Barressi and Reed join Bombers

....according to cjob in the Peg Jaimie Barressi and Kavis Reed are now on the Bombers coaching staff....Reed will be the new dc....while Barressi will be o coordinator..... :thup:

...Doug Berry has signed on with sask. as their new o coordinator... :roll:

These two served together in the same roles with the Hamilton teams in 2004 and 2005. Kavis Reed stayed on one more year in Hamilton in 2006 before losing his job after the Western Mustangs Greg Marshall regime was cleaned out in favour of Charlie Taffe's gang in 2007.

Hamilton's 2004 squad went 9-8-1 after the 1-17 season in 2003. They did this with plenty of lucky bounces and close games. In 2005 they came back to earth with a 5-13 record and I believe they opened that season 0-8.

I'm pretty sure these two have done nothing but position coaching since and Reed was the coordinator in charge of the infamous 13th man play last Grey Cup.

We'll see how they do together again in Winnipeg.

I hope you can teach Reed how to count Papa... Kavis Reed, he may a nice guy , but he is a terrible coach... outside of Congi and Boreham, special teams was the weakest area of the team last year. If Berry can make the Rider offence as efficient as Montreal's when he was the coach there... a good hire. Remember he is the OC not the head man...

Not quite; Reed was the D/C and not just a position coach in Toronto under Stubler/Matthews in 2008.

.....if you keep Berry in the box and not anywhere near the might have something there....then again ...your players might be able to hear him screaming and tearing a strip off them, even from that lol :lol: ...sure went over well in the Peg... :wink:..I get a kick out of your take.....when he was a Bomber he was some kind of mad he's working for you....he's a good lol :lol: :lol: funny that..

There is enough info out there to suspectthat Berry's job was given away to Kelly by Bauer as of Spring of 08. If that was the case it explains why he was so out of character and why he made the decisions he did.

In that shit-show of an organization Winnipeg was at the end, anyone would have pulled their hair out. Berry did, Taman pulled the pin shortly after.

Berry was fine in a solid organization (Montreal)....we'll see how he is back in a solid organization.

....,,,,,,what da ya say about guys offered him some good coin to stay and he opted for the Bombers....hmmmmmm are the cracks starting to show in riderville... :roll:

Certainly the end of the Tillman era.

I don't ever recall calling a madman... but there was certainly a circus atmosphere in the Peg... and it all started with a player who went to the Peg, played for two years, and signed with the Bengals the minute he had the chance... of course, you remember Kyries Hebert don't you papa?... I'm sure those ol' memory banks are a churnin'... :lol:

Good for Berry, I hope he does well.

Man that is too bad for the Bombers, I hope you like the three yard hitch on every single down, i was hoping the league had finally gotten rid of that Barressi clown. Hopefully for your sake he has learned that you have to go 10 yards to get a first down.

If he was that bad. . . gee, I wonder how in the world the Riders (a) finished first in the west, (b) won the Western final, and (c) came within one penalty of winning the Grey Cup.

Bear in mind he was a position coach last year. The Cats fan is talking about his experiences with Baressi as an OC, which he is again.

....... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: .....sometimes MadJack you just put everything right into perspective.. :thup:

.....sooooo that means you could be looking forward to 'much the same' Hebert signings from Taman....get those napkins ready :lol: .....Seriously Heberts case ...he was a good signing and proved to be the player i always thought he was.... nfl calibre.....He left with a few regrets of those being inolved with the cancer society for women in the Peg....good guy :thup:

Stepping back from the trees for a second to get a look at the forest. . . it seems to me that pretty much every team in the league last season had a bad penchant for throwing 3 yard hitches, 2 yard outs, 4 yard slants, or simply sending the runnning back straight ahead on second down and long.

It drove me to distraction at varying points last season, and all teams seemed to me to be guilty of doing that. . . it looks more like giving up.

And, that said, if you are facing a second and long, say 2nd and 15 or 2nd and 20, and you're giving up, why the heck not be a little creative and say try a quick kick? It's in the rules and hardly ever seen anymore. Seems to me it would be a refreshing change and might just catch the other team napping a bit. . . so why not try it? If you're just going to throw a 3 yard out or something like that, you're just setting yourself up to punt on the next down assuming you aren't in field goal range, so why not quick kick on 2nd?

And yes, papa, I was a fan of Kyries Hebert as well, good player and a class act as well.

There's probably a reason why the quick kick went the way of the dodo. Modern athleticism and statistics are probably the biggest factors in squeezing it out of the game. Why quick kick a ball 25 yards when it is more likely for the defending team to return it for a TD than for you to recover it with an onside player? Why quick kick a ball on a 2nd and long when you can run a conservative play that has a greater chance of getting lucky for the first down? Why quick kick a ball when after said play when you can line up in a punt formation on 3rd down with your specialist and kick the ball twice as far with the proper setup and people to adequately cover the kick?

It could still be done yes, but it would more likely happen on a desperation play that calls for things like the Hail Mary. Any other use of the quick kick in the modern game would be reckless though undoubtedly praised as 'aggressive' in the unlikely event it was used to success.

Well I can see a couple of ways it could be used creatively, especially now that wildcat formations are permitted.

Example 1; Hamilton has Dave Stala as a receiver, he can also punt (and more than 25 yards). . . maybe a direct snap to him and he punts it?

Example 2; wildcat formation; line up your regular punter in a shotgun formation, QB out wide but behind him; punter can then either kick it, or lateral to the QB who could then throw downfield.

I'm certain that more creative offensive minds than me can come up with other ideas. . .most any of which would be preferable to handing the ball to the fullback for a 2 yard plunge on second and 20.

Anythings better than the Mike Kelly offense. Besides, it's Plop's offence, he'll be calling the plays, not Baressi.

Reed in charge of the defence is a scary prospect however and the special teams has yet to be filled by anyone.