Barker Starting?

....did I miss something in the first few plays? Beveridge hurt? or did Barker start the game?

Beveridge started, did not hear about him being injured.

He is hurt won’t be back today.

Was anything said? We'll get a chance to get a look at Barker now.......has a nose for the ball and seems to bring a little more aggression than Sandy.....hope Sandy's okay though...

Nothing was said on TSN, but I haven't been listening to CHML.

I wanted to see Barker get a chance on D, but not for this reason.

Barker is the better player. He deserves to be playing and gives us the best chance at winning.

Based on what , last seasons play?

Was glad Dillon got to play.

Well based on what I saw during that game, he looks like he brings a harder style of play and seems more willing to get involved in the play, but overpursued on more than a few occasions. Hopefully that settles with a bit more playing time.....we'll see what the coaching staff thinks...hopefully Sandy's okay though.

he got hurt when Jamall Richardson had the big play in the 1st quarter i think.

I didn't really notice any kind of real dropoff in safety play, the only difference was that when Barker tackled someone it was pretty immediate and not after being dragged 4-5 yds.

I think his gate door got hyperextended. He did not look good on that play.

Oski Wee Wee,


All I know for sure about the Beveridge injury is that it was a hamstring injury, according to this:

And I don't think Barker would look out of place as our starting safety now. But I recall Forde pointing out after he hit Richardson (I think it was Richardson, anyway) was that he looked like a rookie in being unable to take him down. If he has to start next week though, I wouldn't be too worried.

Well that's what bringing along a rookie properly does for you. If Dylan had of started last year (if he wasn't hurt) we would be crucifying him by now for his But when you bring them along slow then, when they are ready to play, they don't cost you big time. Don't know why Marcel gets it in other positions accept QB.

Barker was much more noticable out there.

Laid a big hit, crushing a receiver early on. Wrapped him up and drove him back and into the ground. That's how you play safety!

That's essentially what I was getting at.....he just seemed to be involved in more plays than Sandy usually is.....tough to guage by just one game, but I liked what i saw for the most part- and overall, I'd be happy with him staying out there....and this coming from someone who doesn't think Sandy is as horrible as he's been made out to be...

I don't quite think he's the 2nd coming of Hitchcock yet. He missed a couple, but I can definitely see the potential there.

Sorry to hear that Sandy got hurt.

I agree, Jim!

What we will see with Dylan are some rookie mistakes, but more opportunities for big defensive plays by the wood the kid brings. I’ll take the bad with the good if it means that the toughness of our defence gets a spike. There’s no reason why Dylan can’t make a positive impact in our secondary with his physical play now. I expect he is going to be a keeper in the years ahead, no question!

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:lol 4-5 yds. , more like 6-7 yds.

If he plays you might see him more around the ball. Good football sense type player. :thup: