Barrin Simpson Cut by Bombers - Who Takes Him?

Barrin Simpson's career with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers might be over for good this time.

The club announced on Tuesday that they released the import linebacker, who they feuded with during the regular season. "Barrin has always been a solid player in this league and we thank him for his hard work and dedicated commitment to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers," Interim Vice-President of Football Operations Ross Hodgkinson said in a statement. "We certainly would consider the possibility of Barrin returning with the understanding of it being a fit for both parties."

Simpson's dispute with Bombers started in the summer when he asked for a trade after being asked by the club to take a back-up role.

The Blue Bombers attempted to put Simpson on the nine-game injured list, but he would not sign the paper work. The Canadian Football League later removed Simpson from the list.

Simpson was then sent home by the team for approximately two weeks, before returning the club in early October to finish out the year. He has spent the past four seasons with the Blue Bombers, playing in 52 regular season games, three playoff games and one Grey Cup during that time.

where do you people think he will be playing in 2010, if at all?

i'd like to see him back in an orange uniform!

Considering Simpson's history with Wally, I doubt he'll be back in BC.

Are there any teams who are looking for a MLB? Most teams seem set at that position. Simpson would want to be a starter so I don't think he would sign with any team that wanted him as a back-up only.

how many people said the same thing about Casey Printers, tho?

Situations are different. Wally was desparate for a QB but he's got the entire off-season to look for some young talent if he wants to get rid of or have someone challenge Armour. I doubt Wally will be saying any prayers asking for guidance regarding Simpson.


In my opinion there are 2 teams that could really use his services. Both Saskatchewan and Calgary had decent Middle Linebackers but Simpson is the Minister of Defense and an all star one. If he heads to either team he will make their defenses that much better.

I thought the Riders were really happy with Rey Williams and when he was injured they were sure singing the praises of NI LB Mike McCullough.

Are the Stamps unhappy with Tim Johnson at MLB?

Whatever...he might still be better then 80% of the players in his same position...but he is toast.
He will never play another down in the CFL...
This is because the SMS is destroying our game.
Next year they will have some rookie who makes 45K who takes all kinds of stupid penalties and who sucks but because he plays for 45K...he will have a job...
Bye bye Barron... have a good life.
The SMS is destroying the cfl
His replacement will probably be the next Arkie Whitlock or Sean Lucas.

One thing is for sure Barrin will not see the kind of money he was making with the Bombers again. Calgary might be a fit. Popp tried to sign Barrin back when Chris Jones was Defensive Coordinator. He didn't want to come East.

Simpson took a massive pay cut before the 2009 season so his salary wouldn't be that much of an issue if he is willing to sign for that kind of money again (somewhere between $95,000 - $115,000) which he probably would under the right circumstances. The question will be whether he will find a team that will agree to his terms or whether he is willing to change his terms and agree to platoon or be a back-up.

There is no loyalty under the SMS... 4 years ago someone would of paid him 120K/per season.
Because of the SMS he will have to retire because unless he is willing to lower himself to 60K/per season... then he is done...
The CFL champios of 2009 would get their butts kicked from any champ from 2006...all the wy back to the late 1980s...because of the SMS...
Most import players who should be plying in the CFL are not because they do not fit into the SMS...

You think the 2000 BC Lions or the 2004 Toronto Argonauts would beat the 2009 Montreal Alouettes or even the 2008 Calgary Stampeders? I don't think so, the last two great cup champions I would rank up with the best teams in league history. Why won't Barrin Simpson be in the CFL next year? Because every team is set at middle linebacker, he might see duty due to injury, but he has come out and stated he does not want to platoon. What's the point of having two starting middle linebackers any way if one's always going to be on the sideline?

Once you lose even a step or two and you're making big money and aren't the consumate team player, you're finished.

.......i think you're on to something there Earl.....Simpson might have a few good games left in him...but is that enough with the attitude he carries (see leos and bombers) to warrant a full-time mlb spot...and the kind of money he would want....jurys out??????? :roll: :roll:

Barrin Simpson has been the premier MLB in the CFL for several years IMO. I say has been because he will be 33 next October. Wally supposedly let him go because he couldn't cover the drop back pass coverage good enough. But all I know is that the BC defense looked like a seave against the run sometimes this past year.
Any team that wants to stop the opposing team's running against them should sign him, but they may have to help out on his pass coverage.

If Markeith Knowlton sign's in the south, then the Ticat's are going to need a new LB.If we did sign Simpson, it'd probably look a lil somethin' like this.

Jamall Johnson OLB
Barrin Simpson MLB
Otis Floyd OLB (back to the natural position he played in Calgary and BC,also just got re-signed today and got a raise)

What? And he's like 36. I thought the SMS was killing the CFL.....

The SMS isn't the problem, it's the lack of ways to accommodate older marquee players under the cap. The league should give teams cap relief for players over a certain age making a certain dollar amount. It gives veterans a legit chance to keep playing and it helps the league market players in the long term instead of having massive turnover every year, which doesn't exactly help move merch.

Certainly a great idea. I don't think the SMS is hurting the talent in the league, I mean most of the top leagues in the world have some sort of salary cap or management system. Teams are always going to be looking for younger, better players and I don't think that's a phenominon that just came into play a few seasons ago.

I really like your idea though.