Barker's hit on Ralph

Loved it!

Glad we got rid of Ralph. He's a chicken.

Love Barker's play so far

Brock Ralph is a ***** but I was hoping for Bowman and Edwards to get carted off the field, oh well.

Ralph has all the skills except one, the ability to not be afraid traffic. He's gone in this league very soon. He doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to be a solid pro receiver.

I don't think we wanted anyone carted off the field.

There Reason Dylan is called the Hammer

Sure "we" do. If you can lay a clean lick on a player and knock him out of the gme, then great! It's football man.

Of course no one wants to see a serious injury which is a whole other matter.

That HIT OMG in my eye's that hit was the turning point of the game LOL no Bombers wanted to catch the ball in Barkers area again!!

It was definitely a nice, loud hit. LOL. It looked much worse from one angle than it did from the other. Poor Ralph. Barker has done quite a decent job filling in for Sandy.

Yup, that's the way I saw it too.

But that sound! You're right. Loud!

That sound of the hit was imo the sound of Sandy Beveridge’s full return to special teams.

I concur doctor.

I played the hit back about 5 times on my PVR. Thats exactly the kind of intimidation a FS is supposed to bring over the middle. Those kind of hits give the receiver alligator arms for the rest of the game.


Dylan's hit is precisely what I expect from a free safety: regular snot dislodgement and the sowing of doubt in the minds of receivers crossing the middle!

I am not going to get into Sandy's relative merit as a safety here. What I have seen in recent weeks is Dylan in far more camera angles making plays as the starter than I watched in the preceding games.

Kudos to the entire defensive unit for effectively limiting Winnipeg to one big pass play!

Oski wee wee,


Sounds pretty relative to me. Don’t think you’d get much disagreement.

I agree. Barker is just round the ball more that Sandy. More and more every game as I see it.

On a side note, Bo Smith has played fantastic ball the last few games. Could Barker be upping the confidence of the other cover men? I for one hope so.

Smith's coverage has usually been quite good. He just has little abailty to make a play on the ball.

Congrats to Dylan also for his Special Teams' tackles --enough today to surpass BC's Arakgi by 3 and finish the season #1.

He has proven over the last 2 weeks that we should have had him in there from about week 3.

Beveridge is slow and never in the frame of long bombs. Barker is for real and look forward to seeing him back there for the next 10 years.

Hey I'm not disagreeing with you guys, I love Barker's play but where the heck was he on that first Bomber TD. I played the play back a few times on the PVR and could not see him anywhere. Was he blitzing or something???