Barresi and Reed - Sound Familiar?

Thank god it's not with our team again :smiley: . The Bombers are counting on these two guys to head up their O and D? I feel so so sorry for the Bombers. Things just keep getting worse for them. I'm afraid they're going nowhere this year. With quality coaches they could've had a good team.

These guys were probably the worst coordinators we had in recent memory. Good luck with that Winnipeg.

Well, that's LaPolice, Barresi and Reed who were all just one play from a Grey Cup ring last year.

Yes, it sure sounds like Winnipeg is going in the wrong direction and heading down to the toilet to me. Winnipeg should fire all three today and bring back last year's Bomber management if they have any hope at all. Or, better yet, go after Joe Paopao to right their ship.

Bomber fans should be outraged that changes have been made from last year's "stellar" season.

Note: (I've exhausted my daily allotment of sarcasm in this post alone)

Don't know about "outraged", but Bomber fans should be nervous with a rookie GM who hasnt been in Canada for 20 years another rookie HC in Lapolice, a run of the mill OC Baressi and Reed who's, well, Reed. All after turning down people with better, proven track records and more experience

And they don't even have a quarterback.

You can't be successful if you're giving up 35-40 points a game (Reed). I feel like the bombers made a bad choice in LaPolice.

...because they were outscored 24-10 in the second half, held to no first downs inside of 8 minutes in the fourth quarter, and benefited from our kicker missing a very makeable 40-goal FG that would have ensured the whole 13th man fiasco never happened.

I think LaPolice is a good football mind, but his offense choked in the clutch.

Other than being friends of LaPolice what has either Baressi or Reed done to be promoted to OC and DC. An HC can hire whomever they like but as fan wouldnt you want merit to be at least part of the hiring criteria?

Winnipeg’s situation today reminds me of
Bob Young’s first year as our owner here.

Bob said at the time…“The biggest single mistake
was I overvalued intelligence over experience,”

adding that in the high-tech computer software
business, intelligence routinely trumps experience.

“In football, we have been playing under the same rules
for 50 years, so experience counts for so much.”

In the Ticats case, our owner, president, G.M.
and head coach were all in their debut seasons.

In Winnipeg this year, G.M John Mack is a personnel man
with limited experience making General Manager decisions

such as picking a Head Coach…

Paul LaPolice, chosen as his Head Coach is an Offensive co-ordinator
with no experience choosing a pro coaching staff to work with.

Hmmmm…James Baressi and Kavis Reed?

The Co-ordinators LaPolice chose are very familar to me.

After the Ticats released Baressi he worked in B.C.
as volunteer coach then several position coach jobs.

Likewise, Kavis Reed has also had to take position jobs
except when Stubler made him co-ordinator in mid-season

and last year when he was made a Special Teams coach.


Winnipeg would have been far better off
choosing the CFL experience of JIM Barker

instead of being lured by Mack’s NFL resume.

In fairness to Reed he had no players to work with here. In the peg he has a stacked D that will make pretty much any DC look good.

Baressi also was Sask’s receivers/offensive assistant coach the last 2 years

At the very least Winnipeg (Lapolice) should never have fired Mark Nelson. The defense was the only thing working well on that team.

Oh they DID need an upgrade over last year...but this isn't it.

Good point about them being in the GC last year...but none of them were in the positions they have been hired for in Winnipeg. It's a whole different ball game (no pun intended) when you are running the show.

I think LaPolice might make a good HC. The other two as coordinators, I've seen their handy work. We kept hearing how brilliant Barresi was, that he had a PhD etc, and eventually this would turn into dynamite offense. Well, it was a nightmare as a Ti-Cats fan. Reed was ok at times but I soon grew tired of his defenses breaking down.

Anyway, what a combination to choose as your coordinators. One of them, probably not wise, but both? Come on! It brings back bad memories. Change for the sake of change doesn't make things any better. They should've kept Nelson but it's the old case of the new head coach bringing in "his" boys.

P.S. Use as much sarcasm as you like, it's the offseason and we all need entertainment :wink: .

Agree 100%. I'd take Nelson over K.Reed any day. That being said, I still think LaPo can become a very good head coach.
He reminds me of Marcel B. quite a bit actually

So it was Reeds fault the !PLAYERS! he had to work with were sloppy tacklers, couldnt cover, blew coverages et etc?

I've heard Toni say he threw some of the more complex and confusing looks defensively he has seen in this league, also Greg Marshall spoke highly of him as well. Maybe with some talent he'll have much more success.

I Spoke to Kavin Daily at Camp .. He have Line up set and His Plan in Place
Someone would go Down and he make changes on The Fly .. This did not Help
He worked real Hard.. But The Tallent Level IMO was Lacking ..
add the to Injurys and he did't have a Chance

In Toronto his Lineup was old and lacking any new blood ..
Toronto been sinking long Before he was DC to Be Fair.

Glad to see him get an other Chance

Around these parts you should specify which Greg Marshall you are referring to....

Kollege Koach = What credibility does he have to speak of pro co-ordinators?
Current Greg Marshall = Interesting that he would think highly of Kavis, i wonder what this is based on.

There are so many variables besides coaching which have to come together
for any unit on a football team to perform well statistically and win games

that it is unrealistic to focus blame on only one aspect of the situation, folks.


All I know is...

Kavis Reed knew enough about playing defensive back
that he was an all star 2 of his 4 years that he played.

I have witnessed first hand what a great communicator
and teacher he is while he was coaching raw Ticat DBs.

I am sure he has learned a lot about designing a Defence.

He has worked with both Greg Marshall and Rich Stubler.

He is a motivator, too. Winnipeg's Defence will play hard.

Their younger players will be brought along at the right pace.


Football is not rocket science nor is it law school either,

Kavis considering law school before he got side-tracked
when asked to help out at a CFL Training Camp one year.

Don't forget, Greg Marshall (kollege koach?) = 2004 CFL Coach of the Year. I think he has some credibility. He's more of a professional than the sad sack HC in Winnipeg and Toronto lately.

However, I think it was the current Greg Marshall being referred to. Kavis was an excellent DB and is probably a good position coach. "Greg Marshall thinks highly of him" is a vague statement. As a Coordinator, the difference between Reed and Marshall is night and day.

While I agree that Kavis has gotten a lot of flak for things that aren’t necessarily all on him, the business of being a DC in the Canadian Football League is a difficult one. It’s not rocket science or law school, but it demands a helluva lot nonetheless, particularly in light of how recently arrived coaches such as Hufnagel and Trestman have affected CFL offenses.

I was talking about Greg 'i only want former mac grads on my team' Marshall

I wasnt a fan of him either, but he always praised Reed for being the hardest working coach on his staff.