Barranachea hit needs reviewing

I woke up this morning still feeling choked over that late 4th-quarter hit by Barranachea on Kevin Glenn. Can't quite let it go because every time I see it on replay or in my mind, I am sickened all over again. A face-to-face hit with Barranachea steaming in at full pop. I just can't remember anyone anywhere making such a deliberate attempt to injure ... and this is in an era when career ending concussions are a huge topic of conversation. That was just pure caveman behaviour on Barranachea's part and the CFL needs to take a closer look at that play and suspending the guy. If that would have happened in the NHL there would have been a suspension, and I just can't understand how a league can maintain its credibility if it can't protect its players from predators.
The irony is that it was the Bombers who drew the major on the incident.

No there were 2 penalties....One for roughing the passer and one for retaliating......

Edm got 15 and Wpg got 25 so it was a loss of 10 for Wpg

I agree, each time I see it I wince. I think it was bad because of Glenn's past history with much (seemingly) less damgaing hits, and getting injured. I was very surprised to see him get up, and even look fine on the sidelines. Still could be a possible concusion though....
The fact that there really was no penalty for the hit makes players think they have to take it into their own hands to do what they have to do in order to protect their QB.
I would almost guarentee it will be a suspension.

As ro said, there was a penalty. The only reason it went against you guys is because you retaliated.

Which is why I said "really" no penalty - Edmonton came out with the advantage.

....and what would your team have done, if that was Ray getting his head rocked and face flattened, by a Bomber leading with his helmet....That hit by Barranachea was waaaay over the line...The league will take action on this guy in some form...and i hope its either suspension or fine or both...This is a rough game...and you better be rough to play it...BUT there are certain lines you don't cross....and a deliberate attempt to injure, and put a guy out of the game is one of them..For all other teams out there....picture your qb. getting that kind of hit and see what your reaction would could be coming to your stadium... i'm sure everyone would agree that this sort of garbage play has to be dealt with harshly.. :thdn:

A late hit doesn`t justify retaliating...

I know this is a football board, and QB's to goalies are not a perfect comparison, but how would the NHL react if a guy went out of his way to deliver a vicious hit to a defenceless goalie??? The guy would get suspeneded. Duh.

In this case it certainly did. Even Berry, who can chew your face off for taking stupid penalties seemed happy to see his players stand up for their team. This team is growing confidence, swagger, and unity each week. Edmonton is going to be in for another battle next week.

had it been face to face, it might not have been called a penalty, it was the leading with the crown of the head that made this an automatic penalty.

The most the league can actually do is fine him. Any supsension would be appealed, then we get to go through the arbitration process again... Yay! :expressionless:

Until arbitration backs the league suspensions are pointless. If Jimenez can get away with his actions, what happened last night will go virtually unpunished.

If Barranacheapshot isnt suspended i hope doug brown does the same thing to ricky ray next week and we will see how much Edmonton likes it...

Anyways if Glenn is out we will still win with Dinnwiddie!

I agree. If Barranechea isn't suspended then the Bombers should send a guy to take a cheap shot on Ray. After all since Barranechea wasn't kicked out of the game, I guess you don't get kicked out of the game for a dirty, late hit and an attempt to injure a quarterback. Send a guy after Ray. Hit him as hard as you can and as late as you can and try everything possible to injure him for the rest of the season. After all that's what Barranechea did. What's fair is fair. And the Bomber guy won't get kicked out of the game for it.

Barranechea is a coward. That hit was a blantant attempt to injure and his actions have no place in this league. One of the dirties, most cowardly plays I can ever remember seeing. What a coward Barranechea is.

Well all I can say is if they did this, then the player and the coach should be banned for the rest of the season, an in fact should be charged with a criminal act ala Todd B.

No, No, No, you cannot get the legal system involved in sports discipline. There is a concept in law called "implied consent". Basically, when a reciever runs a route over the middle he is consenting to getting whacked by the safety or halfback. When the QB drops back, he is consenting (in a purely legal context) to being hit while throwing, and anything that could be reasonably expected to come from that (ie. vicious cheap shots from cowards like Barranechea). Sending a player onto the field with the express purpose of injuring another is probably not consented to, but then courts are put in the impossible situation of interpreting pre-game speeches and number of steps before hitting the QB. Both Barranechea and whomever the Bombers might send out to get revenge next week should get suspended, but there is no good way for the law to deal with it, short of charging every late hit with assault.

The League should definatley apply both a fine to the team and a suspension to Barranechea. No question. The Commish has to show leadership on this issue... :cowboy:

I hate retaliation penalties, but in this case I would have questioned the team if someone didn't stand up for Kevin Glenn. That was an unbelievably dangerous hit and is completely unacceptable. A suspension is definitely warranted. If Winnipeg were to deliberately try to hurt Ray then they would be just as classless as Barranechea.

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Agreed! Guys remember this is tackle football not touch football. He foolowed through he does not have eyes on top of the helmet. The call was made live with it.