Barrett Fired!

I'm still hoping Ritchie will stay in BC...I know that's a long shot, but...

I think the Riders could promote from within, especially with Cortez and Hall being prime candidates. One these two would make excellent head coaches, Kent Austin would not be a good fit here. Dave Ritchie might be a good choice as well. Maybe Tillman will suprise us all and bring back PaoPao.... :lol:

IMO kent Austin has no HC experience :thdn: so why would do that again and hire another person with no HC experience? i would like to see Ritchie become the next HC :rockin:

I think Barrett was doing a pretty great job as coach, but we knew the writing was on the wall when Tillman showed up!

As new coach?

Let me ponder?

I see a return of Joe Paopao!

First off, I am a Danny Barrett fan, great guy, good coach and I am sure he will get a job somewhere in the CFL. It appears with new managment they want their own guys in there so I guess it was inevitable that DB would not be retained. Good luck to Dannt Barrett where ever he lands. :lol:

I really like Danny Barrett, me thinks he's a good coach but I new he'd get fired. Tillman had no choic but to let him go. I can see Barrett get hired very sonn by a cfl or cis team.

I always wondered why Sask was the single place where even Don Matthews could not succeed as a coach. Anyone?

Personally I don't want to see Kent Austin as the next Riders coach, I would love to see George Cortez get promoted to head coach.

First of all, i realize im in the minority, but i love DB. He is, in my mind, one of the top 4 coaches in the L. I have been pissed off all day about it. People are 2 stupid to realize what is going to happen in Riderville. Players play here because of him. They have said that publicly. This is ridiculous. I mean, when you think SK Riders, DB is one of the first thoughts thats pops into your mind. He has been great to the community. DB is one of my heroes. I'm 16. I remember about 3 years ago my family won a trip to Orlando on the Rider Lottery. On the way back, at Minneapollis Intl Airport, who should be going on the plane but him. I was 12 and star struck. Me and him had a good conversation. Ever since then, he would always recognize me and that me feel good, especially when i was 12,13,14. Now that im older, i realize the game is a business. Do I think this was a smart move?

Not a chance.

I hope he enjoys where ever he ends up. He is a great man. Great Football Coach. Great person.

Anyways, say what you will about what i said. I dont really care. I just it to be known i do not support this situation at all.

There is a very legit chance he will go to the U of Cinninati, his alma matter. They need a new coach.

You know jman, DB is a good guy, no doubt about that, but a coach, especially here, needs to produce results, that being a home playoff game and a Grey Cup appearance or victory. He fell short on all 3 counts. I think a change will be a positive for the Green & White, because the vets need to know that their jobs wont be given to them, they have to earn the right to stay. I believe that is one of the things that was missing form the Barrett-Shivers regime. Its good to show loyalty to your vets,but IMO, a lot of them need to compete for their jobs,to show that they still are the best at their position.

Well I guess the Danny legacy has come to an end. Yes, I do believe that he was one of the best coaches for our team. And no, I don’t agree with Tillmans decision to fire him. That one year option, would have been better I think.
I hope that Tillman is done sticking his finger in light sockets (with that damn hair of his HE MUST BE!), and get things rolling with the team now.
I personally think that bringing Richie out of the box is the best thing for the team. All the players know him and are comfortable with him. Bringing in a whole bunch of outsiders won’t be the solution for the team for next year. It will take a half or a full season or 2 for the team to just to adjust from a decision like that!!
Like everyone is saying tho, if things don’t turn for the better next year, it will be all Tillmans’ fault!!!

On the Eskie fan site, they were talking about getting Cortez to replace Machokie, so he must be pretty good.

If the riders are going to take the next step, with the group of veterans they have, they need a veteran coach.

Austin just doesn't cut the mustard, he hasn't proven anything, let's face it is easy to become a assistant coach on a winning team. It is harder to prove your worth on a team that has been an under performer for the last couple of years.

Personally, I believe that Ritchie is the right choice....he is hard minded and won't take the easy road with the players.

What did everyone expect? When they fired Roy he pouted in the media, said in interviews he wasn't sure he wanted to be back, now he says he doesn't agree with the decision but has to be a better man? He dug his own grave as far as i'm concerned. See ya later DB, hope you have something lined up for next year, besides working for tsn.
PS; you can't chew gum as a sports castor so i guess that job won't happen either.

I forgot about Cortez. He would be a good choice.

Hey, Jman, I actually do not think your respect and high regaed for Danny Barret places you in the minority.
I am a huge DB fan myself, and wish him nothing but the best and hope he lands the job he wants next, but I know he will not be unemployed for long.
I'm a little older than you (okay-a lot older--I remember the Eagle) but DB is still one of my favourite alltime Rider coaches--likely after only John Gregory.
And the statement DB made at the press conference yesterday just emphasises exactly why he is so highly regarded. That was as classy an exit as I can ever recall a man making.

But as you mention, football is a business.
And from that side, it was simply time for Danny to move on.
I actually think Danny would never have accepted a one year contract, but I was quite surprised when Tillman suggested they were even considering it.
Personally, I think it is a credit to Danny that he considered coming back at all, as if it were me, in that situation, I would have simply walked at season's end.
The way that the board of directors and Hopson dealt with both Danny and Roy the last 2 years has been unfair, and firing Roy the way they did, and leaving Danny twisting in the wind for the entire season was ridiculous.
DB deserves better, and maybe Tillman would treat him right, but Hopson & Co. are always going to be lurking in the background.
Plus, the simple reality is, while his players love him, and respect him, he simply had run up against the wall. It happens in sports. No matter how much the players like DB, it has been clear that this team was having trouble taking it to the next level.
And that means it was time for a coaching change.
DB has set the bar very high--I expect this team, no matter who replaces DB to win it all in the next year or two. Nothing else will be acceptable.
And we can thank DB and Roy for getting us to that stage.
It is unfortunate DB won't be the coach, but if we win, he will still know he was a huge part of that result.
And so will all the people of Saskatchewan, including yourself, jman.

So while I am also a huge fan, and actually rank Danny top 3 coaches in the league, it was just time.
It was the right choice for the Riders and for Danny Barret.
There are no losers here--it is win/win.

8 years is a decent run. Tillman had no other choice. He could not afford to have the same thing happen next year. He wasn't hired to be a puppet and by leaving Roy's coach in place running Roy's team that's exactly how he would be percieved. Better to bring in your own guy and make the personnel changes that you want to. By doing it this way he will put his stamp on it immediatly.

I'm not really sure why we keep bringing up what a great guy Danny Barrett is. While I'm sure this is true, IMO, his coaching record speaks for itself. A losing record over 7 years. Likability has nothing to do with the success of a team.

Obviously, the game is 100% a business to you. I can respect that. But you know, when a player, a coach or even a GM signs that dotted line, they become a leader in the community, expecially here in Regina. I dont think there have been many Saskatchewan Roughrider coaches who have put their lives into the community like Danny and his family had done. I think that warrants serious praise. I mean coaches arent hired to be in the community, they are hired to win, I realize that. But at the same time, there was anything he did badly for the community. He showed what a class act he was to the younger kids for example. Even when Roy Shivers got fired, he was very upset and almost resigned. But he pulled through because he isnt somebody who quits on himself, his team, or the community. I think thats important.