Barressi and Reed Bombers......Berry goes to sask.

...Jaimie Barressi and Kavis Reed have joined LaPolice on the Bomber coaching staff today...IF Baressi can infuse as much into our qb. stable as he did with Durant and company in Sask.....i think we'll be alright.....Reed is the d co-ordinator....I hope he learned from last year :lol: ...Apparently the players in sask really admired him and his work...I only hope he can get over the ending of last year... :wink:
....Doug Berry has signed on as sasks. new o coordinator.....good luck green guys....Just don't make Doug mad :lol: :lol: he can get into some horrible rants on the bench,,, :wink:

As I've said before, I'd have concerns about Reed, since he's been rather unsuccessful in his previous stints as a D/C. . .but at least he's got good talent to work with this time. Barressi I don't know; yes he appears to have done a good job in Saskatchewan, but he was less than successful in his previous stint as an O/C. . . but with LaPolice looking over his shoulder I wouldn't be as concerned as I would be about Reed.

I'm glad the Riders hired Berry. . . with Kelly gone, we needed a wild man on a sideline somewhere in the league for the entertainment value, and now we've got it :smiley:

I don't recall him hearing about him ranting on the sidelines when he was OC in Montreal. Could be a trait he has as HC only.

.....yeah sure.....a leopard doesn't change his spots....also he shared the oc duties in Mont......maybe there was less pressure.....He'll be handling it all in Regina and he better not start in on the fans when they start chuckin beer cans.... :lol: :lol:

Berry’s a fine offensive coach. Was in Montreal.

He’s in the booth as a coordinator, so his issues as HC in Winnipeg are less so. Frankly, I’d rather have him as our OC than Baressi.

....WHY??? arte....cuz he had too much success with Durant........At least i haven't witnessed Baressi tearing a strip of his qbs. at the bench (see dinwiddie/berry) and dumping all over other players until he totally lost it and the locker room......Yup go with Berry....we'll take your B guy.....I have a looooooong memory :wink: :lol:

OMG berry in sask? u serious??

TAMAN, BERRY, BATES, what other bomber rejects are gonna end up in sask?

i hear dan goodspeeds on the trade market, charles roberts needs a new place to play, joe smith is unemployed, how long until robert bean, jamie stoddard, cam hall, and greg bearman show up in sask?

baressi? reed? guess we'll see what they can do. hopefully mack and company brings in the talent that can make it work.

coach's coach yup BUT PLAYERS PLAY.

if the players not good enough, what can the coach do, cut him? release him? u need someone to replace him with tho and thats mack's job really or molls. really m@m's job.

Baressi was only here 1 year, as a position coach. His record as an OC is inferior to Berry's that's all I'm saying.

the past is the past, cant change it, so it has very little relevane to 2010.

the only non relevant fact people should be going on about from the past is... riders been 2 of the last 3 grey cups..

thats the only stat that matters really.

artie lange? u a rider fan?

good luck dude with berry and taman. seriously id be sorta concerned, atleast our oc has been in the league recently, berry hasnt been, turned down by the argos apparently, or maybe vice versa (who knows anymore)

whats the talk in saskabush? whats sask's priorities this off season?

resign fantuz? basically?

.....visions of the nfl are slowly dancing out of Fantuzs' head....he'll re-sign in sask. come Mon. or shortly there-after...I don't know about a couple of their other key fas....they had a few.... o lineman Parenteau could spring wings and head over to the Bomber fold from whence he came....otherwise...???? it's a grab bag....and i do mean that in the modest sense of the words:lol:

First Taman and now Ole Powder Keg ends up a Rider, how poetic, things just keep getting better and better for Rider fans, lol.

Rumor suggests Police wants to make deal to bring Durant to Winnipeg, fan 590 Toronto moments ago? Police wants Durant not Giles, says report???

Making up rumours again, are we?

Yeah, Saskatchewan parting with Durant, what a crock!! They didn't keep him in the system and develop him, just to trade him, what next? I think Lapolice is smart enough to know that Durant is untouchable, what will be your next rumour MB? Maybe CGY wants to ship Burris to Wpg, maybe Ricky Ray? How about Calvillo to Winnipeg? Oh and while we're at it Glenn also will be back in B&G colors.

I would prefer if the Bombers DID NOT go after Jyles anyway's and the other rumour is Kerry Joseph, don't we already have the interception king (Bishop), why would we want an aging washed up Joseph? and all of BC's QB'S are untouchable with the exception of the 300K Man Pierce and we don't need him and his injury ridden body here either, especially at 300K/year!!

Last i heard is Lapolice will be going after Jyles, he has already commited to Dimichele and Santos being here and is IFFY on Bishop and LeFors (one will be in camp as insurance if anything -- my guess is Bishop). But i don't expect Bishop to be the starter come week 4 or 5 after he throws 10 INT'S, if he even makes it past TC!! Just my thoughts, but very likely!!

I didn't like Berry in Winnipeg as a head coach but I'm not worried about having him as OC in Sask. Ken Miller makes the guys around him better. Berry won't be embarrassing any players under Miller's watch. He will be a lot cooler in Riderville.

That`s the problem when you tune in to a program that is just ending. Was in the truck and just checked fan 590, all I heard was the closing comments that Lapolice really was interested in Durant, Bombers where putting a package together that included , Lefores, Bramlet and Santos plus future considerations of some kind? Like I said I only got the end of the program, the guy said it was strictly rumour at this point.

Hey isn`t my rumour as good as the nexts guys? :smiley:

No it is not.

That's because your credibility is lacking. You've been known before to make up silly rumours on your own. . . so unless you've got a link I expect you made this one up out of thin air as well.

Nothing on the FAN 590 website.

How would a Toronto radio station pick up a rumour involving Saskatchewan and WInnipeg anyway? Do you have a source maybe from a Regina or Winnipeg media outlet?

I doubt it.

Do you have a link to any rumours that have JJ coming from BC, or Giles coming from Sask? Was just sharing what I heard, I called it rumour. BTW there is no such thing as a link to every comment made by a caller to a radio program.

I tell you what MJ, I bet you Giles and or JJ never become Bombers, will that mean the rumour was made up?

Fan 590 is not really a CFL friendly station they mostly talk hockey 24/7, but they do have a couple CFL segments every week, sometimes like today people call in about the CFL, other times they will have CFL Insider Dave Nalor on. They post any CFL news that is current.

Sask. has 5 Qb's under contract already. Why would they want 3 more crappy ones for the one starter they've managed to develop in 20 years?

I won't bother with links to either Jyles (that's how his name is spelled, by the way) or Jackson coming to Winnipeg. . . they're out there but I've never been the one who started said rumours so it's not my responsibility.

You, on the other hand, have posted things like "Milanovich is high on Bishop" and something about Andrus being interviewed in Winnipeg. . . you made those up out of thin air, so sorry, your credibility is lacking so I will continue to believe that you made this one up yourself unless you can show something to correct me on that. Ball is in your court my friend.

And Artie's right. . . regardless of why you made up this rumour, it makes no sense whatsoever.