barrenechea done?


It looks like hes done for the season.

Too bad Great Guy good player But the good news is he'll be paid the Full Season on IR

Very sad news. I hope he makes a full recovery. I really hope he is able to suit up for us again next year, but I'm not too sure that is going to happen.

All of my best wishes and prayers go out to him.

Get well soon :thup:

Get well soon, Auggie. Blood clots are NOT to be taken lightly.

Amongst all the B.S. and silly games in here once in awhile a subject transcends day to day team stuff and truly warrants attention.

As sig. pointed out clots are a very real life-threatening danger.

This isnt just a season ending injury.

Great Canadian depth at MLB, get well soon Auggie. :thup:

I saw Auggie at St. Joes Hospital sitting down in the lobby by the 2nd Cup on Monday morning. He looked in good spirits. I had no clue why he was there..initially thought he might be doing some charity work. Wish I would have known, would have sent my best wishes.

So get well Auggie!

Hoping Augie takes care of himself and gets well. A big loss as he has been terrific on special teams and also has seen a fair amount of duty at MLB. It was a real luxury having a back up of his quality. But as others have noted, the big thing is that they appear to have caught this thing in time...

This is a potentially life threatening situation. A friend of mine passed away as a result of blood clots.

For all of you that sit at a desk all, day, PLEASE, for the sake of your families, get up at least once every two hours and walk around for a couple minutes to get the circulation in your legs flowing.

The prayers and best wishes of my family and I are with him.

He will be sorely missed as a Ticat but we're hopeful that he will

return to action next season.

Best wishes to Augie Barrenechea for a full and rapid recovery.

All the best Auggie. You will be missed, but your health needs to come first.
Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery.


We all know the hard knocks that get said from afar about our City of Hamilton, but, we all know that if you have a medical problem, you will never be in safer arms than Hamilton Health Sciences......

Auggie, you're a gentleman's gentleman.......I trust the people you have placed your care in have already got this thing under control......I recently had a health scare and it turned out to be cysts (so you can imagine what my scare was) I can sympathize how the mind goes into over-drive..... :cry:

If you're reading this, know that you are highly respected around town as a person and you carry yourself well.....get back in the trenches of battle soon. :rockin:

Auggie - get well - best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. You're a helluva player!
From all the Eskie fans on the board!

Wow the strangest and rare health issues that effect anyone including athletes that move around alot and keep that blood flow . BLOOD CLOTS ? Man i hope that it all works out for this hard working Barrenechea it just goes to show we are all standing waiting to hear updates on Auggie im not into the prayer thing my choice but i will be thinking about Auggie and his family in this sure unknown area for him and the loved one's that surround him .. Brutal can happen to the most healthy to the not healthy ( BLOOD CLOTS ) .

Auggie i hpoe you read all these great post's from your fan's

Oh, my friend, it's not what they take away from you that counts. It's what you do with what you have left.