Barrin Simpson released

.....Odd timing???????or was he do a bonus....I can't see this roster move as anything but a money concern.....It sounds like the Bomber brass, in charge at the moment, want him to come back next year for less.....hmmmmmmm IF someone else offers him 'more' we may have seen the last of Simpson in BluenGold....Big Joe Lobendahn better stay healthy in 2010 if Barrin doesn't return ....We should have a suitable back-up and alternative in place....Important decisions being made already :roll: ......... :roll:

Wow the timing sure is a surprise.

I like Lobendahn, am quite impressed with the guy. . . and there's no doubt in my mind that he's far better at MLB than either outside position.

That said, he sure has had injury problems, you're right on that count papa.

I'm all for guys being told as early as possible if they do not figure in a team's plans.

Too old and too expensive, time to fill the position with some young blood, MLB are a dime a dozen.

Simpson is twice the payer Lohbedahn is, and he is hurt a lot less too.

This is the first move of probably many more to come that the Bombers will have to make, knowing that they will have to pay Kelly off. It’s all about money now for this team run by incompenent sad sacks.

Other upcoming moves in that regard: losing Jovon Johnson to free agency, and not being at all active on the free agent market.

Pretty harsh words there ontwo, I guess we'll see.

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According to Naylor's latest blog entry, Simpson was due a bonus in January. That fact backs up my argument. Prepare to be nickeled and dimed in 2010, Bomber fans.

That's not the only explanation out there,

Simpson wanted out last year, why should that have changed ?

Why pay his bonus if he isn't going to show up at TC ?

Frees up cap space, how about for a QB ?

Plus a few more I'm sure.

If he wasn't in the plans for the Bomber's in 2010 or like Papa said if he didn't wanna be in Winnipeg any longer, then why would they keep him around long enough to pay his bonus?His contract was likely fairly big so that should free up a nice chunk of cap space for the Bomber's and hopefully if Markeith Knowlton signs with an NFL team, we'll give simpson a look.We don't have ANYBODY close to the level of Knowlton on our roster that's currently a backup.Ray Mariuz is decent at best,Yannick Carter for all I know has never started in a CFL game,Ike Brown has never played a regular season game, Jordan Matechuk is a good ST at best, etc.Just think of the punching power of:

Jamall Johnson OLB
Barrin Simpson MLB
Otis Floyd OLB

Another stupid Management move by the Bombers. The knife has not cut deep enough. What is needed is the complete replacement of all Management in the Bombers. In other words a complete house cleaning. :cowboy:

Good grief man, who's left ?

The one's making dumb decisions just as we speak.

Fair enough, now fill us in on why this is such a dumb move please.

In the future, I will expect everyone to be able to back up comments like 'this is dumb' with a reasonable explanation or two.

It's very simple. Barrin is one of our best players. ( A DUMB MOVE )

It looks like nothing has changed. The same old nonsence. The team is going down the same road as last year. Anyone who makes money or entitled to a bonus, let's get rid of them. It seems that Kevin Glenn was entitled to a bonus last year. They got rid of him soon enough.

I don't think it's a cap issue. The timing was likely due to the bonus but I think he would have been released whether he was due a bonus or not. Simpson doesn't make as much as people seem to think. Remember he took a pay cut when he signed his last contract and I believe it was reported he was being paid about $90,000. I think this is just the end of the saga that began when he refused to play. I seem to recall many people thought he would be released at the end of the season while that was going on. His position on platooning probably hasn't changed and now he'll have his opportunity to see if there are any teams out there who want an aging veteran who refuses to platoon.

Nobody in the league can afford to carry two starting MLB's.

Do you keep the old guy or the young guy ?

In interviews that he's done, Simpson has said that he asked for his release.

Then blame Mark Nelson, because it was his decision to sit/rotate Simpson in the first place. He's still the DC and calls the shots and I want him to stick around because he showed last year he can run a good defence.

A player asks for his release. Do you:
a) grant his request; or
b) refuse his request and have a disgruntled player on the roster with a history of quitting on his team when he doesn't like the decisions of the coaches.

I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to trade him and there were no takers. Are there that many teams who need a MLB right now? Are there many who want a 32 year old MLB who won't platoon?

I hope Mark Nelson is kept too. I like the defense we have. I'm looking forward to seeing what Derrick Doggett can do and whether he can step up to challenge for a starting position at linebacker.