Barrin Simpson is the BEST player in the CFL!!!

Hey, everyone knows the best athletes are on defense, I mean who can name a 4.6 offensive lineman? Noone plays the run like this guy and he has stopped more 2nd and 3rd and short plays than anyone since Kepley.

Give me Javy Glatt anyday. Cheaper, and a better attitude.

When fans talk about football athletes on offence they usually don't talk about offensive lineman (so your comparison to offence lineman means nothing), they usually talk about running backs, receivers, and quarterbacks.

Currently, imo, the best player in the CFL is Geroy Simon.

simpson should be defensive player of the year hands down.

Brent Johnson or Fred Perry are better. Heck, I’d rather have Tyrone Williams then Simpson.

Ridiculous. I'll take back-up Jamall Johnson any day over Barrin.

bitter cuz he dumpped your team?....

the guy leads the league in tackles, and captained the worst defence to the 2nd best in only one turn, played a large part in getting the bombers back to the playoffs.

brent johnson is on a team that was only 1 win better than last year, and perry is on a team that has the same record as last u tell me, who had the biggest impact on thier team?

...good point dg, Simpson certainly could be the MOP for the Bombers based solely on his locker room presence...he definately re-ignited a lakadazical (sp?) '05 BB defense....

....not the best player in the league, but an asset to the BBs without a doubt...

Are we talking about Defensive Player of the Year, or most improved defense?


simpson - 110

next closest - 83

simpson IS the run away defensive player of the year.

I think Simpson could very well be the defensive player of the year, but I wouldn't say he is running away with it.

Fred Perry is:
second in the league in sacks with 14
first in pass knockdowns with 9
first in tackles for losses with 8
and as far as I can tell second in defensive lineman tackles with 46.

He has also forced 3 fumbles and recovered two, one for a td. I think he's having an alright year too.

I have never been a Barrin Simpson fan until i saw his play this year. He definately does take that defence to the next level.

The thing is, the Lions losing Simpson has actually made our defence better. He was a selfish player on BC. Yes, he has the tackles, but if you judge a defensive player on tackles alone than you are doing others a huge injustice.

I would sooner vote Byron Parker defensive player of the year than Barrin Simpson. Byron has my vote, with Miles a close second.

how can ‘player of the YEAR’ be a guy who only played half a year?..and isnt running away with the INT catagory like simpson is with tackles.

altho i definitely think byron is capable of winning the award next season after playing 17-18 games.

You have to look at more than just tackles ya know!
Knock downs, picks etc. Each one is 1 less tackle that has to be made

is there any one player dominating a defensive catagory like simpson is with the tackles catagory?


I know what you are getting at but I would rather have the ball knocked down or intercepted than have it caught and tackled

Byron Parker has my vote. What an impact this guy has had in only half the season. Unreal. Great pick-up by the Argos.

Don't forget about Barron Miles either. He's had a bunch of interceptions and punt blocks this season.

Again take a look at my post about Fred Perry who is leading or second in a few defensive categories. He has been all over the field this year and constantly made play after play.

One other thing, yes, Simpson had 110 tackles, but he also played every down (something Ritchie didn't let im do last year, which is why he wanted out). Glatt is 3rd with 82 tackles (right behind Hunt), but guess what? Javy wasn't an every down player. 1/3 of the time, he was on the sidelines. Taking that into account, Glatt could have had over 120 tackles.