Does anyone know if Barker will be playing this week, I talked to him at street fest and he told me he was ready to go last game. Is he ever going to play or is he not a good player???

I mean is he starter worth or not.......all info appreciated.

I am wondering the same thing.I heard he was a bit hurt but maybe there is no rush to throw him in there since Sandy had a good game.My guess is that if he had a great camp they'd want to get him in there so it is likely that he has not progressed as they had hoped .

I still don't understand why we are playing Beveridge there. Sandy isn't really that good and is better served as a special teamer and back up.

We drafted this kid high for a reason. Let the kid play.


Beveridge is a great guy and a very good special teams player, but if he struggles tonight I say we start Barker for the rest of the season…

I think just being Careful with Barker..
I think should be starting too

I don't care where we drafted him, if he isn't good enough don't play him. and im not saying he's not good but don't just play him because where we drafted him.

Maybe hes a bit fragile. Seems to be hurt a lot.

Dylan Barker is on Special teams.

He will get action there.

He is listed as the back up safety

The facts is, even though Sandy Beveridge
is no match for Dylan in terms of his speed

Sandy, who has lots of experience at safety,
is a much safer bet to start than Dylan

who'll be playing the first game of his career.

Maybe Dylan will see some spot duty there.

Why do you want Barker, basically a rookie starting, when you want to see Glenn, a vet to play over Porter, basically a rookie?

I just want to understand.

I think that if you want to develop a young team, you have to play your young players to get them experience. I don't see us getting better if Porter and Barker aren't going to play.

Different Positions One of is QB the other is Safety
I don't mind Risking Barker at Safety cause of Vets Around him At Linebacker and CB and DHB
If he Make a Error there Plenty of vets around who can help

QB is more of RISK to Make a Mistake and it cost you .
I want someone back there who seen a few things ..
Porter is the one with Ball Barker is not..

I understand the different positions but if we are building this team for the long haul, we need to see what our young guys can do now. With Glenn, maybe he is slightly better than Porter but how will Porter get better sitting on the bench?

You and I and everyone wants the same thing. We want to win, consistently.

What I personally don't want is a .500 season with Glenn and then we throw Porter out there again next year. I think you give Porter his reps now, and maybe have a less than .500 season but I think the team as a whole is better for it.


we will have to Agree to Disagree on Porter .
I am old school when when comes to Quarterbacks
You Play your Most Expercianced Guy and let your young guys learn in the Film Room and in Practice.
Let them Mop up when we are ahead and also come in when a Game is out of Reach.
It has work for Years .. Throw a young QB into The Fire and Get Burned..
Look what it did to a few Good Young QB.
Matt Leinart Fell apart so did Vince Young ..
Who Leading the Titans now Kerry Collins

Let say we had AC here would you take him out for Porter ???
I would not .. I Feel Same way with Glen
He's seen everything that can be done on a CFL Field
Porter Has not
He learned by Watching Tracy Ham
who learn the same way from Matt Dunngan and so on.

As For Barker he has Better Range then Sandy dose .
Plus he hits like a Tank ..

Leinart and Young are busts. So is Alex Smith.

What about Flacco and Ryan? Both raw rookies doing great things in the NFL.

I think the best thing to do is let your players play. Porter is only going to get better by playing. He can fine tune things in practice.

With regards to AC. If we had AC, we would be winning and would have no worries about playing Porter.

I think the time is now though that if we are going in the direction of Porter, go with Porter. I don't think Glenn is so much better than Porter.

Like I said before, I want this team to be great for 7 years and if it takes one more bad year, then so be it.

If we start Glenn this year, we might be .500 and then we are back in the same spot next year.

I think if you go to Glenn now, you are telling Porter that he's not your guy. If Porter struggles for a few games, sit him down for a game and put Glenn in. Until he really stinks up the joint, play Porter.

Beveridge's only downfall is that he sometimes get fooled by QB pumps and looks but he is still more than good enough.

One of the main jobs of a Safety is to intimidate in the middle and we have all seen that Beveridge can hit well. Almost every time he has ever started he gets a good smack or two in which has mostly resulted in a pass breakup. His closing speed is decent also and his instincts are quite good.

People need to stop dogging the guy. He had a very decent game last week with 2 tackles (one was a big pop) and a sack. He is good enough to start and has paid his dues in the CFL as a loyal member of our Cats.

I agree. Sandy B is a good football player, plays hard, hits hard, and a force on special teams.


What has Porter Proved Nothing one Luck Win Vs Montreal
If wins tonight I will be a Believer

Porter is playing well but Now Really want to want to see Barker

I agree with both of you.
Also Sandy has more experience than Dylan, and the safety is the last line of the defence.