Barrin back in Good Grace?

...him and Kelly patch things up?....BS swallows his prides and eats humble pie?....Kelly realizes his LB corp is hurting and stows his ego? decide on the next edition of The Days of Our Bombers....

Practicing with the first team defense today, sounds like Lobendahn is hurting.

....AND he looks ready to go in the hammer.......i guess if Wally can take back Printers after telling him to stay away from B.C. Place...we can bury the hatchet with the minister of defence....As the Bombers turn ....that's for sure.. :roll: :roll:

All you guys need is A Guiding Light and you'll enter Another World

....clever..... :lol:

It's a win win for both Baron and Kelly. Like arguing spouses, it just took a little time to bury the hatchet.