Barker: Rogers mistreatment of Argos "unconscionable"

Rogers hacks continue to disparage the CFL...

Toronto Sports radio host trolls CFL & its fans
by Drew Edwards, 3DownNation

[b]Toronto radio host Dean Blundell successfully trolled the CFL social media community on Tuesday
Blundell, who hosts the morning show on the Fan590, got an immediate and visceral response from CFL fans.

I have five thoughts:

• arguing with someone who clearly doesn’t like something for no discernible reason is pretty pointless. It’s liking trying to talk a kid into liking brussels sprouts: it’s impossible and gets increasing frustrating the harder you try.

• the reaction by CFL fans is being used by Blundell and the other CFL haters to support the original premise: the CFL is second rate and its fans only defend it so stridently because they know its second rate. A communications director from the league responded, which, again, makes it seem like Blundell touched a nerve. The only way to win circular argument is to extricate yourself from it.

the Fan590 is owned by Rogers which does not hold the rights to the CFL (they are owned by Bell Media’s TSN) and that fact is being used to question Blundell’s motivations in posting the question. Of course, Rogers has a stake in MLSE which owns an MLS franchise (Toronto FC), who are the other part of the poll question. I’m actually surprised the soccer fanatics – who are pretty easy to rile up in their own right – haven’t gone after Blundell as well. But this Rogers / TSN blood feud has made it virtually impossible for a sports media personality employed by one company to criticize a team or a property held by the other.

• putting Blundell’s trolling tendencies aside, this is yet another example of the uphill battle the CFL faces in Toronto. That a morning show host on a popular sports talk network would take a swipe at the league like this isn’t a positive sign, no matter how wrong-headed it may be.

• kids, the lesson, as always: don’t feed the trolls. [/b]

I agree, the CFL should totally ignore Rogers and in fact the commish should "suggest" in writing to all member teams to refuse requests for interviews or get involved in any way with their reporters.

Fact remains the CFL is the second most important pro sports to Canadians and there is nothing Rogers can do about it so why feed their addiction ?

Rogers is totally pissed they couldn't get the NFL into their stadium and had to put money into the Blue Jays to make the stadium more baseball looking, aka the infield, which makes it less and less as an NFL stadium by the minute as the NFL know longer panders to MLB to have their stadiums be secondary to NFL teams playing in their stadiums. It's now a football/soccer stadium or nothing. So, you guessed it, blame the CFL. How the story keeps on going, and going and going.

Rogers, I know the Blue Jays don't make the money for you that even a low to average NFL team makes but don't look so stupid as to blame the CFL for this. Makes you look pathetic. Get over it, the NFL wants nothing to do with your stadium, that's life I'm afraid. It's just not NFL material but works fine for MLB. Are you jealous that a province like Saskatchewan is going to have a better footbal/soccer stadium than the "Centre of the Universe" Toronto? That's life. Hey, that's life. Don't be pathetic Rogers, or stupid. Concentrate on making the Blue Jays the money maker the Yanks and BoSox are or the Dodgers (don't follow the National League much to be honest) , that IS your mission. :smiley: Rogers even mentioning theCFL makes them look like they are jealous of the CFL which is just totally weird for a company that prides itself on being nothing but "major". Ok, they like the London Knights in the OHL, that's their anomaly I suppose. And the OHL is very second rate in the hockey business as most of their players can't even make the AHL. Ok, I know that's rocket science for you in your way of thinking. :smiley:

Rogers, why didn't you buy the Argos, man they were only like a star, one friggin player, Blue Jays contract for pete sakes and maybe less, and promote them way back and even make some money off of them? Because your marketing people are not that bright, IMHO. You need better sports marketing people. And some question how much money you're making off the NHL deal. Some say nada.

Rogers is so inconsistent to be able to make sense of their sports division. I mean, how could they even allow Bell to be part of MLSE? That makes no sense whatsoever, they obviously lacked the guts and funds to make that one happen to prevent Bell to be part of MLSE. Just weird. And yet they were trying to get the NFL Bills when Ralph Wilson passed on, and bring them to the Rogers Centre, a baseball first stadium. Da, that wasn't going to happen Rogers but again your sports marketing division couldn't quite figure that one out because they aren't very bright. Got it?

Ok Rogers, deal with the new Riders stadium, ok deal with it? Now they make money, why didn't you buy them. :lol: :lol: :lol: I don't dare to say the word - STUPIDITY! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Let's Go Blue Jays Let's Play Ball! :smiley:

The more I listen to Barker interviewed the more respect I have for him . :thup:

Totally agree. They have no interest in fostering the CFL and are only out to slam it, so they should not even be permitted full media access.

When you have a sports talk show host talk such trash about one of their own teams this should be cause for termination . If it was a team outside the listening area then go to town but your own is beyond gall .

If he was downgrading a business in town non sports he be shown the door . Why should this be any different ? TFC and CFL were put down in a classless manner .

It's a cover up of a inarticulate sports radio host who is a phoney sports expert . If he speaks for Rogers then they should apologize for his remarks or as a result have the CFL remove any involvement with Rogers in the future .
No highlights no interviews nothing going to Rogers and make the CFL public aware .

The last thing the CFL needs would be less coverage and restrictions on the biggest sports media company in Canada.
Just because Rogers doesn't think the Argos are a good investment is no need to deny them media access.

hahaha that's a laugh.
Rogers rarely if ever covers the CFL at all and regularly disparages the league throughout it's various media branches so why would any form of restrictions make any difference whatsoever?

hahaha you are good for a chuckle now and then slimmy.

Its really good business when the reporter of Rogers is tweeting out the draft picks before your broadcaster that’s paying to broadcast it live makes the announcement on the live broadcast.

Rogers is a plague on the CFL.

Exactly...why would you care if they cover it if 90% of it is focused on a negative spin. People who want detail on CFL know not to go to Rogers. Don't get me wrong....I am all for objectivity and you don't get a lot on the other side of the fence....but they are ridiculous.

The really strange thing about this is that it was Justin Dunk who was tweeting the picks early
He does write for Sportsnet, but also for the CFL and 3downnation. :?

Very good idea!

Do you think that banning them would make their coverage better or worse for the CFL?

I regularly hear interviews with CFL coaches and managers on the FAN590 which is a Rogers station.

@speedybanks87: @ItsDeanBlundell @CFL_News CFL over nfl any day ! Wayyy more fun I played both but we all kno as humans money makes a difference in life

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• arguing with someone who clearly doesn’t like something for no discernible reason is pretty pointless. It’s liking trying to talk a kid into liking brussels sprouts: it’s impossible and gets increasing frustrating the harder you try.

• the reaction by CFL fans is being used by Blundell and the other CFL haters to support the original premise: the CFL is second rate and its fans only defend it so stridently because they know its second rate.

I didn't really get into (I read some of it, but I didn't respond) and for the most part I agree with Drew, but I understand why people get annoyed.

It wasn't just that the media guy (Blundell?) didn't like the CFL, he ran it down. When you're passionate about something, that's going to sting.

And it isn't necessarily a "truth hurts" scenario. Call my sister ugly, I'll probably react badly. Doesn't mean it's because I know deep down she's ugly, it's probably because I think you're a jerk for calling her that either way.

But at the end of the day, yeah, he got way more attention than he deserved for a poll that wasn't as bad as people make it out to be and that didn't get the results he was expecting.

Rogers cannot let the CFL gain any more momentum. Rogers has too much at stake with the NHL deal, the Blue Jays, Rogers center renovations. Failed Bills experiment, Everything they have done, poised to loose money or lost money for their shareholders.

Blundell's attack of the Argo's and the CFL cannot be substantiated with any facts. Statically the starters on a CFL team are at a higher % of graduates than any other sports teams in Toronto all because of the large number of graduates that happen at the NCAA level every year. That's the facts. Only 300 are drafted between the NFL/CFL out of 17000 available.
NHL has only 60 Major Junior A teams backfilling the next level of the North American hockey player. 6 players leaving the junior club every year, that's only 360 players. You don't have to be a mathematician to see how far it is weighted in footballs favor.

His comments about NCAA playing CFL. What about the age difference alone. 17 in grade 12. 18-22 in college against the CFL starters from the very same background 5-7 years their senior. Statically at the prime of their physical lives? Blundell is an idiot and so is Rogers for letting him even open his mouth.

As a shareholder of Rogers I am not happy with the leadership team there and the poor decisions they have made over the years. How many idiot ideas do they come up with. They like to play with other peoples money. All they have left is to deflect attention away from the above mentioned "business decisions" is an unwarranted attack on the CFL? I look at Rogers being "Apollo Creed" and The CFL as "Rocky Balboa". Guess who won. Oh, Ya, then they became friend's, I forgot that part of the story for a moment.

Dean Blundell... a 3rd rate broadcaster, on a 3rd rate sports network, run by a 3rd rate communications company... btw Dean.... how's that Bills in Toronto thing working out?? Idiot....

Rogers has proven with its actions that it is predatorial against the CFL. So of course fans are going to get angry. They should have been sued for everything they did to harm the Argos but now the Argos are no longer at their mercy, CFL is poised to make a huge leap forward in Toronto and if that's not enough Rogers has lost any chance of hosting the biggest game in the Country forever.

Rogers also lost the UFC broadcast rights for pre-empting their live events. The UFC's Canadian operations are run by Tom Wright.

They overpaid for the Bills games, now they've overpaid for the NHL rights that are drawing flies with no Canadian teams in the post season.

The CFL got the last laugh Rogers :lol:

next time on twitter, question Rogers leadership and the poor business decisions they have made with their sporting endeavors. Ask them why their share value takes a back seat to Bell who did invest in the CFL and is doing better financially. Remind them of their mistakes.

Blundell will have his mouth slapped shut or his fingers broken by Roger's management right away.

Companies do not want bad financial publicity or rumors started over an idiot's comments who happens to work for Rogers. They will not want anything questioned by Bay Street and there is a lot to question. This is the power of social media.