barrin and armstrong to the lions?

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looks like it.

any thoughts?

.....two quitters......t/c. fodder.......IF TRUE....I think Wally is slippin..... :roll: :roll:

Hope you shore up your own MLB and Receiver positions before BC visits Winnipeg, or Barrin and Derrick might have you eating crow.

meh...two of the easiest positions to fill...

Half of it's true. Armstrong has been signed by the Lions.

I think Wally must be getting into desperation territory to sign Armstrong.

....let's see.....he wasn't good enough for the argos last year....bum leg.....I'd stick with Bowman anytime over Derick the quitter.. Kerry Watkins is still available ......Hello much drag have you got with regard to bringing in Andy Fantuz...maybe we'll give him a shot... :wink: :thup:

If the ticats do land Kerry Watkins like hfxtc claims, i wonder if they would entertain the thought of Reid for Bruce

absolutely not would be the answer, they already have a good RB in Cobb and probably would give up an elite reciever for a RB anywase

We really need to land Watkins for a number of reasons