Barrett, Shivers gone.......?

Can someone explain to me why Danny Barrett and Roy Shivers still have jobs? They took over in 2000, and since have a combined record of 51 wins and 65 losses. They have produced one winning season in six years. If it weren’t for the players picked up from the Ottawa dispersal draft (Kerry Joseph and Jason Armstead), the Riders might be fighting Toronto and Hamilton for last overall! They may still get there anyway.

IMO i think IF any changes, they will be made at the end of the season :cowboy: its much cheaper that way

This is the same topic that comes up in every thread after a Rider loss, then after a win everyone is praising them for what a good job they have done in getting the players ready for the game. Just look at previous posts for reasons why they should have been fired a long time ago.

I agree nernzi. Just what I was thinking.

Holy crap someone agreed with me…its a record setting day here on…

The continuing saga of, as Bob Hughes used to write when he was the LP Sports writer, "Chaos by the Creek!".

IMO maybe if they let Shivers go... it might start a fire under some and i dont think it will hurt the Riders Oraganatizion that bad :expressionless: