Barrin Simpson Now a Rider

Per the Riders website....Barrin Simpson is now part of the Green and White.

Not a fan of Taman in the head office, but man, this is good news for a defense thats been gutted by retirements and NFL signings.

good to hear the Minister of Defence will be playing this season.
love watching him play.

How are Riders affording all this ????

They don't have to pay John Chick, Stevie Baggs, Eddie Davis, Rey Williams

Or Stephen Jyles. Probably more than $600,000 gets shaken free from those 5 players.

Thats a good question,but not surprising the Riders are desperate to make it back to the G.C. --its all futile though because the Tiger Cats are going to beat them soundly for the Title :rockin:

Ticats are a serious threat to win it all this year, no doubt.I'd rank the top teams at this point in time as:
5.Saskatchewan (wanted to give them 4th but Chick and Baggs are huge losses on the D and it may cost em)
6.BC (with a better OL, a replacement for Smart, Lumbala and Foley they would rank higher)
7.Winnipeg (many a huge loss and not too much done about it, same as last year)
8.Toronto (Filling the team with almost all untested players.That can only mean LOTS of early struggle, and if it continues for too long, they will give up hope and lose the rest of the way.Reversing the losing mentality is no small task, doing it with players who havent played a single down in the CFL is next to impossible.For '10 anyways.)

Incidentally, Simpson signs with the Bombers' biggest rival. He will have some fun on Labour Day! :cowboy:

Labour Day will just be another Sunday for him, it will be Banjo Bowl that will be the Fun-day!

I don't know what, if any special atmosphere exists for the Banjo Bowl, but other than a playoff game, the LDC in Regina is pretty amped up. The first time you are on the home side of that crowd will be a memorable one.

Are you seriously ranking Edmonton 2nd? :lol:

they’re far far from being 2nd in the league my friend.

they are going out and signing aging people being cut by another team! (the guy from B.C.) and they trade their top receiver for a DB!

I’m seriously doubting your intelligence when it comes to Football!

Funny, I was thinking the same thing about you. BTW, Mann wasn't one of our top receivers. Our top receivers are Stamps and Peterson. The Eskimos, if you'd paid any attention to the off-season transactions, are actually looking pretty good... unlike the Riders who've lost countless players and coaches. Good luck.

Yeah, it must be nice to not have anyone on your roster good enough for the NFL, eh Chief????

Riders are still a pretty good team.. even if, according to you, they are weaker on D than last year, they are still better than the Eskimos are right now..

We'll find out soon enough, Sambo. :smiley:

Smartass. :lol:

Thanks. And if you don't quit picking on cflisthebest, he'll never convert to an Eskimo fan.

Ah the trash talking has started early I see :stuck_out_tongue: and Artie our CanAm border CFL TV subscription go-to-go behind it so all's good :stuck_out_tongue:

Ray is still NFL material btw, but he's been better off in the CFL for some time. :thup:

And so is Arkee Whitlock for that matter without question in my mind after seeing him play last season.

I will enjoy watching both players and both leagues this year with more CFL than ever and more CFL than also NCAA, and about 6-7 games into the NFL season it'll be clear again which NFL QB's stink as starters and which RB's are lagging by not getting at least 4 yards per carry with at least 15 attempts per game in the NFL. Also I like in the CFL that they cite fumbles a lot more readily than on the NFL site.

Until July all that is tiding me over is the NFL draft in three weeks and the World Cup starting in June. Plus I'll be moving to Florida at last. :thup:

Ray's arm strength isn't there anymore. Probably was his biggest problem during his stint with the Jets.

As for Whitlock - he probably could play. He would have to quit dancing in the hole, as that time and space would not be there in The Show, but when you strip that away he's a pure one-cut back, and in the right offence (a Mike Shanahan zone blocking scheme) he would be fine.

Ray looked like he was beginning to look old last season. He had issues and did not look at all like his self of the past.

He will seriously need a big season in 2010 or else people here will start feeding him to the wolves!

The Esks do have a decent team but they're far from Grey Cup Contenders at this point.

I said it before, Ray needs to hit the gym.