Barrin Simpson glad he didn't sign here

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Apparently Winnipeg made the better sales pitch when Simpson became a free agent. They must have done an excellent job, because didn't he sign at, like, 5 minutes after midnight on the first day of eligibility? Maybe Barrin is just a real quick decision-maker - heck, maybe that's why he's such a good player.

Later in the article, you can just feel Brazzell biting his tongue.

Let's kick their butts!

Chris Brazzel is a good reciever there is no doubt about that but hes no better than what we have here . Hes also a cancer as soon as things arent going his way , things are going pretty well so far but we`ll see come Friday night what happens .

This is a challenge to our DBS , its up to them to get some real good shots in on this loud mouth . Hell catch the ball but it`s our chance to lay a good lick o him and welcome him back to Hamilton .

My best memory of him here in Hamilton is a game against BC . It was late in the game and we needed a TD . The ball was thrown all the way across the field to a wide open Brazzell all he had to do was catch the ball and run down the sidelines for a TD . But of course he dropped it and we went on to lose .

He talks about not being surprised that Marshall was fired , well plays like that was typical of the support that Greg got from players who should no better . Thats the kind of player he is SELFISH !!!!

the peg should enjoy their little run as much as they can now,because i'm not convinced they are a real 4-2 team and we are a 1-5 team. these next 2 games are huge and we'll see after the back to back who is the better team

Brazzell was the biggest bum in Black & Gold in recent memory. Talent - effort = 0 Knock the "Wind" out of him boys!

wrong no he wasnt, he could have bin a ticat great,m we utilized him wrong by trying to press him into a Slotback position, hes a wideout! hes got the size need when running down the sidelines.. and tall good hand,, hes not ment for going up the middle, last year he should have bin playing the wideout spot where Gilliam was. nough said,

Brazzel is a wr, not a slot. shouldnt have expected him to make catches over middle while get nailed by lbs.

What kind of reciever is afraid to go across the middle ? I mean Terry Vaughn and Darren Flutie along with Ben Cahoon are no where as big as Brazzel and they do it . Him not wanting to play slot was a cop out . Hes a ME ME type of player and im glad hes gone . Earl Winfield would play slot and wideout and he was great much better than Brazzel will ever be .

Where is the "WHAT HE SAID" emoticon??? :wink:

Last time I saw Earl...he still looked liked he could play! :thup:

its still a bad idea to not use a player where he can excell.

BC 904 yards WR
Ticats: ...huh? SB
Wpg: great start WR
(15 rec, 331 yards, 3TDs, 22.1 avg)
anyone else see the connection.

yes he was a crappy slotback that didn't have the guts per se to go over the middle.

SO DONT PUT HIM THERE!!! we started him over morreale, and we started Dondre Gilliam at WR. WHY???

i ask the same question about Hudson starting at Guard instead of at Center...

but then again i ain't gettin paid the big bucks like coach marshall... i mean whoops....

Where does Simpson say he's glad he didn't sign here? He's happy he signed with Winnipeg, but doesn't say one bad thing about Hamilton. He's actually respectful of the team (along with Samuels).

If only Brazzell's feet and hands worked as well as his mouth does. Perhaps Mr. Cody will get back to making some of those big hits he was dishing out earlier in the season, and make Brazz wish he'd stayed. :smiley:

Simpson eh?.... I'll remember that name....

I suppose I was reading between the lines, and it was not especially difficult. He had two teams to choose from, chose Winnipeg, and is "thrilled with the decision". Decision being, not to sign with us.

He's too smart to say anything bad about us.

Simpson now plays with the Bombers and is interviewed by a Winnipeg reporter what is he supposed to say he would rather be playing in Hamilton? The win/loss records so far make the Bombers an easy choice in hindsight no?

Brazzell is having a better season than everybodys favorite DJ :smiley: . Tehehe Kamau Peterson.

Decision being, not to sign with us.
Holy inferiority complex batman!

Maybe the decision was to sign with them.

Pokeys, do ya think that's because Brazzell is actually having passes thrown to him? DJ sure isn't...

Well DJ has more catches than Chris Brazzell.

Mostly for about 7 yards - into coverage. Brazzell at least has passes thrown to him deep.

Brazzell has had a few that were thrown for about 7 yards that he has tooken to the house.

Wait 'til the bottle is empty. Then you'll see baby cry. :wink: