barrett: hamilton's next head coach?

If you follow the CFL, you'd know there is a very strong chance Danny Barrett will be fired soon. Is there any chance the Ticats would consider this guy for head coach?

I like him. He's young, has a great track record of bringing his team deep in the playoffs (3 western finals in the past five years), is a respected ex-player, and comes across as someone who has the ability to really motivate players. I say we should add him to the short list. What do you think?

If he is available, im sure he will be looked at... im not so sure he's the guy, however his success as a QB could be enough to help Jason Maas but at the same time remember how stubborn he was in pulling Nealon Greene, something that probably won't sit well in the backup-QB-happy city of Hamilton.

I am a Danny Barrett fan, but I guess I'd feel better about him handling our head coach's duties if he'd only won one big final game or reached a grey cup.

This isn't to say that this scenerio is never going to play out, but he has a knack for losing the big ones.

At this stage, I'd hold out for better, but if nothing better comes along, I'd give him a shot. Greedy eh?

I would rather have Dave Ritchie, Jacques Chapdelaine and/or Wally Buono. Now that's greed.

I've always been on the Danny bandwagon....I hope he stays with the Riders.

TiCats need a "discipline" coach, not a player's coach. They already had Mr. Nice Guy, and he ended up at Western.

My vote is for Charlie Taaffe or Don Matthews.

I must be out of the loop!!! Is Don Matthews coming back to coach?

Lets not get carried away comparing Danny Barrett to a CIS Co-Ordinator.

No.. but some people won't surrender the dream.


No way.

Barrett has ruined his career by being so closely tied to Roy Shivers. No GM will hire him knowing he talks to Roy all the time.

It took Barret and Shivers years to build a system with good assts. etc.and they still never won anything. No more Nice Guy projects here, please.
SSK looked completely unprepared and outclassed yesterday.
Looked very, very familiar.

Unprepared on offence ,delay of game calls over and over.They needed a plan for the noise,it never worked so Barret is out .

Certainly yesterdays game didn't help Barrett's prospects. I very much doubt that he'll land in Hamilton.

I'd love to have Wally in Hamilton, but he's not leaving B.C. just yet.

We need a head coach soon if we are going to solidify an Offensive coach.

I would welcome Barrett as an offensive co-ordinator, but I think our GM will come up with a better HC.

I would differ in opinion from an earlier post that Marshall was too much of a nice guy. He would loose it on the sidelines, and I am sure behind closed doors as well.

I think Lancaster was breathing down Marshall's throat every inch of the way. There's no way Marshall was allowed to do his own thing. When Bob Young arrived here he damn near had Lancaster canonized and put him in charge of all the heavy decision making until he found out he'd made a grave error.
By that time, Marshall's CFL career had gone down the dumper, and, yes, I blame Lancaster for most of this.

Barrett is an OC at best; definitely NOT a head coach.

I agree with the theory of bringing in a kick ass type of head coach who isn't quite so intent on his players "having fun out their". Football in today's world is a very serious business and if you're in the pros to "have fun", your in the wrong profession.

I gave up on Don Mathews following his poor health announcement and also following Dejardins' ANNOUNCEMENT THAT HE WANTS A YOUNG

Personally, I'd kill to get Wally Buono here, but realistically, that's not likely to happen. Hence, I think the team goes after Taaffe or someone of that calibre.

Until the issue of Head Coach is resolved, the team remains stagnent.

You know, I wish, when some of you "Barrett hasn't won anything" people start speaking - you KEEP IN MIND his 2004 team was a Paul McCallum CHIP SHOT (that is - a 19 yard field goal) away from the Grey Cup Final in 2004!!

This year's team was also a Championship Calibre team.

As I have stated before - the guy made it to the playoffs 5/7 years, and made it to 2 or 3 Divisional Championship Games.

How many playoff games have you Tiger Cat fans witnessed the past 7 years ? How many Divisional Finals ?

Say all you want about his LACK of Titles - the point is the guy has PROVEN he can LEAD a team to some pretty RESPECTABLE results ... with a little better luck (no I won't leave McCallum alone !) he could very well have added a title to his resume.

Although I really don't FEEL the VIBE that he will be here next season - this organization could do a lot WORSE than bringing in DB.


Id love to have Barrett here . He has as you said been very successful and knows the QB position very well . Im sure he could help Maas and if we got some recievers we`d have a good offense !!!

There is no evidence of that what so ever. What's your proof? Marshall's game plan of running the ball 90% of the time on first down? Or not allowing his q.b's to call their own plays?