Barrett Fired!

Okay Saskatchewan, you got what you wanted, so who do you think your next coach will be?

hahahaha...whats iceman gotta say about this?..hahahaha

now the riders will miss the playoffs the next two yrs for sure.

None of the next 3 head coaches will do any better than DB.

Rider fans will someday long for the return of DB

They wont get it because they dont deserve him.

DO Rider fans ever do anything but complain about their coaches?

Under Barrett, Saskatchewan has had just one winning season and has not hosted a home playoff game.

He leaves with a career mark of 57-68-1.

this would not stand in montreal, BC, or edmonton.

isnt this usually a good reason to fire a coach?

how is it, barrett has made it acceptable to be mediocre?

yes, we complain about our quarterbacks slightly (very slightly) more than our coaches.

Danny couldn't get er' done, so he got the gate.....that;s football... now will Tilman reveal his next choice for coach soon.....or has he already been hired...(Kent Austin)...i guess Rider fans will know shortly...????? :wink: :roll: :roll:

Just because we're getting a new Head Coach, does not automatically mean we miss the playoffs, man!

What about BC when they got Buono?

they didn't miss!! matter of fact they made the Grey Cup!

your theory is ridiculously flawed!!

shut up you fool. You really have no idea


What theory? <confused>

he figures because we fired Barrett, and we're getting a new coach.. it means we miss the playoffs now!

what a truly inteligent response. :roll:

DB was better than a lot of coaches you have had in the recent past. He did more for the riders than you all have seen in a long time. You think it was bad, wait till you get a load of next yr.


waddayawant? I never past greighd ate inglish, so soo me.

tillman is on primetime sports right now!

Dave Ritchie or Kent Austin the next rider coach???..Tillman says those 2 are tops on his list.

says he wont hire someone without CFL experience.
will hire someone he's worked with before.

I'm going to bet on Kent Austin. I don't know if Ritchies heart could take another stint as a head coach.

Austin will bring back the passing game!

Yes I heard the interview as well.
Strictly based on age and the fact Austin was most recently with Eric in Ottawa, my bet is KA. If so, he certainly better change his outlook on the offense and implement the running game and especially since he has one of the leagues best in Kenton Keith.

Well, if you put any stock into what rah-rah has to say (and I don't, for the most part), the rumour floating around is that Austin will not be the new HC, as the BoG (and Tillman??) decided that since Austin was basically run out of town here earlier in his career, he wouldn't exactly be welcomed back with open arms.....guess that would leave Ritchie, eh?

.....again, take it with a grain of salt.....