Barrin a rider...

.....Barrin Simpson has been officially signed by the green guys today..... Is it my imagination or are the riders getting older?????Taman is sure inking a lot of our ex-players....trying to get even with us for hiring two thirds of their coaching staff i guess.... :lol: :lol: ...Good luck to the minister of defence....and i hope he got the big coin he was seeking from the roughies... :thup: :lol:

The Riders signed two older players, Goodspeed and Simpson. But both can still play.

And Taman also aquired Prechae Rodriguez and Dominique Dorsey, younger impact players.

Taman has picked up where carrot top left off. The Riders look talented.

But can he adequately replace Chick and Baggs? That will define Saskatchewan's season.

ya, thats definately our loss.... if only LOBO could stay healthy, i would just shrug this off then....

MLB is an easier spot to fill though... im sure mack and co. wont have a problem there

oh well.. honestly i was a fan of barrin but last year really soured me on him. i always figured the guy was a locker ream leader and a team player but im not so sure that is true and no im not just saying this because he is not a bomber anymore. didnt like what he did last year when he refused to go on the ir. Its one thing to not like the coach, sounds like quite a few players didnt really like the coach but to like hinder the team because u are hurt and not go on the ir was just a really really i dunno.. didnt like it. lets see i guess what happens if he gets hurt and the riders wanna put em on ir but he doesnt think he's hurt as bad.

with that being said tho, good luck to barrin simpson.

riders have signed quite a few players.. u gotta think they are gonna be cutting some guys in camp who may be younger with more upside than guys like goodspeed and simpson. i dunno about dorsey either, i thought armstead was doing a great job as the return man last season and actually every year he has been in the league has had some great returns. can the riders afford to keep both dorsey and armstead? i dunno.

rodriguez i think may be a 1 year wonder as he really didnt do much last year. the same can almost be said for dorsey as he hasnt really done much since 2008 aswell.

i guess what i can say for sure is... taman really must like the older guys.. bates,goodspeed,simpson... these guys arent spring chickens anymore and really, i have a feeling there best days are behind them. i just hope for the riders sake that these guys arent being signed to contracts that pay out fat bonus's b4 the season even begins but i get this feeling that they do and that is not good at all. Might not notice the taman affect this year but guaranteed in 2011 or 2012, you guys are gonna be cutting players because of these moves made this off season. would sure suck to lose someone like dressler or bagg or getlaf cuz u had to buy a guy like goodspeed or bates or simpson a 50,000 dollar bonus in march.

just saying.

It would have been one thing if he was really hurt. He wasn't. Not long after he refused to go on the IR, he magically healed and was back in the lineup. Kelly was trying to find a way to (a) prevent him from playing (b) without releasing him and (c) keepp his salary off the SMS totals. It was a bit of a slimy move by Kelly (who had already done the same thing with Bates) and Simpson didn't buy into it.

umm our team doctors said he was so i think ill take the doctors opinion of a players opinion anyday of the week.
Bates? are u kidding me? the guy sucked when he played here last season. to put everything that went wrong last year on kelly is pushing it i think.

Considering he was receiving treatment for his turf toe for the entire time he didn't play plus after he was brought back into the line-up, sounds like he was injuried to me.

Has it come to this? You're defending Kelly. The man who was so bad the Bombers would rather pay 3 head coaches instead of bringing him back! That in itself should tell you something's wrong with your position.

And it's not a question of whether or not a player is hurt. Under the rules, a player cannot be put on the 9 game without his consent. Simpson didn't give it (because to do so would have ended his season and in his mind he was fully capable of playing - which it turns out was in fact correct), and Kelly put him on there anyway.

.....Barrins screwed himself over....I don't care if the coach is godzilla....if he asks you to sit bloody well sit...You can't have players running the show....(even though they might have done a better job than the professor)...Armstrong pulled the same crap....he got turfed....Barrin tried the same thing and apparently got turf -toe and turfed.....This me 'stuff'...before the team is bullcrap....It looks selfish and the other players will call you on it....And that's exactly what happened....I don't see Simpson trying any funny moves in riderville....because the writing is already on the wall as far as his career is concerned... :wink:

yup. barrin screwed barrin for sure. dont care what any rider fan or whatever fan thinks, the guy is just a me first and the gimme gimme players and quite frankly it sounds like this "me me me" attitude has been ruining this team for the last few years. imo, guys who are all about themselves (simpson, armstrong to name a couple) are the reasons why this team hasnt really done much in a couple years. its not about barrin simpson or derrick armstrong or kevin glenn or whoever else, its about the winnipeg blue bombers. these guys get paid darn good money (more than most of us make working a full year) to play a game that we had to pay to play when we were younger. And just for the record there artie, i suggest you do some research and look up maybe its in the archives on cjob but barrin was on quite a while back (after the season ended and kelly was fired even) and said he never had any issues with mike kelly, it wasnt mike kelly who wanted to sit him, it was mark nelson. seriously dude, go to if u can find the link to hustler and lawless back in i dunno, i beleive it was sometime in january he says that basically word for word.

Not everything that went "wrong" last year was mike kellys fault. mike kelly did some good things for this football team.. bernard,d smith,hunt,willis,ryan,hefney,lwalls,doggett,santos,dimichele... yeah yeah i know it was john murphy who made the trades right? well no it wasnt, it was mike kelly who brought most these players in.

gotta wonder maybe if fans of other teams are getting a lil worried, i mean.. for all the bs that went on last year, spygate, for how bad we apparently sucked... 1 win against hamilton in the last game of the season and we were in the playoffs.

bombers lost a few games last year by basically an interception return for a td. i beleive 2 games i went to they lost almost directly because bishop threw an int that lead to a td. (if not on that play, a couple plays later).

this team isnt as bad as some would like to beleive, they are a qb who doesnt make the bad throw at the worst possible time away from being a contender. do we have some issues? sure we do but every team outside of montreal does and to think the bombers are just gonna suck this year either shows mad ignorance or just a real lack of knowledge about the players we do have. know i would've/could've had a certain amount of sympathy for Simpsons' position last year, had it not been for the fact he pulled this stuff before on Buono and was released....He thought he knew more than Wally....bad move...In any case.... It's a well known fact Barrin asked for a trade at the end of 08....WHY????? we kept him on the roster for 09 is a mystery to me....He should've been moved before his situation deterioated to the point it did last year...Kelly never knew which end was up was one reason...however the guy coming in the door (lapo does) and hence his release...Glad to be rid of Mr. Selfish.. :wink: Like i said before....good luck to him in riderville..

probably cuz no other team wanted a guy who was coming off a season ending injury and getting up there in age. i beleive i heard that barrin took a pay cut to stay with the bombers, this to me suggests.. 1. they tried to trade him but there were not takers and 2. nobody wanted him.

I dunno. He sounds happy to be a Rider, and, given our defence, we're better with him than not. We've lost 2 starting MLB's in two years, so that tests the depth of any organization. The fact that we had to dip into the FA market at that spot doesn't surprise me.

I suspect Barrin will be fine in Regina, as will Derick in BC. Sometimes a change of scenery is a good thing.

I hope the Bombers are better than they've been. The league is way better when all teams are competitive.

Even the Winnipeg media sided with Kelly on this one and that says a lot! BTW we are only paying 1 HC. Berry was paid off last season and Kelly has already settled and been paid.

Why do people seem to forget that before Simpson was put on the 9 game, the Bombers asked the league whether they could put him on it without his consent and the league said yes.

Initially, reports indicated the CFL had given the Bombers permission to place Simpson on the list without his consent as long as he had been served notice of the move. However, that revelation had the rest of the league, unaware of this 'loophole', howling in protest.

I am a Bomber Fan and honestly it was complete BS to even try to pu simpson on the IR when he said he was fine and played with the injury for a numerous amount of games prior to that, I think Kelly honestly tried to screw Barrin out of his bonuses because i believe he would have led the league at the end of the year if he didn't miss all those games due to Kelly.

Simpson is a great player getting old mind you but he has a year or 2 maybe even 3 pushing it but he will still produce and be a big part in run stopping for the riders this year. I wish we would have taken him back.
but remember he was released before Kelly was fired and Lapolice was hired so maybe the new staff has a bunch of new guys coming in to play LB for us this year cant wait for TC to start up.

I heard it was Nelson's decision to pull Simpson and not Kelly's.

As it was, Simpson was well rested when he came back, so the rest did him good.

This was just about Simpson seeing the writing on the wall, he was losing his job to the younger Lobendahn and couldn't handle it.

He wasn't fine. He received treatments for his turf toe the entire time he didn't play. He sat out a month and his turf toe still wasn't healed when he returned because he was still getting treatments for a number of games after he came back.

ya man do some research and you will realize that he was indeed hurt. fact is like most "sane" bomber fans on here have said, simpson saw the writing on the wall.

facts are facts.. a healthy joe lobendahn is better than a healthy barrin simpson <-- just a fact.

i would suggest people who are upset are maybe looking at the stats too much, barrin had lots of tackles yes but alot of times he was dragging these guys down from behind. all middle linebackers will have lots of tackles. its just how it is.

and to suggest it was bs to put bs on the IR.. well LOL maaan. id maybe have agreed a few years back but fact of the matter is that bs has pulled this stunt in the past with buono and buono told him to take a hike.

the number and name on the back of the jersey should not matter.. the colors tho and the logo do.. if you're upset that barrin simpson got released to the point of like making up stuff when its been reported by several media outlets that kelly (in reality it was nelson's decision, like i said, hustler and lawless archives roughly january, barrin says the same thing) was right on this one.

Ridiculous really.. was barrin simpson any good? sure.. did we win anything with barrin simpson on our team? no.

is losing him a big deal? not really.

NOW TIME TO MOVE ON to guys with bigger upside who are hungrier and younger and more importantly... TEAM PLAYERS.. barrin refused to play for his team yet some people think he was standing up for his team mates and saying eff u or whatever.. well, REFUSED TO PLAY FOR HS TEAM is basically telling the rest of his team mates to go eff themselves.

I did forget this. The league kinda peed the bed on that one, I'd say.

…don’t worry arte…Barrin will probably turn out to be a good one for ya…you just have to convince him to rotate :lol: On another note… I wonder how many bonuses are hidden in these signings by Taman…You better get Miller to ‘look’ things over…orrrrr down the road the chickens will come home to roost and Taman may get that ‘burnt -out’ feeling again??? :lol: :lol: