Barrett Rejects Argo Head Coach Opening

As reported by Perry Lefko on this evening, Danny Barrett has rejected the Argo head coach opening because he is content to remain as offensive coordinator at University of Buffalo:

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Why join a sinking ship? If Danny comes back, and I hope he does because he's a class act and I think he could still be a force in this league, even take the right organization to the Big Game a few times. Max respect Danny, we still luv ya in Canada.

I think Danny Barrett figured out he wasn't plan A or plan B.

Are you crazy? Argos would have been Barrett's plan C. Give it one year Gill is going to have his choice of major D1 schools to go to and Barrett will be coming along.

just my opinion on the barrett topic, if i were an OC at a u.s. school and i had an offer from a pro team in canada and i knew that my boss (head coach turner gill) was getting ready to move on, i probably would wait out the HC job seeing as how there are many more job opps and security at that level and chance for promotion there than there ever will be in canada. way to go danny, you deserve everything that will be coming your way by waiting out coach gill at buffalo.this is not a slap in the face to the argos, it is just in danny's best interests to move up the coaching ranks at the u.s college level than it is to be recycled in canada.

city legend

Someone is Going Hire Tunner Gill to move up the coaching Brackets within the next year seasons.
That Leaves U.B. Job Open for Danny or He could move on with Turner
He made the right Call
The Argo’s are rudderless right now
Plus the Argos want Hire a coach on the cheep.
I am sure the insulted Danny with small Time Offer.

Where did you learn that the Arrrrggggggghhhhooooooos are cheaping out, ONknight?

TSN and alot the paper said the Argo are look to spend less money on a head coach

That's strange for the the blue team.

As you know, coaches salaries are not
part of the Salary Management System.

Maybe David "Cinnabon" already spent all his extra cash on those veneers and extra tight shirts he sports when he "assistant coaches" on the Argo sideline come gameday.

You are dead on with Barrett most likely moving on up with Turner Gill in the near future. As for the Argos going cheap on their next HC, breaking open the bank does not always translate into success (see Charlie Taafe). I only hope the Argos allow the new guy to hire a complete staff to start the season. The last couple seasons they seem to get into the habit of hiring position coaches half way through the season for some dumb reason.

It's all about timing.

Danny Barrett does hope to return to coaching in the CFL,

just not right now with the Argos. Dec. 31 2008

Perry Lefko

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"It's all about timing," Barrett said on Tuesday,
as the UB Bulls practised at Rogers Centre

for Saturday's International Bowl game
against the University of Connecticut Huskies.

..."It's a great opportunity (to coach in Toronto), don't get me wrong,

...and being the guy that I am it has to be something
is right, not only for myself but for my family.

Hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to come back
into the CFL -- I don't know for sure -- but I just know

the timing wasn't right for me right now.

"It's always tough (to pass up the opportunity)
because obviously you want to coach at the highest level.

You want to have the opportunity to lead a
program or to lead a team, like I had in the past.

... and I just felt like the Lord was telling me now, 'You know what?

The opportunity will come again. You've just got to wait.'

And that's what I'm trying to do: be patient and wait."

Well, if the Lord told him to wait, it's hard to argue against that.

(I always knew God didn't like the Argos.)

That is a classy statement from a classy guy. All the best Danny, come back soon.