Knowlton parts ways next season, the Cats should snap Simpson up.

Unfortunately, if Knowlton leaves, it'll be in this off-season and also Barrin Simpson is a pretty hot commodity.He won't just be sitting in his apartment praying for the Ticats to call him.I say we sign him even if Knowlton stays and then we can get a rotation going with Floyd and Simpson or if MK does leave, then Simpson can take over for Floyd at MLB and Floyd can slide to Knowlton's spot.

I agree with your first few points, but Floyd ain't fast enough to cover slotbacks. MK was a beast in coverage, and I think Floyd has lost a step (or two), therefore MLB is his best position. Now - if we can get a stud nose tackle (someone better than Adams, as good as he is) then we could possibly go to a 3-4 defence. Simpson AND Floyd as "interior" linebackers with Knowlton and Johnson on the outside? Ouch!

That would be serious devastation :cowboy:

It's much easier to go from the OLB to the MLB. Moving from the middle to the outside though is a much harder transition. Simpson is too big and slow to play outside. Floyd was moved inside because his speed had declined a little over the years.

Barrin Simpson is a heck of a player, but I don't see us signing him, particularly with Floyd signing a contract extension. Simpson is a MLB, and we have both Floyd and Haley who did a great job when Floyd was hurt.

As far as replacing Knowlton goes (if required), signing Simpson is not the answer. We would either need to bring someone into camp for this role, try to get one of our backups to fill in, like Carter or Beswick, or move one of our bigger DBs into this spot. The SAM linebacker is usually someone with the speed of DB, and size of an LB. We could move Thompson into this role, but he's doing so well at the halfback position, I don't think I'd want him to change. I would not hesitate to say that we don't have an immediate replacement for him on our roster.

If Knowlton does not return, I don't think it will be too difficult to find someone who can fill in (there are plenty of players out there who are 6.00, 205lb with decent speed). Markeith has played well, but I don't think it will be too hard to find a suitable replacement who is not a significant drop off in skill. I also think he will have a hard time making the grade in the bigger, faster, NFL.


Just something to consider, if Simpson did all that with Winnipeg, what's stopping him from doing it here?