Barrett hearing the footsteps

Well Rider fans. Since Barrett has a lifetime losing winning percentage as head coach in Sask how long do think the remaining games in the schedule are going to feel for him. Unless the Riders make the Western final playoffs at the very least he is gone and I would think that wouldn't even save his hide. With his bro' gone in Shivers, Tillman must be salivating over the thought of hiring his own head coach (Can you say Kent Austin!)Besides, Tillman will be able to rid the team of the criminal element that has been pervasive under Shivers and Barrett's reign. Let's see AIDs, assault, dometic violence, yea a real nice bunch of role models. Hope Barrett has put some money away.

Anything less than a Grey Cup will cost Danny his job. Austin may be the next coach, but I'm afraid he'll be run out of town just like when he was a player here.

KANT AUSTIN for coach you got to be joking ? ? ?


You mean cause he had imagination, read defenses and led us to our only grey cup in a bazillion years?
lol Seriously I have no idea how he would be as a head coach.. Now a mentor for a QB i can see.. Look at Barrett HE was a horrible QB and now hes head Coach..Austin Cant do much worse :expressionless:

Austion will do ok as a head coach but if he comes in and pulls double duty as OC the riders will be in a 3 year rebuild and Tillman will not get an extention.

Tillman will bring in someone else, or perhaps promote from within.

Ugh Austion??? cry sniffle tear... what about Joe Paopao as head ( i know hes not much of an o-cordinator having a system he just slots players into instead of divising a system for the talent at hand ) and Tommy Condell remaining as O-cord ???

i think the shoe could fit.

As much as i love richie hall, he needs to go..

Wondered how long it would take for a few banjo players to fall from the bandwagon. Where was this topic the last three weeks. Oh yea....three game win streaks do that. Enjoy the rest of the season.

i would like to see greg marshall here it wasnt his fault that the ti-cats suck

look now with him gone they still SUCK

I think Kent might be good.
I can't understand how he would want
to take the same road as Lancaster.
He was a good QB, returns to coach and sucks

Good call, i think greg would be another good candidate in saskatchewan

From my knowledge Tillman was content with Barrett and wanted to disrupt the team as little as possible? Or was he bluffing ._.?

If I was a betting man I would say that Danny is out at the end of the year and Tillman will bring some new faces in for next season.

the way Barret is coaching the team at this point hes coaching his way out of the CFL nobody wants a coach who cant motivate his team to atleast show up and put up a fight .
the Riders made the Als look beter than they are ? ? ?
or are the Riders that BAD ? ? ? ?

Why has no body poped this name in yet common guys think football here. George Cortez next HC. I would love to see Bobby Jurasin come back and coach with the Riders my family knows him, and I know that he would love to come back to Regina he considers this his home and so do his kids. He has coached College ball at one of the Michigan Div 1 schools he was a great defensive player and a very popular guy. I think it would be great to have him here even as a line coach or D coordinator taking over from Hall. Hell who knows maybe Hall will be HC, but my money is on Cortez he is just too skilled of a coach to just be a O line coach.

Danny is done, home playoff is gone, the team looks like crap atm with all the injuries. They have never had a killer instinct as a team since Danny has taken over. When I was watching the Als game this weekend when they went down 14-0 in like the first 7 min of the game, we all knew that they were done as of that point. This team under Barrett has never been able to bounce back from stuff like that, stuff like that has nothing to do with player tallen it has to do with how they are coached and the ideals about a team that a coach instills. Barrett for some reason can't get them to play once they get down on themselfs.

Ohhh one more thing before I go, get us a punter please to take over that dutie for Congi, he was great at the start of the year for feild goals but even that now has been sketchy. Take that stress of punting and kicking off away from Congi so he can concentrate on FGs, bring Pikula in for it he looked good in training camp and looked even better when he was playing for BC. Anyways peace out down to Barrett!!!!!!

If I were Tillman, I would not wait that long. The players need to know that performance is everything and watching your baby-sitter get clipped would be a nice wake-up call.

I mean, without a coach - could things have gone any worse on Sunday?

I want to see a nasty, tobacco spitting marine sargent standing on the sideline take over. on paper at least, we have the players so it's just a question of leadership.

The strengths of this team use to be a top notch running game and a ball control offense, Now all we seem to do is try and Hit the home run ball, I agree you need to stretch the Defense but they fail to setup the longball in the process.. Our QB's cannot either A) read the Safety (hello Rocky)or B)check off the primary reciever (hello Kerry)

IS it me? or is does Joseph telegraph all his passes.. that interception was brutal..not only that he seems to have a VERY slow release. this is game mechanics & Austin may be able to whip him into shape..Barrett doesnt have a clue

While Austin may give us ball control throwing, I fear He would toss the running game like he did in TO.
So I really have mixed feelings about him coaching.. Ritchie would be a Logical choice given his relationship with Tillman, and he would rule with an Iron Fist..but I fear being a head coach for this team would give him a heart attack :slight_smile:

Don't forget about Cortez, he's been in the league for years, knows his football, and turned quarterbacks to allstars

Seriously, he (Joesph) needs a mentor to teach him those little things that can make a big difference..

I watched him during that interception..he basically stared at armstead even while under the center....might as well drew a dotted line with a arrow.
Austin would be on his ass soon as he went to the sidelines.... I dont know much about Cortez but if hes what you say he is, then bringem on..

Pound for pound the guys got ability, he needs refinement

One thing to remember about Joseph, is that despite being 30 something, he is only in his third year and change as a QB.
The downside, is at his age, he doesn't get to develop slowly, but if Henry Burris or Anthony Cavillo had been that good in their 3rd year, they might have been stars.......
He is, without question, the best athlete at the QB position in the league.
All he has to do is focus all that potential.

Cortez was the "golden boy" a few years ago when he was in Calgary, but went south for a few years.
Austin may or may not become a good coach, but for my money, he is a work in progress at best, and not a good fit for a veteran team on the brink of success.
Austin has less in the way of credentials than Danny Barret had when we hired him, but in a total rebuilding situation, a fresh, albeit inexperienced face, was a good idea.
Not so much now.
I still predict Ritchie. I just don't know if he stills wants the top job. He must be about 70....