Barrett going south

Newstalk 650 and 980 have confirmed that Barrett is going to Univ of Buffalo, not Winnipeg!

I'm happy for Barrett. I'm even happier that he's going south. The money is probably just as good if not better and hopefully he gets some sort of child benefits plan to put his little ones through college. Not to mention it would just be weird seeing him on the sidelines of another CFL team. Especially Winnipeg!!!

Again Barrett is starting with a team that is a laughing stock. I hope he restores respectability to Buffalo like he did for Regina.

Go Barrett Go!!!

Good for Danny. Things have a way on turning out for the best. I see former Montreal QB Turner Gill is now the Head Coach in Buffalo.

Yeah, but the way the U of Buffalo was apparently playing lately, i doubt that Turner Gill will be there for long... Thus possibly opening a door for Danny later on down the road!

Well, so much for the theory Danny Barrett could find another job 'anywhere'. I was a bit surprised to see that he was unable to catch on with another CFL team.

I think the main reason he went down to Buffalo to get a university coaching job is so his son josh's tuition and post secondary school is absolutely free. His son is in his grade 12 year and now has his unniversity schooling completely paid for as anyone with a coaching or staff position gets free admitance to the school so that had to be in his mind. Hes always been a family man and i think that shows in his decision to go south and take a college job. Could have easily got on with winnipeg as OC