Barrett returning next season?

One has to wonder if Tillman has been asking the vets, who will be free agents soon, would Barrett being/ not being the coach, determines whether they will resign with the Green and White. I suspect a number of the free agents will NOT return if Danny isn't back! Any thoughts?

I think Barret is a great coach. The only teams with better coaches are BC and Calgary. Fans there don't realize what he has accomplished in the years that he has been there. Now that Shivers isn't there he can coach it as his team. He has great respect amongst all his players and 70% of the fans. It is unfortunate for him that the other 30% who are not serious fans are trying to drive him out of Regina. Most of the free agents will also follow him or leave to other teams. It's good for us Stamp's fans maybe we can steal more great players away from the Riders. :cowboy:

Yeah, I am not sure if Eric Tillman realizes what he would be doing to the team if he lets Danny Barrett go.

the question i think that causes more concern would be "Does DB want to resume head coaching status in riderville ?"

I think DB was very hurt when not only did Roy get fired, but they didnt even consider Danny as GM. I think that he would be a great GM, anywhere, but expecially here because all the current rider players love him and DB would be able to get our players for less because of their coach. But that "smart" board that we have decided that that would have been a stupid idea and instead we might have to rebuild again...

I hope he stays... I really do, he is the heart of the team. And the team (as a whole) takes on the persona of the head coach.. I believe he's got one of the better persona's of the head coaches in the league for the riders to take on.

I love DB, always have. I hope that he stays for a number of reasons. Could you imagine them without him? I cant...

I dont care who coaches as long as they Win BABEEE!!!

Seriously, this should be DB's last kick at the Cat, I mean really... How many years are we going to give him to take us to the promise land??? 8 ,9, 10??
Win or Lose I doubt he would want to come back

Regardless how the season plays out, Barrett is still a great coach. Immediately after beating Calgary today, Barrett went to the stands at McMahon Stadium and recognized the Rider Nation. In reality, he should be heading across the field to shake Higgins' hand but really, was this a class move or what? He's clearly in tune with the fans, the province and the whole 'Rider Pride' mentality. To fire him after this season would be a huge mistake.

I strongly believe that Danny will not work with Tillman and even if the Riders win the cup, he will resign. He's a class guy and will only leave the organization on his own terms.

I have nothing against Eric Tillman, but hiring him was kind of stupid. I dont see it working out with Danny and Tillman.

As much as I don’t like Danny as a coach, he did things today that I do like as coaching descisions. Like the 3rd down gamble, I know it wasn’t completed but you know what normally in my experience Danny doesn’t make those calls. It was good to see him being somewhat agressive.

third and three gimme a break

What was wrong with that? Congi wasnt doing any good with his punting in the 1st and as a result we couldnt cover. I think it wasa good call on Danny despite the fact that the riders didnt get the 1st down

Thanks everyone for your take! After watching Danny go to the crowd at the end of the game, I believe he realizes the fans are behind him, win or lose, but especially when we win! Now if we can only get over these 9-9 seasons! This, I believe, is the MAIN reason why the fans want his head! We wouldn't be having this discussion if the Riders have a home playoff game!

Firing Danny would be a huge mistake! If anyone sat in Taylor Field through the early 80's they might know what I am talking about. If he does not return be ready for a lot of players leaving this team. We have a competitive team that has made the playoffs for 5 years. Oh we could start as I remember the years being called "the rebuilding years" I say no thanks!

ya i remember those Alan Ford days :oops: I always like Danny but its all up to Eric :wink: if he likes him, the players want him, i see Danny signing a 3 year contract. If the players dont want him, i see him gone :o

My prediction is still that immediately/soon after the last game Danny will resign.
Whether we win the Grey Cup or not.
It is time to move on, and I think he knows that.

I think he'll stick around. I would bet that it will come down to his family, his kids. I think the board's deadline kind of thing to get a home playoff game was ridiculous. They fired Roy in the middle of the year, and that could have made a difference. I mean anything could happen regarding a home playoff game. Unfortunately it didnt happen this year. I think that Danny loves Regina too much. He will sign a 3 year contract. I hope so anyways. I see a 12-4 Rider record next year! Im just blabbing on now... lol Anyways I hope he stays.

I guess I was trying to say that many things could have affected the Riders in getting a home playoff game. I think Danny will be back!

I think from a personal standpoint of Barret he would be stupid to take a head coaching job when he has proved as assistant GM that he could be the GM. Take the money, you would be better at that job anyway and I think Hamilton would be happy to have you. The players love you and I don't see you as a head coach because you don't have a killer instinct like a Don Matthews or a Buono, but you charater would fit good as a GM. I love the Riders so it did piss me off when the hired Tillman and not you as the GM