Barrenechea released by esks...

according to tsn.....Surprising move by the esks.....Other than the 'cheap shot' taken last year on Glenn ..I thought the guy was a pretty good linebacker.....Who is Ritchie Hall clearing the decks for...interesting?????? :roll:

Can you say Mo Lloyd? you're going to get the rider nation all worked up MadJack....heh heh :wink:

Oh I'm sure................

But think about it. Lloyd hasn't re-signed yet in Saskatchewan, and for years he's been the mainstay in the middle of their D, and who has been their defensive coordinator and now is the head coach in Edmonton? Richie Hall.

Sounds like a fit to me..................and were I a rider fan I'd have a fit if he left.........but it just might happen.

Wow... surprising move... :?

Definitely something in the works out west. Mo is going to be sought after by a few teams I'm sure.

Sadly, I wouldnt be suprised.

According to the Hamilton Spectator this morning, Auggie has agreed to a one year plus an option with the Ticats.

Now the Eskimos better make a play at getting a FA...

I'm sure they will go after Mo, at this point I would be a lot more surprised if Mo stays in Sask than if he left.

don't forget that anton Mackenzie hasn't signed yet also. A friend of mine is dating a former rider who is now playing with the esks(I'm not naming names but I'm sure u know who I'm referring to) told me that anton has denied a contract offer. This was at Christmas time when I was told this. He never came out and said it, but he hinted at anton wanting to be an Eskimo